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Full Moon March 2018 and Mercury Retrograde? The Sparks Will Fly!

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Oh and it’s a blue moon too! There are two full moons in March. Yay! The occurrence of two full moons in one month is quite rare, which is where the term “once in a blue moon” comes from. This year it’s already happened twice. And the second moon is in Libra! Oh how I love thee. Oh but wait, isn’t that Mercury Retrograde over there in the corner ready to pounce? Yup. Good times.

Now remember I’m all about the moon. The fact that it lands in my sign this month just makes me ridiculously happy oh and also I just moved into a new apartment where I have an AMAZING view of the moon! Be still my heart. But it ain’t gonna be pretty this month. I mean seeing the moon will be breathtaking. Feeling the energies coupled with Mercury Retrograde? Oh dear.

How are your nerves these days?

So what about this moon and Mercury Retrograde?

Well, buckle up peeps! Libra is all about balance and despises confrontations, however, be prepared. You may have to stand your ground during this time. We love love and love relationships but if you’re in one now and something’s not right, expect the sparks to fly (and I don’t mean in the bedroom unless you’re kissing and making up!).

Now, this doesn’t mean only if you’re a Libra. This is for everyone.

If you’ve been bottling up something inside of you, this moon is telling you it’s time to let it out, even if it means drama and chaos. Too bad. It serves you no good to keep it in. Remember, self love is #1 and if you’re feeling angry or hurt by something, your self love is taking a beating. Time to honour and love yourself (oh how we love love).

Be careful though. There is tons of tension in the air with this full moon and don’t forget Mercury Retrograde. Communication breakdowns, misunderstandings, arguments. Ya, it ain’t looking so good.

But wait, remember that Virgo full moon this month?

We started this month with a Virgo full moon, which meant, get stuff done. Did you? Did you start knocking off your to do list one item at a time like you were supposed to? Fear not if you didn’t. Take some time now to start balancing your life and your schedule to see what tasks you can start attacking. Remember, Libra is all about balance. In all areas of your life. Even work.

You also have to balance out your emotions. Ya I know, that’s tough to do but do it. Put your foot down if you have to, speak up when you need to. Find your voice, find your authenticity and let others know who you are and that you won’t stand for their crap anymore. That’s tough for Libras to do. I’m still working on this to be honest but I’m getting better at it. Keyword here is diplomacy.

Patience my friend, patience.

Find it, use it, embrace it. See everything through the eyes of love and you will come out smelling like roses. If not, and you forge ahead in anger you will get stung and it won’t be pretty. This full moon will try your patience, rattle your nerves and have you reaching for the box of Kleenex unless you use your head and not your heart (easier said than done, I know)

Be patient with this moon and the energies. Think before you speak. Try to step away from situations you have no control over and let them work themselves out. Speak your mind but not in a hurtful manner. You’re just gonna have to try to remain calm through this one and ride the waves.

Good luck!

Bartender, can you make that one a double por favor?

Peace and Love



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  1. Mercury in retrograde always makes me nervous! I forgot about this full moon too, so thanks for reminding me. Important to pay attention to this stuff!

  2. This would explained i am so bleurgh and off beat right now. Two moons though ??

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