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10 Joel Osteen Quotes To Brighten Your Day

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Ok so maybe not everyone loves Joel Osteen quotes, or him, for whatever reason, but if you’re reading this now I’ll assume you are one of the people who love him, kinda like I do. I stumbled upon a Joel Osteen sermon many years ago when I was going through a really rough patch in my life and got hooked on him.

I find him to be very sincere and genuine in his sermons. But that’s just me.

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He’s also got some really amazing books that have fantastic reviews. I’ve got these on my to buy list:

Next Level Thinking: 10 Powerful Thoughts For a Successful and Abundant Life

The Power of I Am: Two Words That Will Change Your Life Today

A full year of my life was reading and absorbing as many uplifting quotes as I possibly could while going through a really rough patch. These encouraging quotes helped me to become the person I am today.

Sometimes I wonder how my life would have turned out with them, especially the Joel Osteen quotes.


10 Joel Osteen quotes to brighten your day


Though I’m not exactly a bible thumping kinda girl I do have an extreme amount of faith in God and I enjoy the odd Joel Osteen sermons every now and then. I also like to listen to Joyce Meyer sometimes too.

They talk real talk. They dig deep down and pull us out of the trenches.


Uplifting Quotes and Encouraging Quotes


If you don’t think inspirational quotes have power, think again. They saved my life. The God quotes, the faith quotes, the hope quotes and yes, even the Joel Osteen quotes. I read them all. I wrote them out and taped them all around my house.

I thrived on the words. They lifted my spirits and gave me strength to carry on. If you’ve been feeling down and out lately, some of these quotes just might help you, if you use them properly. So how do you use them properly Iva? I mean, don’t we just read them?

Sure, you can just read them and keep scrolling but you’ll forget them in two seconds that way. This is what I like to do with all the uplifting quotes and the encouraging quotes I read:

  • read them out loud
  • take a few minutes to let the message sink in deep
  • write it out if I really truly resonate with the message, and then
  • tape it to places I would see it often and read them again

Just doing these 4 simple little things has a powerful effect. Please do try it. Let’s get on with the Joel Osteen quotes now.


10 Joel Osteen Quotes to Brighten Your Day


So here are my 10 favourite Joel Osteen quotes, not in any order of importance. I hope you enjoy them and get the most out of the messages. Don’t forget to save and Pin them! Share them with your friends too! Sharing is always caring.

  1. Omg I love this one…get back up!!!!!!!!!

10 Joel Osteen quotes to brighten your day


2. Capiche?? Choose optimism and gratitude and watch more happy things come into your life.

10 Joel Osteen quotes to brighten your day


3. Sometimes we have to go through storms to learn things. Embrace these storms. This is one of my most favourite Joel Osteen quotes.

10 Joel Osteen quotes to brighten your day

4. Expect good things to happen, not bad things. Be thankful each morning.

10 Joel Osteen quotes to brighten your day


5. The life in front of you is WAY more important than the life behind you!!

10 Joel Osteen quotes to brighten your day


6. Let them go!! You don’t need them in your life.

10 Joel Osteen quotes to brighten your day


7. Don’t waste your energy on things that just don’t matter.

10 Joel Osteen quotes to brighten your day


8. Your thoughts matter. What you think today will create your tomorrow.

10 Joel Osteen quotes to brighten your day


9. Overthinking creates problems that don’t even exist. Relax and live one day at a time.

10 Joel Osteen quotes to brighten your day


10. Read this one as many times as you have to. This is an extremely powerful Joel Osteen quote. Let it sink in deep to your soul and heart.

10 Joel Osteen quotes to brighten your day

More inspirational quotes for you


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I hope you enjoyed all these Joel Osteen quotes I share¬† with you and don’t forget to pay it forward and share them with your friends and family.

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10 Joel Osteen quotes to brighten your day


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  • Thank you for sharing them! I needed a little push today and they did the trick!

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