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5 of the Best Personal Development Gurus You Should Follow in 2018

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4 years ago when I was starting out on my personal growth journey I sought out a lot of gurus who would help me bust away from the bullshit life I was living and help me learn to deal with my past and look forward to a brand new and better future. I was clueless and desperately needed help. These are the most influential people in the personal development world still to this day. If you are feeling stuck or full of anxiety check out these personal development gurus for guidance and help.

As I was trying to find myself I realized that my friends and family, though they all meant well, couldn’t do anything for me but love me. I appreciated their love and support but what I needed was guidance and growth tools. I followed personal development pages and then later moved on to YouTube videos. It was in the YouTube videos that I found the most support and inspiration. I would play some of them over and over and over again. Just to hear their voice and listen to their powerful words.

I did what I had to do to get out of the funk I was in. And it worked.

Here I share with you now my top 5 personal development gurus in hopes that they just might be able to help you too. If you are already following them, stick to it! One day it will all come together for you and your life will unfold as it should.

Here, in my opinion, is the top 5 Personal Development Gurus you should follow this year.

#1 Les Brown

I love Les Brown with everything that I am. He helped me the most out of everyone (and he doesn’t even know it)! His words spoke loud and clear to me all day long. I turned on his videos every morning while I was getting ready to go to a job I despised. He fired me up and gave me hope. Hope that there is more for me and I can be all that I am. He inspired me to believe in myself like I never have before. And it worked.

#2 Tony Robbins

Love him or hate him, he’s the bomb!! He turned on switches in my brain that had been on off for far too long. He helped me to find the power in myself that I can be unstoppable and that my life, and all that is in it, matters. He helped me to discover my purpose and passion and to go live it and be it. Though his methods and his aggressive nature aren’t for everyone they certainly got this girl out of her funk.

#3 Abraham-Hicks

Another YouTuber I could listen to all day. When I first tried to listen to Ester quite a few years back I just couldn’t get into her. When the student is ready, the teacher will appear. I rediscovered A-H 4 years ago and completely immersed myself in her words, rampages and meditations. She helped me to understand that all I needed was already inside of me. All I had to do was get out of my own way. When I finally learned to do that, my whole world changed.

#4 Rhonda Byrne

I read all her books a million times over. At first I actually held a slight jealousy and resentment to her. Who are you pretty blonde woman who is writing books on being a gazillionaire when you don’t even understand struggle. But she did, and she got me and when I finally put my jealousy aside, I bought the books, all of them, and became empowered beyond belief. Things in my life made more sense to me. Read her books. Trust me on this one.

#5 Gina Sendef

Though many of you probably have never heard of her as opposed to the other top names on the list, she’s my go to girl when I need to work through yucky emotions. She’s the only girl I can go to. She’s honest, caring, loving and supportive. Gina is more of an Angel Intuitive than a personal development guru but for me, they go hand in hand. She helps me with loving and caring for myself and believing that better things can and will happen for me. Salt of the earth, she’s my favourite girl these days. I see big and great things for her ahead. I really do.

Do you have any favourites that aren’t on my list? Share them with the other readers.

Peace and Love


(this post contains affiliate links so if you make a purchase I make a small commission but the best part of that is the more I make, the more hungry bellies I can feed here in Guatemala-win win!!)


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