5 Things to Remember When Your Dreams Don’t Come True.

I have a dream.

Don’t we all? We should all have many dreams actually. Dreams keep us young and give us something to look forward to or, at the very least, give us something fun to work towards which, in turn, keeps us busy, productive and determined…or

Something like that…

When we have a dream, there are a few questions we ask ourselves almost immediately:

  • how long will it take to achieve it
  • is it possible (and really, just about anything is possible)
  • can I do it
  • how bad do I want it
  • what will others think (ya, most of us still have those thoughts I think)
  • when should I get started

I mean, there’s probably a million more questions but these are the ones that pop up into my mind first.

Let’s kick this dream into high gear.

Ok, so we’ve decided it’s time. Let’s do this!!. Pull out everything you’ve learned about the Law of Attraction and manifesting miracles. Grab your headphones and listen to every imaginable podcast and video there was ever produced to help you manifest the life of your dreams. Krazy glue your vision board to your office wall. Make a pretty journal dedicated JUST to this dream. You got this.

Here we go…..

and then…

Nothing happened. It didn’t happen. You did everything you were told to do and you fell flat.

So, Universe, what the heck? Like, really? Is this a joke?

Nope. It sure isn’t. That dream? Not for you. Nope. But wait, before you start beating yourself up and wondering where you went wrong, take these 5 things into serious consideration because after all, it’s not all your fault. Please keep in mind, some of these may be hard to swallow at the moment and you’ll probably wanna cuss me out but….anyway.

It wasn’t meant for you.

Really. It wasn’t. Sometimes what we think we really want is clouded by our one directional mind. Kinda like that whole not seeing the forest for the trees or not seeing the trees through the forest or however that saying goes (you know that one goes, you get it).

There is something better for you.

How many times have you heard that one? Does it make the hair on the back of your next stand up when someone says that to you? Well, it’s true though. You didn’t get what you wanted because it’s not good enough for you. The Universe stepped in and saved you (you can thank her later).

You’re free now.

Admit it, once your dream fell apart (or fell through) you breathed a small sigh of relief. You know you did. We practically heard it all the way here. Working towards realizing your dream was taking a toll on you. It was. It’s exhausting. You can rest and recharge now. Decompress if you will. It’s time for you to take time for you.

How smart are you now?

I bet you are absolutely brilliant now! I mean, look at all those things you learned while you were trying to work on your dream. You would have never learned any of that stuff if it wasn’t for this dream. You may not need this new skills soon but one day I bet they will come in handy, if not for you, maybe for you to help someone else (and helping others really is so much fun!!!).

Stand tall and proud.

Self confidence anyone? Your’s probably took a big dump but remember something here, what you did and all the steps you took to try to make this work, well most people probably wouldn’t have even had the balls to start and try. You did!! Look at you! You will soon become everyone’s hero. Trust me on this one. Everyone loves someone with balls (ok that came out wrong).

You know, dreaming big isn’t for the faint of heart. Actually, taking your dreams and working your butt off to bring them to reality is friggin hard and not everyone is up for that kinda hard work. You were, you did and you are stronger, smarter and wiser for it all. Yay you!

I think I’d like to be a unicorn.

Peace and Love


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Everything You Need to Know About Water Fountains and Your Money

A water fountain is one of the most powerful cures in Feng Shui, provided it is in the proper location. Water is the symbol of wealth in Feng Shui. The absolute best spot for a fountain is at the front door. This will ensure that wealth continues to flow into your house. There is nothing more beautiful, soothing and inviting than a water fountain at your door.

Oh. You live in an apartment building? Condo? Something other than a house? Fear not. You can most certainly still own a water fountain. Apartment dwellers rejoice. Fountains and Feng Shui aren’t just for home owners. I have a lovely tabletop fountain that is placed strategically in my Wealth and Prosperity Area in my apartment. I love the trickling sounds.

Water fountain rules

Now before you run out to buy a water fountain pay attention to these tips first please. Also, don’t buy one just for the sake of owning one and as always, make sure you love it and it compliments your space perfectly.

  1. I’m putting this tip as number one because it is of the utmost importance. Like, if you don’t do this, don’t bother owning a fountain. (Please. Just don’t.) KEEP THE WATER CLEAN! OK, I’m really sorry I had to yell at you but if you own a fountain and the water is murky, slimy or dirty then, really, what’s the point? That’s just disgusting.
  2. The water fountain,if going indoors, should go in an area that requires the water element. Now that sounds like it should go without saying but I’m still surprised at people that have big water element objects in a Fire area. Hello! What puts out fire? Check your Bagua to see where the water elements are required. Put a fountain in any of these areas. (but remember, no water in the bedroom)
  3. I do not recommend battery operated fountains (for indoor ones) as they are usually quite small. Don’t go for small. Small water feature, small money.  Try to get a decent sized one that will fit into your space nicely.
  4. Make sure it is always running. Yes even when you go to bed at night. Flowing water, flowing money.
  5. Change the water weekly. I have a mid size fountain and I take it apart, the whole thing, once a week and clean it all. You’d be surprised at the sludge that will grow in there if you don’t.
  6. Water will evaporate so make sure you add fresh clean water to it daily.

These are super easy tips to follow but in order to get the most out of your cure, you must adhere to them.  If you do live in an apartment and you can get a fountain at your door, even inside, then do it (and lucky you!!).  If you absolutely can’t get a fountain in your place at all, then opt for a nice waterfall picture or any kind of art work that has water in it, be it a lake, ocean, river, anything like that.

Hope this week’s Feng Shui tip was of use to you and as always, shoot me off an email if you have any questions about this or other tips. I’m happy to hear from you guys and answer your questions.

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Happy Feng Shui’ing

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Don’t Believe Everything You Hear-Follow Your Passion

The internet is a great source for information, amirite? We like to watch YouTube tutorials, learn how to build and fix things, even listen to the odd guru about startups and other kinds of fun stuff. But you can’t believe everything you see, hear and read.

Here’s my story about how one so called guru gave me advice a few years back that left me stunned, in disbelief and out to prove her wrong.

I’m on a mission to change the world one smile at a time. My goal is to reach as many people worldwide as I can. Show people that they can live ridiculously happy lives no matter what they have been through. Help them be as joyful as they possibly can, every day all day. That’s my goal. I want people to believe in themselves and their dreams.

And to eat chocolate every day.

Stop! I can’t believe that nonsense.

When I was still living in Sudbury, (which for those of you who have no clue where that is, it’s way up in Northern Ontario Canada, a nice sized mining town) I was speaking to a marketing guru and telling her my plans of world domination and to spread sunshine all over the place. Her words to me were “It’s almost impossible to reach a global market.”

Wait, what??

Whaaaat are you talking about? Excuse me? Did I miss something? A memo maybe?

Stop it. Are you for real?

That made me think. Even though I am new to most of this online networking stuff, I know I have much learning to do still and I will learn as much as I can and not believe everything I hear or read. We often tend to take some people’s word as gospel and never challenge or question it. “Well Debbie said so, so it must be true because she’s an expert”. How many times have you found yourself thinking that? They said, it has to be true, I believe her.


This, my friends, is a perfect example of when you have to NOT listen to who you think the experts are, and do what you feel in your heart and soul. Persist and forge full steam ahead! Just because someone says they are an expert, and don’t get me wrong, they probably are, doesn’t mean that they have all the answers and their answer is the final word. Don’t stop at NO.

I play and live by my own rules now. If someone tells me it can’t be done, I will keep trying until I find a way it CAN be done. Nothing is ever set in stone! Always remember that! If you have something in your heart or head that you absolutely want to do, then do it!! Who said you can’t be a game changer? Who??

I am a mover and a shaker. I am operating on a very high vibration right now and it is pulling me towards awesomeness and spreading love and joy around the world. There is nothing that will get in my way. Not even the experts.

Dig a little deeper

When someone says no, find out why they said no, do some research of your own and see if you can make that a yes. Remember, at one time, all the billionaires, online gurus and all the other ridiculously successful people probably heard a  ton of “no it can’t be done” but they didn’t take no for an answer, it didn’t stop them and they figured out a way to succeed.

Never let one person’s frail piece of advice stop you from your dream or succeed in achieving your goal. Keep looking for answers and ways to accomplish and fulfill the dream and passion that’s in your heart.

Fast forward 4 yrs.

Here it is now, a little over 4 years later, and I am living my dream life in sunny Guatemala, the proud owner of a Facebook page with over 600,000  warriors and together we reach over 5 million people a week, a super fun and awesome online store and a successful blog.

Whaaaat?? You heard me. Don’t tell me I can’t do something because that will make me want to do it even more and prove you wrong. (At the time when I was talking to this marketing guru back home in Sudbury for advice, my Facebook page had about 500 souls on there. That’s it that’s all).

I’m not sharing those numbers or that huge accomplishment with you to brag. Hell no! I am sharing now to let you know if I can do it, so can you!!!

Because of my crazy persistence and determination my Pinterest traffic is also mindblowing!

Do what you feel in your heart.

If you think you can’t do something because someone said it can’t be done, think again. You can do, be, and have whatever you want. If you can dream it, feel it and believe it, you can have it and do it. Not everyone has all the answers.

I wonder how many people we will reach world wide when our page hits 1 million?!.

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Peace and Love

Iva ♥



This Blog Will Change Your Life-A Story of Hope and Determination

It all starts here.

It was October 2014 and I was writing yet another blog. I had lost count of how many exactly I had written at this point. I had a binder full of sites I had sent blogs to that had replied with a big fat NO. I read somewhere with every 100 No’s there is bound to be at least 1 Yes (or something like that). I was determined.

Someone was going to say yes to me. This I knew for sure.

I had a list, a big list, of all the sites I thought would like my stories. I thought they were good stories and I always considered myself a good writer. I kept at it. I’m a determined little bugger.

My goal? To become a freelance writer and completely reinvent my life.

But do you even know how to blog?

So why was I doing this anyway? What was the point? I mean, I had a decent job that paid ok. Not fantastic, but the bills got paid, mostly, and I wasn’t starving. So why was I working full time at a regular job 5 days a week and writing during ALL my free time (and that’s exactly what I did). I didn’t go anywhere. I didn’t really do much outside of work besides volunteer at a homeless shelter a few hours a week. So why was I busting my butt writing like a fiend and submitting articles that continually received no’s?

Who in their right mind would even bother? Sounds tedious and frustrating and hopeless and almost even pointless. Right?


I was on a mission to become a full time freelancer and come Hell or High Water, I was going to make this happen, dammit. The bigger question was “do you even know how to blog and who wants to read your stuff anyway?”

If they can do it so can I.

Why can’t I? Why not me? Who says I can’t? You know, you read all these blogs about people who packed in their day jobs, told their boss “I’m outta here!!” and began a journey on the road to freedom. I read these stories in awe. I was amazed, jealous, envious and hopeful, well sorta. I can do that. Can’t I? How hard can it be?

Well I was soon to discover just how hard it was. Not hard in the sense that it takes a lot of time to write a blog, submit, keep your fingers crossed and then rinse and repeat. No, not that kind of hard. What was hard was working full time, coming home at 9:30 pm every nite, unwinding and then sitting down at the computer and writing until 2 am and then getting up in the morning and doing it all over until it was time to leave for work again.

What was even harder was keeping my faith strong and my hopes up high.THAT was hard. So many no’s. This is ridiculous. Seriously, are these people looking for the next Stephen King or Ernest Hemingway? All I wanna blog about is inspirational things. I mean, these are guest post submissions. It’s not like they are paying me. No! There’s no money involved here. This is something you must do just to get recognized!


Keep at it Iva. Don’t give up. You are a good writer, dammit! Don’t let anyone take that away from you. You do know how to craft up a decent blog!

And then it happened. In November. One month or so into my “I wanna be a freelancer” journey.

I got my first Yes! And I was over the moon with excitement. There are no words to even describe the euphoria I felt. But wait. It gets better. It wasn’t just a Yes from anybody. Nope, it was a Yes from Steven Aitchison. Pinch me, surely I MUST be dreaming!! I was dying!! Is this for real? HE liked my blog??

Oh Hell ya. This was real. You did it Iva. Finally someone else who thinks you are a good writer. Yay!

But wait, it gets better yet.

So a few guest posts later, and a few months in as a contributing author to Steven’s site, I took the bull by the horns and asked for a job. Yup, I sure did. You gotta be ballsy sometimes. I’m the kinda girl that always asks. I believe that you will never know if you don’t ask. Assuming is just dumb.

So I asked. The answer? Another big fat Yes!! Boom!! I was finally on my way. It’s finally happening. My road to freedom was slowly opening up. The Do Not Enter sign was removed. Actually, in my mind, I had painted graffiti all over it and told it one day I was going to tear it  down. And I did. I did.

Don’t you dare give up.

Since that day in November 2014 when my first guest post was accepted (which I may proudly boast, went viral and had over 68,000 FB shares ) my life has taken a whirlwind journey. I pushed and pushed and was determined to leave my regular job and become a successful freelancer. And I did.

You don’t think you can do it? Think again. ANY one can do it. With enough passion, determination, persistence and balls (ya I said it) you can do, have or be anything you want (except a Unicorn, you can’t be a Unicorn).

Don’t you dare give up. Know what you want. Know how bad you want it. And go get it. It may seem hard at first but trust me, the rewards are beautiful, satisfying and mind blowing.

No really, seriously, you can’t be a Unicorn. Sorry.

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Peace and Love


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