Yup. They say laughter is the best medicine. It is, sort of. I agree with that. I mean, who doesn’t want to let out a good belly laugh in the middle of an uncomfortable situation? Laughter certainly has cured lots of ailments I’ve had over the years.

It’s not the only medicine available to you though.

I think there are other *medicines* that don’t get as much, or enough, attention as laughter that, in my opinion, are just as effective, if not more.

Now I imagine it all depends on what ailment it is you are looking to cure, right? What have you been using laughter to cure these days? My troubles, lately, seem to be all boy related (boys are dumb) and I can always count on my bff Jen to talk me off the ledge and make me laugh.

But….did you know?

I can think of 4 other medicines that help (at least they’ve helped me in the past) cure my ailments, no matter what they are.


Yup. Does this surprise you? I bet not. Crying has always been my number 1 go to medicine when I’m freaking out or in an emotional bind. And I’m a damn good crier too. I’m probably one of the most sensitive people you will ever meet. The one who cries at commercials on TV (when I used to watch TV), when I hear of happy things or sad things, my heart has this line connected to my tear ducts I think, I dunno, but I like to cry.

I’m especially great at crying when shit has gone bad and I feel lost. I can have a good cry for 5 minutes, sometimes half the fucking day, and then when I’m done, I feel like a million bucks. Yup. Just like that. The benefits to this also are that it’s free, you can do it in private or with friends and it’s a great way to detox.

Get mad

For real. Do it. If anyone tells you to calm down tell them to shut the fuck up. You need to scream and yell. You need to vent and let all that anger out. You have to release whatever it is inside of you that’s been boiling and stewing all day or week or month or year (God help you if you’ve been holding onto that shit for a year though) Getting mad is a great medicine that, once taken/or done, you will have removed the weight of the world from your shoulders. You can’t go wrong there.

Please don’t ever direct your anger to a person or hurt anyone while you’re in the throes of anger. Try to find a place to do it alone, scream into a pillow, go stand on top of a mountain, do whatever it takes to get it out, just don’t hurt people while you’re doing it.

Dear John/Jane

Truth letters are, by far, the most powerful medicine out there and all it takes really is either a pen and pad of paper or your computer/notepad (whatever). Write out your anger. Write out your feelings, your hurt, your disappointment, your hatred, whatever it is you got bottled up inside of you, write that shit out! Don’t stop until it’s all out. You’ll know when it’s all out because you will breathe this BIG huge sigh of relief and almost feel like you can walk on water. I shit you not. That’s how good of a medicine a truth letter is.

Please don’t send it. Burn it, shred it, delete it, destroy it or keep it but just don’t send it. That pretty much is opening a door for more anger, hurt, hate and other toxic stuff.


If you can calm yourself down enough to sit still and do this, Kudos to you. Lately I find myself meditating a lot more than usual. Sometimes I just need to chill the fuck out and calm down and nothing can do this better than meditation.  I do prefer the guided ones with soft music and some guy telling me to calm down and breathe. I love those guys. They don’t know it, but I do.

These help to quiet my mind and the turmoil going on in there and help me to centre and refocus on what matters most, me.

So you see, even though we can all agree laughter is good medicine, it’s got some tough competition.

Ohmmm, ohmmm, ohmmm…..phew, ok, much better now!

Peace and Love


Written by Iva Ursano

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