Healing Naturally-Time to Say Bye to Pills!

If you’re anything like me, you hate taking pills for anything. The only pill I take these days is one for my migraines and only when it totally feels like my head is about to explode. I like to reach for natural ways to heal the ailments I suffer (though I have to say I don’t suffer with too many, thank God). Ironically, I’m a healer anyway, though I’m more of a heart centered healer, I believe in using the pure and natural stuff from Mother Earth.

It seems these days, so many people are suffering with ailments like never before. We have stress, depression, low self esteem/confidence/worth (those show up as physical ailments too!!) too many headaches, backaches and so on. When we find out the source of the problem, which is often emotional, we can get to healing it.

The healer in you

I’m all about healing naturally, even our emotions (though I totally get how some people do require doctor’s care and prescriptions for some issues). I am a firm believer that once you heal the inside, the outside heals too. The healer in me knows all too well how true this is. I’m gonna take you back a few years to a personal pain story so you can understand this concept better.

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When I was in my emotionally abusive relationship (I left it in 2013) at one point I was suffering from excruciating lower back pain to the point where I was in tears and could barely sit, stand, walk or anything. I had never experienced such pain like this before in my back and it had been plaguing me for months. At one point I even dragged myself to emergency just to get a shot of something to make it go away and get to the root of the problem.

Though the doctors couldn’t diagnose me, I eventually turned to the wonderful internet for answers and was completely shocked at what I read. Turns out lower back pain is due to anger that has been building up inside. Oh I had anger alright and lots of it.

It was then I learned how to meditate and look for more natural ways to heal my emotions which then in turn, healed my back pain. I wasn’t up to going to the hospital every few months to get a shot of pain meds to manage this issue. The healing had to come from within. And it did. The healer in me succeeded in eliminating this physical and emotional pain.

Natural ways to heal

I also discovered crystal gemstones during my healing journey and essential oils. Both of those combined with meditation and hypnosis healed me in ways I can’t even explain. All this time I had suffered through such emotional pain when all I had to do was take some time to do a wee bit of research only to find healers just like me but with other specialties.

If you find any type of healer that deals with emotional trauma or pain, ask questions and see not only what they offer but how they can help you heal your emotional and physical pain.

Recently I stumbled across this fantastic package that is jam packed with tips, tools, and books to help you understand your pain and how to naturally heal with oils. My go to oils are always lavender (for stress and anxiety) and rosemary for my migraines. Both are magic in my books!

I share all this with you now because if you are suffering any type of physical ailments that probably don’t necessarily require pills, but you take them because “they help”, I really want you to reconsider poisoning your body, take the band aid off and stay open minded to look into something more natural:look into becoming a natural healer of your own body and emotions.

I think too many of us opt for the band aid because natural healing, inner self work, takes work and it’s hard to do. Really fucking hard. I’m not gonna lie. You have to take your life apart piece by piece, hurt by hurt, trauma by trauma, but trust me, the end result and the rewards are worth it. You owe it to yourself

You’re SO worth it.

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Peace and Love


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