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take this numerology test to find out how much money you will make in 2019

This Numerology Test Will Reveal How Much Money You Will Make in 2021

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Oh tell me tell me tell me!!! Without a doubt, 2020 sucked for me financially but I sure learned a ton of things and grew a lot as a person. Some lessons were hard, others were fun. As we close up 2020 we all have high hopes for 2021 to be a better year. We also want to know how much money we will make next year.

I know I sure wanna know.

Being an online entrepreneur is tough but so fun!! Week to week you never know how much money you’re going to make but you always hope next week is better than last. It all depends really on how many people purchase my self help guide, book an Angel Card reading, or visit my blog!

How much money will I make?

I’ll be honest, I took this test twice and answered the questions slightly differently. They are all number questions so it’s really random. After going through it once it told me that I was going to make $1,000,000. Now, while I think that’s super amazing, I have a wee bit of doubt that could happen. I mean, it could happen but I don’t hold too much faith in it.

So I took the test again to see if it would produce a more realistic number and to see how much money I could make. The second time around my results were $35,000 for the year. A more believable number, right?

Your turn

So go ahead and take this fun numerology test and see how much money you are going to make in 2021. I’d be curious to see if you hit $1,000,000 the first time around too! If you really liked this quiz, you might like the other ones over on my quiz page. 

You can take the numerology test more than once if you like. I did! We probably shouldn’t but no one’s watching.

Peace and love

xo iva xo

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