So You Want a New Life? Better Start Changing Your Attitude.

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I appear to be a bit of a brave bad*** to a lot of people and for the most part, I really am. After years of abusive relationships, financial struggles and the constant battling within myself to find out who Iva is and what she wants, I am finally living life on my terms and it’s pretty epic. It took me changing my attitude and wanting a new life for all that to come about.

I rarely complain and I really don’t have too much to whine about these days either. Yes, life is pretty awesome.

This past month has me getting ready for another life changing adventure. My destination this time? Guatemala. It totally just freaked me out even typing that out. I’m still in awe and can’t even believe I’m doing this. But I am.

There’s nothing much special about me.

Now you’re probably thinking that I’m this crazy world traveler with lots of money and tons of support and friends around the world. Negative. Not even close. I’m an every day person, just like you. Up until a couple of months ago, I had a normal day job.

I go to the cheapest gym here in Sudbury ($20/mth kinda cheap), I eat peanut butter and honey sandwiches with bananas. I watch 3D minion movies. Some days, I never get out of my flannel pj’s.

Yes. There’s nothing special about me and I’m not much different than you. The only difference is that I have learned to face my fears and try new things. But let me share a secret with you about facing fears.

It’s not easy. At all. Many many times, right before I’m about to do something crazy, my thoughts go something like this…”Omg this is ridiculous”, “what are you doing?”.

I know I’ve written about this before but I want you to get it! Understand it. There have been many times where I was ready to throw in the towel and say ‘to heck with this’. I ain’t doing this.

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Change your life, change your attitude

Here’s to my new life

It’s hard, it’s scary, it makes my tummy feel yucky, I feel an overwhelming anxiety, I cry, I want to throw up, I want to curl up in a ball and hide from the world because fear says “You can’t do this, you’re not _____ enough.”(you can fill in the blank). And this emotional roller coaster always makes me want to stop. These emotions play chess with me. They want to beat me at another game.

I go through all that, still to this day. These emotions remind me that I am exactly where I am supposed to be and doing exactly what I meant to do. They help me grow into that bad*** girl. If I didn’t feel any of them, I wouldn’t be pushing the envelope and nothing would change. I would simply be existing, watching life pass me by. No thanx.

So I’m putting on my big girl panties and booking a flight to Guatemala. Whether fear likes it or not. Here’s to my new life

I hope you get the message here. That feeling you get? That fear? Ya that. You’re way more badass than that.

Go do epic stuff.

I wonder what Christmas in Guatemala will be like.

Update March 2018

I almost reworded this whole blog post but then I realized, no way. Iva, they need to know what happened after you booked your flight to Guatemala and what Christmas really was like in Guatemala.

I’m still here, over 2 years later and I absolutely friggin love it here. Christmas was nothing short of fun and amazing. Me and my Canadian friends swam in the beautiful Lake Atitlan on Christmas morning and the fireworks in the evening lasted almost an hour. This new life is mind blowing!

I’ll say this again, Flick your fear, Go live life on your terms and do epic shit!!! Want a new life? Change your attitude.

Peace and Love!

Iva ♥

(this post contains affiliate links so if you make a purchase I make a small commission but the best part of that is the more I make, the more hungry bellies I can feed here in Guatemala-win win!!)


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I’ve tripped and skipped through life looking for my purpose, my passion, what’s going to rock my world and make me happy. What a journey it has been. My careers have been exciting, and boring, but they were exactly what they were supposed to be to get me to where I am today. From Waitressing/Bartending to Loans and Mortgage Officer (yup, boring) to Income Tax Corrector (again, boring), Fitness Instructor/Personal Trainer to Hairstylist, Correctional Worker to Feng Shui Practitioner. Colourful and completely fulfilling. The end result? A passionate writer and blogger that has a huge treasure chest full of really cool stuff to write about!

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  • This post is so awesome, Iva.

    Loving seeing how you’re taking on fear and leaving fear in the dust:) What a great city to be in – it’s one of the oldest countries in Central America. I spent a few months in Nicaragua and loved it.

    You are a ghost, i mean fear-buster :)

  • Hahaa cute Vishnu!! Maybe I’m a ghost buster too ;) Thanx for popping by. Always nice to see you here. I’m pretty excited. I actually had Nicaragua on my list but in the end chose Guatemala. I may end up there eventually anyway.

  • Thanx Rev Jeremy! I’ll actually be helping out a minister there with a small mission. I’m excited!

  • Hi, Iva
    Yet “Fear” holds people back from his destination and success. High-five to you that you win over the fear on your own. That power is solid.

    Why you choose Guatemala? how long will you stay there? I believe your adventures in there will enrich your life a great deal.
    Connect and share!
    May God be with you!
    – Stella

  • Hi Stella thank you for dropping by! I chose Guatemala quite randomly actually. I will be blogging and still connecting while I’m there. Thanx! :)

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