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How to Use Gemstones To Heal Every Area of Your Life

The Feng Shui geek in me comes out for this blog. I love Feng Shui and gemstones to the moon and back. I live eat sleep and breathe gemstones and Feng Shui. I kid you not. These two things, as well as my faith in God and the support of the Angels is what keeps

How to get a fresh start in life and leave the past behind

How To Get a Fresh Start On Life and Leave the Past Behind

Are You Ready For a Fresh Start in Life? Who’s up for a fresh start in life, raise your hands and shout “mememememe”!!! I remember about 5 years ago I was sad, miserable, frustrated and tired of my life in Canada. I knew I needed something more. I knew I wanted to start a new

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How to Deal With Guilt When You Have to Say NO to Someone

Learning how to deal with guilt when you have to say NO to someone I’m a yes girl. A people pleaser. I hate saying no to people. I will say yes first and then figure out a way to do the thing I just said yes to. But it’s not just that. I honestly don’t

how to live a healthy lifestyle-happy lady jumping

How to Live a Healthy Lifestyle in 21 Simple Ways (Mind, Body and Spirit)

How to Live a Healthy Lifestyle in 21 Simple Ways When we think of living a healthier lifestyle, the first thing that comes to mind for most people is “stop eating junk food, greasy food, bad carbs/etc” but it’s not just your physical health that matters, your emotional health, and spiritual health are also extremely

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10 Things to Do to Live a Happy Life

We get up, get everyone ready for work/school, rush off to our own jobs, come home, get dinner ready, watch TV, get everyone back to bed. Sleep, rinse and repeat. Isn’t there more to life than that??? Yup there sure is. A lot more. So how do get to that happy place?? You’re in luck!

smiling woman-how to build self confidence

How to Build Self Confidence in 5 Powerful and Effective Steps

Feeling confident is complicated, and it can vary in levels of intensity from day-to-day. Building confidence is never-ending; It’s a daily practice and a life-long journey. Today we’re going to discuss how to build self confidence in 5 powerful and easy steps! Growing your self-assurance comes in stages and phases, all of which teach you

chair alone in room-cleanse a room of negative energy

How to Cleanse a Room of Negative Energy in 5 Steps

The Feng Shui geek in me comes out for this blog. So many of us have negative energy and aren’t even aware of it. Energy is in everything and everywhere so we kinda want it to be fresh and clean, not toxic. I’m going to show you how to cleanse a room of negative energy

man and woman-how to read people

How to Read People in 9 Simple Steps

We all know that reading people is definitely a skill that many of us have. Do you ever meet someone new and get that feeling from them? Either something’s not right or something just feels really good? That’s partly thanx to your intuition and the other part due to your skill for reading people. Having

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How To Love Yourself More and 5 Reasons Why It’s So Hard

If you need to learn how to love yourself more you’re on the right page…read on my friend and get ready for a healing journey of a lifetime. You know, I’ve come a long way from where I was, say, 5 years ago. I mean back then I really hated myself. Almost everything about me


Iva Ursano is a retired hairstylist turned badass freelancer, who left behind 52 years of her life in Northern Ontario, Canada for a life of freedom, love and beauty in sunny Guatemala. She has two main purposes in life: feed hungry bellies and help inspire people to live a life of joy and love.