Are You an Earth Angel?


(Note:This blog was written in May of 2015.)

Well, I’m now wrapping up 3 weeks of volunteering in what could quite possibly be the most beautiful place on earth. The emotions I am feeling are indescribable but I will do my best.

When I got down here I was scared, anxious, nervous, somewhat annoyed by many things and often felt like I had just made the biggest mistake of my life. Yup, the first week was challenging. It wasn’t all bad, there was some good, but it was all very overwhelming.

Week 2

By week 2, I was settling in nicely. Making some friends, getting comfy in my host house with the family here, appreciating my room and, yes, even the rooster. (I spared him his life and he did not become dinner) I had embarked on a few adventures and completely stepped out of my comfort zone many times. Yes, by week 2, things were falling into place.

Week 3

By week 3, I started really paying attention to the things around me. How simple life is here, how poor my host family was (and many others here) and how I actually was a blessing to them. I bought food for the house many times, even though my room and board was already paid in full, which included meals, and bought a coffee maker for the house when theirs broke down in the middle of week 2.

The first time I bought food I was annoyed. I’ll be totally honest here. I kept thinking “Why the hell should I be buying food when I already paid for 3 meals a day?? This is bullshit!!” Yes. I thought that. Shame on me. It wasn’t until week 3 that it became crystal clear.

Crystal clear that the money they actually received didn’t go very far. I had no idea. What I did have an idea of was the fact that they had no money and I had some. A little, but definitely more than them. That’s all that mattered and that’s all that should have mattered. Period. I finally got it.

Angels among us.

One nite me and my host mom sat at the kitchen table talking. She told me how she prayed to God to send an Angel of Abundance and He brought me to them. I cried. And cried. And cried. And I was so ashamed of myself for all the horrible thoughts I previously had about “having to buy food”. Shame on me indeed. I was an Angel of Abundance and I had no clue.

I’ve struggled financially most of my life (and all you Law Of Attraction people can just settle down for one minute) and I’ve always worried about money. 3 weeks in Costa Rica has shown me that I’m rich, fortunate and blessed with everything I have in my life which, I’ve always thought, isn’t very much at all. Was I wrong.

Eyes wide open.

What an eye opener. This whole experience has given me more lessons than I bargained for. I had no clue that my whole life, and the way I viewed life, would change after 3 weeks. This very simple, easy and somewhat poor life in Atenas, Costa Rica isn’t so bad after all. In fact, it’s pretty freakin’ awesome. People are happy, loving and kind. And beautiful. So beautiful.

I will return. I will definitely return. Next time I will stay longer. And I will give and share as freely and generously as God will allow me to. From the heart, expecting nothing in return.

Except maybe some mangoes or coconuts.

Please, give from the heart, do not ask questions and expect nothing in return. You quite possibly could be someone’s Angel Of Abundance.

Peace and Love!

Iva ♥

5 Things You Must Do Before You Look For Love Again.

I’m a writer. I love what I do. I lose myself in writing and telling stories. Some of my stories are funny (I’d like to think so anyway), some are gentle rants while others discuss overcoming challenges. Whatever the topic is, you get a big piece of me in every blog post. Yup, I love what I do.

So I recently decided to start submitting articles to popular blogs. It’s a great way to get my message, whatever it may be that week, out to the masses. What I didn’t realize was just how frustrating and ego shattering it can be. Sheesh.

Anyway a month and a half in, and a fabulous website Change your Thoughts has accepted an article. Yippee!! This week’s blog post is this article. Click on the link below “5 Things You Must Do Before You Look For Love Again”. I hope you enjoy it. If you do, share the love ♥


This blog post and article was written a little over 2 years ago and this article now has over 68K shares. Yay me!! I’m also a full time employee of Steven Aitchison, the owner of the Change Your Thoughts website. Don’t ever give up on your dreams.

5 Things You Must Do Before You Look for Love Again.


How to Use Gemstones With Feng Shui.

The Feng Shui geek in me comes out for this blog. I love Feng Shui and gemstones to the moon and back. I live eat sleep and breathe gemstones and Feng Shui. I kid you not. These two things, as well as my faith in God and the support of the Angels is what keeps me in flow of abundance and happiness. True story.

I have almost 100 stones in my collection now, mostly tumbled little stones but I also have a couple of nice geodes that were given to me as gifts and a few pieces of jewelry made from stones. Gemstones have great healing properties, physically and emotionally. My all time favourite stone is probably the Rose Quartz crystal. The stone of love, and I have oodles and oodles of them. I think the Sunstone comes in as a close second.

Sorry I got a little carried away there. I love all my stones but the point of this article isn’t to talk about my stones and which ones I love the most.

Using Gemstones with Feng Shui

Gemstones are used in Feng Shui to cure or enhance any of your life areas. I’m going to list my top 10 stones and how you can use them.

Clear crystal quartz

clears negative energy and is great to use as a room cleanser. To protect a room place one quartz in every corner. This is also a power stone and it is used to energize other stones and amplify their healing properties.

Rose quartz

-the stone of love. Use it to bring love to you or feel more love for yourself. You can also use it if you are feeling unloved and low, to pick up your spirits a little and help you feel more loving. Place a couple or a whole bunch in your Love and Relationship Area

Tiger eye

-the power stone for confidence, protection, grounding. Also for prosperity. Use it if you need a boost in confidence when dealing with a sticky situation. Career, Fame or Centre area.


-this is my relaxing, meditating, spiritual stone. It is used for calming and to bring peace and balance to you. Helpful People and Travel or Knowledge and Wisdom Area


-I love this stone for the simple fact that it is rare to find. This is called the merchant’s stone (as is the Garnet and Citrine) and you should place this stone in the area where you bring in money. Careful with this stone, it’s toxic. Wealth and Prosperity Area


-another money stone, also a stone of love and emotional healing. Wealth and Prosperity or Centre


-this stone never needs cleansing, also known as a money stone or the merchant’s stone. Keep some in your cash register, wallet or purse.Wealth and Prosperity or Career


-is a happy stone, lifts spirits and brings joy and optimism to you. Helpful People and Travel or Love and Relationship area


-the deep green color is so beautiful! This stone is great to use for protection against negativity Centre or Family and Health area.

Black Obsidian

-is a super powerful stone to protect you from negativity. It is also a great grounding stone. Centre, Career area or front door

This is just a small list of ideas and some of the more commonly used stones in Feng Shui. Make sure you cleanse your stones after you bring them home from the store or if someone has touched them (citrine doesn’t need cleansing). Your stones are precious to you and should only carry your energy. I like to place mine on a windowsill during a full moon. The moon recharges them.

When you are using your stones make sure you program them, with affirmations, to do what you want them to do. For example, if you are feeling low or gloomy, grab your sunstone, hold it tightly and ask it to lift your spirits and bring you joy. Then carry it with you for the day.

Hope you enjoyed this little piece today. If you ever have any questions, please feel free to shoot me off an email. I’m always happy to hear from you guys!

Happy Feng Shui’ing