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Intense Energy! Full Moon in Scorpio.

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Love love love. It’s full moon time again. I’m pretty sure this is my favourite time of any, every month, all year. Every full moon has its special energies and this one won’t fail to deliver. The full moon is in Scorpio so you can expect extremely intense energies. If you know any Scorpios, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about.

Intense energy.

So let’s first look at the sign of Scorpio (and no, you don’t have to be a Scorpio to understand or get this). They are intense, passionate, mysterious, secretive, magnetic,hard working, determined, successful AND sharp tongued. If they hate you, they seriously hate you. If they love you, they really love you. Everything about Scorpio is intense. I’ve had a couple of relationships with Scorpios, why I don’t know and when will I ever learn is another good question. We are just not compatible. Too intense for me. And sly, and secretive.

So we’re taking this intense energy and applying it to the full moon now.

The full moon energy and work.

Keeping in mind all of Scorpio’s characteristics, the question is, how does this all play out for this month and the energies of the moon.

Lemme break it down. If there is a project or something you have been working on or need to work on, this full moon gives you the green light to get at and forge ahead with passion, intensity, determination and confidence. There is no try and there is no fail. Get it done! It’s the perfect full moon for it. You are greatly supported during this time.

Scorpios are deep thinkers and strategize very carefully. Make sure you dot your i’s cross your t’s and research the crap out of your idea. Don’t go in blindly and don’t rush in the hopes of achieving fame, power, and money. Do it with your heart and remember why you are doing it in the first place.

The moon, love and relationships.

With any full moon, sometimes communications get mixed up, too fired up, or confusing. Not this time. They are intense but full of love and compassion. There is a deeper understanding that maybe wasn’t there before. If you love someone or have been doubting someone’s feelings towards you, this full moon may bring those feelings to the surface, in a loving, powerful and intense way.

Communicate with your heart during this time, not with your head. See and do all things with love. There is stability and comfort in relationships during this time. Scorpios are devoted and completely loving with their relationships. You will feel this energy during this time.

With that said, if you think someone has been unfaithful or deceiving you, chances are they have been. If your gut instincts have been screaming this to you, stop ignoring it. This time may bring that out to the surface as well. Be prepared to hear the truth if you are going to ask the questions.


I think this full moon is going to be good for all of us with regards to work, success, projects and relationships that are either new and blooming or need to be re-ignited. Stay true to who you are and follow your heart. Anything you do this month, don’t half ass it. Nothing good will come from that. Be purposeful, determined, compassionate and loving and you will smile throughout the month of May.

If there is something or someone you need to let go of, do it with love. Release it gently, forgive yourself and move on with confidence knowing something or someone better for you is on the way.

And with any full moon, bask in the moonlight, meditate and recharge your batteries. This is gonna be a good month!!


Peace and Love


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