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New Moon Energy in May: In the Name of Love and Money!

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Yay new moon time! And oh how I’m loving this one. The energy of this month’s new moon is asking you to keep the faith and have hope. Things are gonna get real, real soon! As with any new moon, it’s a time for beginnings and endings. Ending what no longer serves you and start afresh.

What’s the energy this month?

The energy is definitely positive (and you should take action on your dreams and goals) but there is also the possibility of deep and intense experiences. These can go either way depending on how you react. Watch your tongue this month. Don’t act from your emotions if they are negative or in anger. On the flip side of that, the intense and deep energies can go well if you come from a place of love and compassion.

You will discover you have more power over your own life and your dreams and goals, and the result of this will be nothing but good! Take back control and power over your life during this time. Remember your “why” and who you are and then let magical things happen in your life.

In the name of love and money.

When we give from the heart and focus on benevolence, good things happen. Not only for you, but the world around you. The world is always in need of more healers, helpers and lovers. Have you been thinking lately of doing more volunteering or donating? Have you always wanted to give generously but haven’t been doing so lately? This new moon energy encourages you to do just that.

When we give from the heart, without expectations, the whole world opens up for us,in the name of love and money. Good things happen to all parties involved! Is there a favourite charity you have that maybe you used to give to but for some reason stopped? They still need you. Now is the time to give, even if it’s only your time.

The new moon ritual.

I’m a ritual kinda gal and while that sounds sort of woowoo, it’s not. On the evening of the new moon, I like to sit quietly and reflect on the past month. I like to light candles and put on nice soft music. If you are fortunate enough to have lavender oil, simmer some of that. Turn off all your gadgets and sit in peace.

I will then write out my new moon wishes. I usually write 5. The top things I want to manifest in my life or at least see more progress in. Is it love you are looking for or maybe a new job? Perhaps you are looking for a promotion or better health. Write out your wishes now. Write them with deep meaning and belief that they are well on their way. You want to feel like they are coming. Like it’s a given.

I like to take this paper and put it under my mattress by my pillow for the full month. Just before the next new moon, I will retrieve it, read it and then burn it with blessings of love and thanx.

The new moon energy is high during the first two weeks. Feel your intentions in your heart and soul with love in this time.

And then watch change happen for you. Be positive, have faith and give unconditionally. Your whole world will explode!

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Peace and Love



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