Is Your Home Office Killing Your Chances For Success?

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Is your home office desk the great source of income and productivity that it should be or is it causing you stress and grief? Did you know that you can Feng Shui it to enhance your life? You can actually Feng Shui just about anything in your home and even in your car. So cool isn’t it? We’re going to talk about Feng Shui and your home office desk and I’m going to share 5 super easy ways to Feng Shui your desk in this article. Your desk is a place where you should be creative, focused and feel productive, no?

This week’s tip is about that cluttered, messy desk of yours. You’re nodding your head in agreement right now because you know I’m talking about you!!

Does this sound like your home office desk?

  • a wrapper from some gross food source has been there all week
  • there are coffee mug rings on the surface, everywhere
  • papers, oh the papers, scattered in an unidentifiable mess
  • a pile of unopened mail sits in the caddy
  • notepads with illegible notes scribbled furiously
  • files and folders cover the remaining surface
  • a dead plant sits on the corner

Sound familiar? Is yours worse than that? Good grief, I hope not.

Anyway, let’s get on with this. Your home office desk is the place you spend most of the day. Some of you are there for up to 10 hours every single day!! That’s a long time to be exposed to this cluttered mess!

Before I tell you how to remedy this situation, let’s understand something about Feng Shui and your desk. Remember Feng Shui is all about good energy, positive flow and balance. It’s important to have that, not only in your living space, but also in your working space too. What good is it if the rest of your house is all Feng Shui’d but your desk is a disaster? Balance, remember, balance.

Not only that, another important point to mention is this; if you feel stressed and frazzled and totally discombobulated while working, don’t you think your work space might have something to do with it? Of course it does!

Alright, let’s get this desk cleaned up.

You want more clients.

In order to get more clients, you need to make room for new work on your home office desk. It’s hard for new clients to find their way onto your desk if it’s full of old client files.

Clean up old files, put them away in a storage box. Keep an empty space on your desk for new work.

You want to be more organized.

Admit it, that mess is causing you a great deal of anxiety and you feel totally overwhelmed. You’re stuck in yesterday and find it impossible to deal with today.

Get a desk organizer or filing cabinet. Label them accordingly so you know what still needs to be worked on, what needs following up and what’s already done.

Remove the dead and dying.

For the love of God, throw the plant away. It ain’t coming back to life and all it’s doing right now is casting negative energy in your space. And that food wrapper, really? ‘Nuff said.

Find a nice desktop plant that has life and can add life to your home office desk. I recommend a nice little money tree.

I am in control.

It’s hard to feel like you are in control of your work and life when your desk looks like it could be on an episode of Hoarders, not to mention that it may make you feel unsuccessful or unprofessional.

Take half a day or so to tidy up and get rid of things that don’t need to be there. As you clean, you will feel more in control and confident.

Take pride in your work and your desk.

How much pride can you possibly feel when you have food wrappers, dead plants and coffee mug rings all over your desk? You are a professional, remember?

Get some furniture polish, a rag and away you go! Goodbye negative dirty energy, hello fresh clean positive energy.

And the award goes to……..

Your desk is a great place to add a small award, certificate or even a token of appreciation you received from a former client. It will constantly remind you of how great you are and more great things will come your way.

These are just a few tips to help you with your desk and your workspace. As always, if you need advice from a professional, I’m just an email away. Good luck and have fun.

Happy Feng Shui’ing.

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