Are you into podcasting? Do you love to sit and chill with your favourite podcaster? Are you always on the lookout for some great motivational and in your face type shows to listen to? Do you love listening to inspirational podcasts?

Did ya answer a big fat “YES” to those questions? Even just one!?

Guess who’s now podcasting? Yup. Yours truly. After 7 months of resistance I finally took the leap and dove in, somewhat hesitantly, a tad awkward and completely unsure of what the fuck I’m doing, but I’m doing it and having a blast.

Inspirational podcasts-No Holds Barred!

Head on over to my new podcast No Holds Barred, have a listen to a couple of episodes (hell listen to them all while you’re there), click the subscribe button if you feel called to do so and don’t forget to share it out to your peeps and leave a review!! 5 stars is my favourite! Click on the title or the image below to check out the inspirational podcasts I recorded just for you!

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No Holds Barred Podcast

Now you can see by the title, it’s a ballsy kinda show. If you’ve ever watched one of my Facebook lives you know how I roll. In your face, straight up, no bullshit kinda talk. That’s what you can expect from the podcast too! Just keepin’ it real for you! You’ll never hear, or find, another inspirational podcast like this one!

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