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The SUPER Full Moon in January Has a Powerful Message For You!

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Oh yay!! Another full moon that happens to show up January 1st and, colour me happy, it’s a SUPER full moon!! You guys know I love the full moon. I love the energy of them but I especially love to just sit or lay somewhere and take in all the full moon’s glory. It never ceases to amaze me. So what does this moon have to tell us? It is telling us that there is a massive shift happening but it starts with you.

Are you ready?

Full Moon in Cancer.

This SUPER full moon happens to fall in the watery sign of Cancer. Now if you know anything about Cancers you will know these peeps are emotional and sensitive, intuitive and sentimental. So what does all that mean for you? Well if you happen to be a Cancer, expect all your senses to heighten to the nth degree! If you’re not a Cancer you just may end up feeling most of those emotions. It’s not enough that the full moon makes us feel all those anyway, but now it’s multiplied a bajillion times. Thanx SUPER full moon!

I’m already starting to feel these things. Today (Saturday) I was an emotional wreck, with a migraine, crying for no reason. Yup, thanx moon! Are you feeling a little off these days too? You’re not alone.

What to expect.

Besides being an emotional basketcase, you should expect to feel like you suddenly need to cleanse. Not cleanse like have a shower, though you can anyway, but cleanse in washing away old wounds, cleansing your soul, cleansing negative feelings and emotions and replacing them with positive ones. “Lord wash away my iniquities, cleanse me from….” ah ok, too much?

Out with the old, in with the new, right?

Oh but wait, is it not absolutely fantastic that this SUPER full moon happens to fall on New Year’s Day which is the day most of us do the check and chuck anyway? How great is that?

So not only are you gonna be cleansing your soul, and your body for those that decided to have that shower anyway, you’re gonna be making plans, resolutions if you will, and they will have great impact! Why? Well because that’s what the moon does. It powerfully shifts and impacts any intentions you set out.

What’s not to love about this whole thing?

Are you ready?

Well, ready, how Iva, what do you mean? I mean are you ready for clearing out the old, dealing with your emotions and setting intentions for the new? Ready for all that life changing stuff. Are you?

If not, no worries, let’s get you ready now. Here are a few simple things you can do to prepare yourself for this massive shift and all the goodness this full moon has in store for you.

  1. Get out your journal and write out all the things that need to GO! Everything that no longer serves you. While you’re at it, write out all the things you want! Write it out from your heart. Write it out with all the passion you can muster up!
  2. Take in the moonlight. Go and sit somewhere you can be and take in all the moon’s light. Feel it, embrace it, love it.
  3. Cry. You’re probably gonna do that anyway so I didn’t really need to tell you to do that but if you’re one of those people who like to hold back your tears, now is not the time to do that. Let it out!
  4. Clear out any clutter you have in your house and clean stuff and areas that you have neglected for a long time (ie inside the fridge, the stove, behind shelves, stuff like that). Cleanse cleanse and cleanse more! Clear out dirt and toxic energy. Make room for new!!! Yippee!!!
  5. Honour yourself. Take time to be alone with nature in the days following the full moon. Love your alone time, be still and present, listen to soft meditative music, enjoy some solitude and reflect on the past year. Take your lessons from it, learn them and move forward with a new found hope and love for all that is coming to you.

Personally, I think what makes this SUPER full moon even more special is the fact that it does land on one of the most prominent days of the year, the 1st of January. Use it to your advantage. Don’t let this one slide by. It’s far more important and powerful than you think.

Someone pass the bleach, I got some cleaning to do!

Peace and Love



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