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This Weekend’s Full Moon in Taurus. Are You Ready For The Powerful Shift?

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If  you’re anything like me, one week before the full moon I start getting antsy and really excited. I adore the full moon. I adore it so much that I actually bathe in the moonlight. More about that later though. With the full moon comes many energies. Some beautiful and welcoming, some ugly and hard to deal with.

It’s no secret that the full moon every month brings with it much power and magic. Some people still balk at this thought but honestly, all the farmers around the world can’t be wrong, can they? And besides, have you ever noticed how your own energy and moods shift even ever so slightly around this time?

What’s the message this month?

The November full moon will be shining brightly Saturday the 4th at 6:23 am. With each month, comes a different moon with a powerful energy and this month’s message is in your face. So what is it?

Get it together, dump the stuff that isn’t working anymore and have faith!

This moon is in Taurus and though you may not be one, you will still feel the effects of a Taurus, the good and the bad. Taureans are hard workers, practical, they love the finer things in life and they have little to no patience for people who lack common sense.

So what does that mean for you?

If you’ve been kicking tires lately procrastinating on things you know  you have to get done, well, it’s time to get to work and get them done. Oftentimes our self doubt, or quite possibly fear of failure, will keep us from doing things or moving forward. This full moon is telling you to stop thinking like that, stop procrastinating and get moving! It’s time to focus on your career goals, any financial goals you have loosely made and trust yourself. You can do this!

Oh but wait, it gets better!

Are you hanging on to something,or someone, from the past that definitely needs to go? Now’s the time. Remember, Taureans have no patience for people who lack common sense. With that said, why are you still hanging on to that one person who is renting space in your head for free? They have absolutely no right to be in there and it’s time you kicked them out.

Keep in mind also, that when we remove the negative in our life, we make room for more positive things in our life and Taureans love the finer things in life (that includes people). Release all that no longer serves you. You deserve so much more.

Who’s up for romance and deeper connections?

Have you been feeling less than lovey or romantic lately? This weekend’s full moon just may change that for you, but only if you are open to it (and you have already got rid of what/or who no longer serves your higher good). Taurus people are romantic, loyal and dedicated. If you’re thinking it just may be time to step out, meet new people and connect with someone in a romantic way, this month’s moon energies are supporting you. Yes!! :)

But let’s not forget self love. When was the last time you honored yourself and did something nice for you? Self care and self love is especially important. When we don’t love ourselves, we attract the wrong kind of love. Remember we show people how to love us.

So how do we prepare for all this?

So much energy, so little time. What to do?

  • First and foremost, forgive and release anything that does not serve you
  • Start knocking off your to do list and get stuff done!
  • Self talk is powerful so make sure you are saying positive things to yourself i.e. “I can do this” “I believe in myself” “I deserve greatness” “Good things are happening for and to me”
  • Write out the things you want to do and set those intentions out to the full moon

My all time favourite thing to do the night of the full moon is to sit or lay in the moonlight, meditate, listen to soft music, think about all the things I desire, release the things I need to, and take in the beautiful and powerful energy of the moon. You can do this for half an hour, one hour or all night if you so desire. Trust me on this one though, the energy is mindblowing and you will wake totally recharged and full of purpose and passion.

Did I forget to mention that howling at the moon is totally cool and acceptable?

Peace and Love

Iva xo





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4 Responses

  1. “Get it together, dump the stuff that isn’t working anymore and have faith!” That’s now residing on a sticky note on my computer screen :)

    Loved this post Iva. Who knows, I might even have a little howl on Saturday! <3

    1. Put it on stickies all over your house!!! xoxoox

  2. very nice advice the full moon! to change the miserably life I have for a new shine future..

    1. That’s the idea Jorge!! :) Thanx for reading the blog and glad you enjoyed it.

      much love
      xo iva xo

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