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New Moon In Aries: Time for Much Needed Change.

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Before we talk about the new moon, take comfort in knowing that Mercury Retrograde is finally coming to an end (and the crowd cheers!). Thank Christ, right? Holy cow this one kicked my butt hard. As the new moon energies start on the 16th of this month Merc finally takes off on the 15th. See ya later. Hope you choke on Saturn’s rings on your way out the door.


So let’s get on with the good stuff! The new moon is in the Aries sign this month and if you know anything about this sign, they are rams. Grab the horns and let’s go. Push ahead! Fiercely and courageously.

Just let it go.

Oh you know what I’m talking about here. The crap that no longer serves you. Job, relationship, so called friends. Whatever it is, whoever they are, it’s time to let that go. Merc is gone and we have powerful energies now nudging us, quite forcefully, kinda like a ram, saying “hey, you need to let go of that”!

Do it. No matter how hard it is. Nothing worthwhile comes easy or without a little bit of pain. This new moon is asking you to make room for the good stuff! It’s time to make some serious changes in your life and ironically, you’ve probably been thinking about them for awhile now anyway.

Stop thinking, start doing.

Yup that’s easier said than done, but aren’t you ready for more positive things to come into your life? You know, the things you’ve been dreaming of for awhile now.? Those things. You need to make room for them.

Oh but wait, if you keep thinking it’s too scary and you don’t think you can have it, get it, be it etc, then it might be time to shift your way of thinking. Start telling yourself that no matter how scary this is gonna be, you’re gonna be able to handle it, no matter what.

Because you will be able to and you can do this. You got the fiery aries sign behind you!

Ritual anyone?

There are a few things I do every new moon. I’ll share my rituals with you and you can try them or modify them or ignore them. Up to you! I find that when I put emotions and energies behind my intentions, they stand a better chance of coming to fruition.

  • light candles, put on soft music
  • get out my journal and write out 5 wishes
  • read each one back and really feel what it would be like to have _____ now.

The energies of the new moon are in full effect during the first two weeks. They last 4 weeks (up until the next new moon) but you want to take advantage of them when they are strongest.

You got a lot going for you during this time. Be brave and know that whatever changes need to be made, whatever things/people need to be let go of, don’t be afraid to do them. If not now, then when?

Your life is on the other side of your comfort zone.

Geezus Merc’ what were you thinking this time?

Peace and Love


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  1. Yup, this retrograde was a first class BITCH! For some reason I though it would be the perfect time to launch my new website. Cue catastrophe. I even broke my website and had it down for 36 hours!!
    Phew ! Thank Goodness that is all done and dusted. I love a good ritual. thanks for the inspiration.

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