4 Reasons You Need to Reach Out and Ask For Help More.

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I was listening to this fabulous podcast the other day and the speaker talked about reaching out. This included reaching out to your friends. She really got me thinking. Am I reaching out to people enough? Do I need to ask for help more than I do?

Yes she got me thinking indeed and I came up with 4  reasons why I should reach out more, and so should you.

Her message really made me stop and look at things differently! I am connected with people on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn but only really communicate with a handful of them (mind you, it’s hard to actually get any kind of message across on Twitter to anybody. Squirrel!!). I’ve also just recently moved to another country and seem to have disconnected from all my friends and some of my family back home.

Suddenly I realize I am way more disconnected than I should be. That’s kinda sad actually. I stopped to think about who I should be reaching out to and why.

4 Reasons to Ask For Help

People really do care. 

Whether you think they do or not, they do. Just as you don’t want to bother anyone, they don’t either. They care but they figure they will just wait until you call them.

What are we waiting for? 

You wait for them to call, they wait for you to call, but what the hell is everybody waiting for? Pick up the phone and call for goodness sake. I don’t get that.

What a nice surprise! 

How many times do you hear that and immediately think to yourself, geezus I should be calling more. Guilt sets in because you think you should reaching out more. But wait, they know your number too! Ah back to #2.

What perfect timing. 

Your friend just so happens to be going through a trying time though you had no idea. Your surprise phone call is just what they needed to cheer them up. You never know when that one random phone call can be just what someone needs.

I’ve realized that there’s no reason why I can’t reach out to a few people every day. There’s no reason, even two countries away from most of my friends and family, why I still can’t reach out and say “Hi, how are you? I miss you and I’ve been thinking of you”. Why can’t I? Even if it’s only through email or FB right now.

Hello? Are you there?

Often I sit here and think, my God how come I rarely hear from anyone any more and I bet they are probably at home thinking, Oh that Iva sure must be busy, we never hear from her anymore. Funny how that works huh? Both parties afraid of bothering each other so nobody calls or reaches out.

We need and should stay connected to people that are in our lives. I mean, they are there for a reason, no? Stop waiting for Sally or tomorrow or next week to call. Just reach out, today. You will both be happy you did.

Long time no talk.

And then there’s that friend you’ve been thinking about for forever and you keep meaning to reach out to her but life gets in the way. That’s the poorest excuse ever but we all use it. Oh I’m so busy these days!! How many times have you said that? One day it will be too late. If it has been a long time since you’ve talked to Sally, call her today. Text her, email, whatever. Good Lord there are a million ways to reach someone these days. Do it! Sally would probably LOVE to hear from you. It might be possible that maybe, just maybe, Sally really needs to talk to you but, well, you know, she doesn’t want to bother you.

Call your friends. Now.

Catching up over a bottle of wine is usually pretty fun too!

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Peace and Love


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