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33 “I Am” Affirmations That Really Work (and will change your life)

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How many of you here have listened to or repeated “I am affirmations” in hopes that your whole life was going to change? Go ahead, raise your hand and say “meeee” and I’ll raise my hand too!

Why? Because we all believe in the power of words and self-talk, amirite?

We’ve heard it a million times, your mind believes everything you tell it so tell it good things. So we do, with affirmations. But wait a sec…~tap tap tap…is this thing even on?~

Do affirmations really work?

Well, yes and no. The problem with many of our affirmations is that they are slightly unrealistic and with that I mean, that you don’t even believe they will come to fruition.

You can’t walk around all day saying ” I am a millionaire” and expect $1,000,000 to land on your doorstep. You know that’s not gonna happen, hence, you know it’s not really true.

So naturally, that affirmation will never work.

But do affirmations really work? Yup they sure can. If you work them properly.

What exactly does that mean? You need to feel and believe your affirmation otherwise you are just wasting your breath.

What’s the point of saying ” I am more and more peaceful every day” if you are constantly filled with anger and hold grudges and have no intention of moving towards peace?

It’s not gonna happen.

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How do you use affirmations?

Before I share my list of affirmations with you it’s important to know how to use them. Given my example above, you can see that you can’t affirm something you don’t think is or will be true. Capiche? It just doesn’t work like that.

Alright, Iva, how do you use affirmations then?

Here’s my simple 3 step process to make affirmations work.

  • Think of something you want to achieve and have faith that you absolutely can achieve it. If I say “I am healthy and in good shape” I have faith that this can actually happen for me because I’m starting to exercise and am eating healthier again. I believe in this affirmation.

I’m being proactive about it. Make sense?

  • Make sure the affirmation is something you really truly want to see happen in your life. Don’t say “I am attracting the love of my life” if you aren’t really ready to attract a new partner. Remember the old saying ‘careful what you wish for’.

Only affirm things you want in your life.

  • Write out your affirmations on post-it notes or sticky notes on your desktop, wherever you are going to see them often and read them, with great emotion and vigor, every time you see them.

You need to feel your affirmations. Put your heart into each and every one.

Easy peasy right? Now that you know affirmations really do work and how to use them to make sure they work, let me share with you 33 powerful and awesome I am affirmations that will help change your life.

I’ve broken up this list of I am affirmations into a few different categories. Take what you want and leave the rest.

Iva’s list of affirmations

I am affirmations for love, success, abundance and health and wellness

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33 I am affirmations that will change your life

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Now keep in mind, not all of these affirmations actually have the words I am in front of them or in them but the message is still the same.

You print them off, write them out, say them, feel them, believe them, shout them out at the top of your lungs!! Make ’em work for you baby!

First up are 8 I am affirmations for love:

“I have made space for love and I am ready for it to come”

” I am learning to love myself more and more every day”

“I am healing from my pain and loving myself more”.

“The perfect person will show up for me at the right time and I am letting this happen naturally”

“I am worthy of true love because I am deserving of love”

“I am loved and protected by the Universe”

“I am beautiful no matter what I look like”

“I am unique and amazing and there is no one like me”

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Next up are 8 I am affirmations for success

“I am absolutely worthy of great success”!

“I will absolutely rock this new idea/project because I am smart and capable”

“All the right people and things are coming to me now to help me with my success”

“Success is coming to me because I am prepared for it”

“I am confident in my skills and talents and have no doubt success will be mine”

I am proud of myself for how far I have come and how much further I will go

“I am extremely grateful for all the skills I have and how they will help me succeed”

“I am smart, gifted, brave and determined and success will be mine”

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Next up 8 I am affirmations for abundance

“I am open and ready for all the abundance waiting to come to me”

“Blessings and miracles show up in my life all the time”

“Things are always working out for me”

“I am grateful for all the amazing financial opportunities coming my way and those that already have”

“I am switching my scarcity mindset to an abundant one”

“I have changed my conversation with money and now realize it is energy that we can all tap into”

“My faith in the Universe will bless me with all that I need and desire”

“I am in control of my abundance and allow it to come in unlimited and unexpected ways”

Before I share the last 9 I am affirmations, please take a few minutes to watch this awesome YouTube video explaining how affirmations really work. I think you might like it. She’s super cute and I love the way she talks about this.

And finally, 9 I am affirmations for health and happiness

“I am excited at how strong and healthy my body is getting each day”

“I am happier today than I was yesterday and tomorrow I’ll be even happier”

“I am replacing one negative thought with 3 positive thoughts and it is making a big difference”!

“I am certainly worthy of good things and I deserve to be happy”

“I am changing my eating plan to include healthy foods and I am eliminating toxic foods”

“I am patient with my body and will nurture its healing and growth journey”

“All my cells are healthy, strong and beautiful”!

“I am saying no to fear and limiting beliefs and yes to a healthier and happier life.”

“I am now seeing everything in life through the eyes of love which will allow me to be happier”

So how long does it take for affirmations to work?

Good question and no one really has the answer for that one. All I can say is, stay in faith, believe what you are affirming and stay open to watch for all the little miracles that will show up in your life.

Sometimes things we want show up as people and not so much a thing.

You must train your mind to feel good, all the time, no matter what and yes I get that’s hella hard but do this one thing next time you aren’t feeling very aligned with positive thoughts:

-for every negative thought you have, think 3 positive thoughts. Do that as often as you have to. Switch your mentality. Remember, you are in total control of your mind. Only you.

No one knows how long it takes for affirmations to work but if you work them, they will certainly work for you.

peace and love

xo iva xo

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