Are You An Alpha Woman? Check These 5 Signs to Find Out

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To be honest, I had to Google just what an Alpha woman was. Someone called me that the other day and I was like whoa what? Who me? That kinda sounds fierce and ferocious. Well, guess what? It is. Apparently I am fierce and ferocious. Throw a little bit of kind, loving and goofy and I’m a full package baby. Enough about me, really (narcissist much?). Being an Alpha female is actually kinda cool and a compliment. Who knew? Probably everyone but me.

Have you ever had to describe yourself? How does that look for you? Do you consider yourself an Alpha female too? Check out these 5 signs and maybe, just maybe, you are one and didn’t even know it. Kinda like me (there she goes again)!

Are you an alpha woman?

You rock, hard core. Some may call us b****es, or intimidating. So be it. Many will be jealous of us because such strength and power can’t go unnoticed, and feared. Amirite? Now if you happen to be an Alpha woman, please make sure it doesn’t go to your head. I know some women like that and it’s rather annoying. The word obnoxious almost comes to mind. Don’t be one of them.

Here are the signs. See if you recognize yourself in any of them. If you do, go ahead and roar! Lemme hear ya!


Nothing gets in your way to get your stuff done. You gotta goal or you’re on a serious mission and you are laser focused on achieving it. Come hell or high water, you’re gonna get it done. Your determination is killer and your mindset is much to be admired. You go girl! Many people admire this trait, some are jealous. Others are just in awe of you.

Super Confident

You know exactly who you are and you don’t pretend or try to be anyone else but yourself and you don’t gaf who likes you and who doesn’t. You love the skin you’re in and you’re not afraid to flaunt your confidence (but not in that obnoxious way as mentioned above). She knows what she wants and she’s not afraid to ask for it, or ask for help in order to get it. She doesn’t need to step on other people’s toes to get it. She’s not a b***h like that.

Solid boundary lines

You don’t take crap from anyone and are not afraid to stand up for yourself. You have drawn a solid boundary line that cannot and will not be crossed (something I’m still working on, don’t judge). You’re not so easily swayed by others that might make you think twice about letting anyone cross that line. Nope, ain’t gonna happen. You are strong enough and smart enough to know when to say NO and stick to it. Good on ya!!

Loving your “me” time.

You love to be alone and don’t always feel the need to be surrounded by a bunch of fake people just for company. You select your company carefully and if you feel like going out, great, if not, you’re perfectly happy staying home alone. Not only that, you have no problem taking yourself out on a date night (that’s confidence, sister!!). Being alone is important to you and necessary for your self care and self love, both of which you have and nurture.

Larger than life.

I’ve been called this once or twice and was rather shocked by the statement. Am I really? Oh ya, I sure am. Are you? You walk in to a room and get noticed instantly. You have this charm, charisma, magnetic quality about you that people are instantly drawn to. No meek and mildness bull about you. Nope. You have a glowing aura that people just love about you. When you talk, people want to listen. When you enter a room, people want to be around you. You just got this thing, girl!!

But there’s so much more….

Yup, there are many other signs that indicate you are an Alpha woman but I figure if you nailed any of these 5, you’re that girl. Embrace it, love it, flaunt it and be proud of who you are. You da bomb!

Remember though, there’s the nice Alpha woman who people admire and then there’s the obnoxious ones. Don’t be the latter. No one likes obnoxious people, period.

Lemme hear ya yell Hell Yaaaaaaaaaa!!!

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Peace and Love


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