21 Day Life Changing Challenge Workbook

21 day challenge workbook


21 Day Challenge Workbook


Thank you for joining the 21 Day Challenge! This challenge is totally LIFE changing, provided you follow it with 100% commitment! Don’t forget to join me Live every day for 21 days over on my Facebook page Amazing Me Movement at 7:00 pm CST starting January 6th.

If you miss a day, don’t fret. The videos will all still be there in the video library!


So are you ready for this?


  • Are you ready to kick some ass in 2020?
  • Are you ready to step into your own personal power and live the life YOU deserve?
  • Are you ready to finally leave the past behind and move forward in joy and inner peace?

I know you are otherwise you wouldn’t be here right now! Amirite?


Grab your copy of the workbook now!



You can print it off as often as you need to. If you slip during this 21 Day Challenge, then start over again when you’re really ready (but I hope that doesn’t happen to you!) I created this accompanying workbook so you can work at your own pace if you prefer to! It’s also a really great workbook to track your progress!

I also created this workbook because maybe you really don’t want to watch 21 days of Live videos of me yelling at you to get a ‘better life’! I get that. I can be pretty in your face at times and not everyone likes that. All good. Don’t want to watch the videos? Just grab the workbook instead! But I do encourage you to at least check out one or two videos.

Sometimes we need some tough love!


And the absolute best part of it all? It’s only $10!!! For real!!


Click the button below and get started. Like now!! Your amazing life is waiting for you. Are you ready?

(Disclaimer: before you click the Add to Cart button please know there is some strong language in the workbook. Not much, but some. So if you are offended by this, perhaps this workbook might not be for you. Just need to let you know!)