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A Full Moon and Mercury Retrograde? Brace Yourself For Chaos!

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Do you remember the last full moon? How about the last time Merc went retrograde? You know, every time I hear about Mercury’s shenanigans I get a little anxious. Now what? Didn’t you mess me up good last time? And then after Merc is done I breathe a sigh of relief and think to myself, ok that one wasn’t so bad.

I honestly think that sometimes Merc gets a bad rap…but it’s happening at the start of a full moon next month. December 3rd to be exact. So is this good or bad or what..?

So what about that moon?

Oh how I love full moons. I know I told you guys this before and I’ll probably say it every month. (You’ve been warned).

I use the full moon to reflect on the crap that I dealt with the month leading up to it, and purge. Oh how I purge. The full moon is the best time ever to release, release, release and set intentions to grow, learn and welcome more positive things into our lives.

So the full moon in December is in Gemini. What does that mean for you? Shiny object syndrome will run rapid. Squirrel! Look over here, oh wait, what’s that over there? Oooooh this is nicer, better, exciting, funner but wait, what’s that?

Distractions! Get it? Expect to be scatterbrained, distracted, full of child like energy, perhaps even chasing your tail. How on earth are we going to focus on anything this month?

Throw Merc Retro in the mix and……

We’re doomed. Ok so that may be a bit dramatic but Merc is well known for causing chaos. Picture it, you’re a squirrel, chasing your tail, running on who knows what, thinking you’re about to have the time of your life and “whammo”, Merc sends you flying.

Damn, where did that come from?

So here’s the deal. Merc goes retrograde from December 3-23. This is a time when you need to be more aware, more patient and really really flexible. Things will change quickly, break, crash, mess up. You get the idea.

Tips on handling this chaotic mix!

So now that I just made it sound like the world is going to end let me put your mind to rest. All will be ok. I promise. I always tell people when Merc retro shows up, keep an open mind and a sense of humor. Watch your temper. Honestly. Just take deep breaths when things go wrong. It’s all temporary. Remember that!!

As far as that beautiful full moon goes, focus! Don’t be a squirrel! Try to also take some time to figure out what isn’t really working too well and find alternative solutions. Do some research. Ask questions and take notes. Now would be a fantastic time to take up meditating if you haven’t yet. Do it often. Trust me, you’ll need to this month.

Oh…and breathe….deep breaths…’ll need to do that too.

Is that mine? What’s that? Where do you want to go now? Can we try this today? Hey what about that?? Weeeeeeeeeee!!!

Peace and Love



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