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15 Powerful Self Discovery Questions You Need to Ask Yourself Now

To say that 2020 kicked us all hard in the ass is an understatement. It had us all wondering just what the heck are we supposed to do now. Especially those of us who lost our jobs and our income. If you’re in that position and not sure what to do next read on as

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20 Inspirational Spiritual Quotes to Feed Your Soul

Please enjoy these 25 inspirational spiritual quotes if you’re feeling lonely or sad. I hope they lift your spirits and remind you what’s truly important, and that’s you. What does it mean to be spiritual? So many people still think that being spiritual means to have faith in God or in any other religion. That’s

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How to Ask For Help When You Feel Hopeless (and want to give up)

Let’s face it, no one likes asking for help. Many of us feel like when we do, it shows weakness but that couldn’t be farther from the truth. I’m going to show you how easy it really can be. (this post contains affiliate links so if you make a purchase I may make a small

5 ways to deal with your dysfunctional family during the holidays

10 Ways to Deal With A Dysfunctional Family at Christmas

It’s getting close to that time of year again. Where we have to all gather around the table for the big family Christmas dinner and celebrate. Yippee! Unfortunately, we aren’t all too excited about this upcoming event. Many of us have to deal with a dysfunctional family at Christmas. Are you one of them? I

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20 Self Care Gifts For the “Hard to Buy For” Person

Welp, it’s that time of year again. Christmas shopping and driving yourself crazy trying to figure out what to get for the “hard to buy peeps” on your list. I’ve created this self care gifts guide to help you so you don’t pull all your hair out trying to guess! In this self care gifts

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9 Things to Remember When You Are Feeling Stuck in Life

Does this sound like you? One minute life seems ok and all is going well and the next thing you know you’re frozen and feeling stuck in life and not sure what the hell just happened? You have no clear focus, no clarity, no solutions, and no ambition. You got the deer in headlights look

10 Letting Go Quotes That Will Help You Move On

I love quotes. All quotes. Funny ones, sarcastic ones, inspirational ones, and success ones but I gotta admit, my favourite ones of all time are the letting go quotes. When I was in my really dark place I read a ton of quotes and read an awful lot of self help books, but these are

5 Mindfulness Techniques to Reduce Anxiety and Feel Calmer

Even the happiest of people have down days. Yup they sure do. Do you know there are some simple and quick fixes to pick yourself back up again? We don’t like to stay down too long so you figure out how the heck to get out of a poopy mood. Applying mindfulness techniques will snap

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Understanding the Law of Attraction and Why It Doesn’t Always Work

We have this vision in our heads. We use all the tools of manifestation that we’ve been taught and know so well. We see something in our minds, we feel it, we believe it, we want it so bad it hurts. We are absolutely positively without a doubt sure that we will get what we


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