On January 6th 2019, I hosted a Live 21 Day Challenge over on my Facebook page, Amazing Me Movement. 

The challenge was a huge success and much fun was had by all. There was also much work had by all too!! This wasn’t a fitness challenge. Oh no. This is so much more than that.

I was Live for 21 days helping people change their lives. It was nothing short of spectacular! Each day for 21 days there was a new challenge, some harder, some easier. Each day we had to take one more step towards the life of our dreams.

After 21 days were up I received so many emails and private messages about how much people loved this challenge and how much their lives have changed. It was all so heartwarming and amazing.

Life Changing Challenge

In 2020 I decided to host another 21 Day challenge but this time I created a workbook to go along with it. It’s hard to commit to something for 21 days and many people simply couldn’t keep up for whatever reason (on the daily Live challenges) so I created a workbook so that when you are good and ready, I mean good and ready, to commit 100% to changing your life, you can use the workbook!

But what’s the challenge really all about Iva?

Good question!

So clearly this is just the workbook from the Live 21 Day Challenge BUT if you do want to have 21 motivational videos from me you might want to check out my new signature course The 21 Day Challenge. 

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This course is 21 videos PLUS this workbook! Click the image below for more info and to join the challenge now!!!

Each and every single day for 21 days, I give you a new challenge that you must complete. I make you do things you are too afraid to do and normally wouldn’t do unless someone told you to do them!!

I give you challenges that are going to make you pull up your big girl/boy panties and get shit done! But not only that, the whole goal of the challenge is to help you live the life you truly deserve!! A life of inner peace, joy, happiness. renewed self love, self confidence, self respect, self esteem and self worth.

When you are done all 21 days, you will feel like  a completely different person and you will have a passion for life like you’ve never had before. Trust me on that.

So are you ready for this?

  • Are you ready to kick some ass?
  • Are you ready to step into your own personal power and live the life YOU deserve?
  • Are you ready to finally leave the past behind and move forward in joy and inner peace?

I know you are otherwise you wouldn’t be here right now! Amirite?

Grab your copy of the workbook now!

You can print it off as often as you need to. And the absolute best part of it all?

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The 21 Day Life Changing Challenge Course

Click the button below to grab your workbook and get started. Like now!! Your amazing life is waiting for you. Are you ready?

(Disclaimer: before you click the Add to Cart button please know there is some strong language in the workbook. Not much, but some. So if you are offended by this, perhaps this workbook might not be for you. Just need to let you know!)