4 Easy Ways to Boost Your Self Confidence After Divorce.

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For many of us, after a divorce or a separation, the first thing to go is our self confidence. How did we fail, why is this happening to us, what went wrong? Yup! Our self confidence takes a big hit. This is a great piece from guest writer Martha Bodyfelt on life after divorce. So, […]

Finding Joy During a Painful Divorce. It’s Easier Than You Think

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Everyday seems like a struggle during divorce. Learning how to reinvent ourselves, establish our independence again, and figure out what we want during this next chapter of our lives is a bit overwhelming. Oftentimes, we may forget to see all the wonderful things that await us. Looking for or even finding joy in the middle of a divorce seems impossible, but it’s not So often, we get so bogged down with the stress, overwhelm, and emotional roller-coaster that is the end of a marriage that we forget about all the things that we have going for us. But learning to find joy in your life, especially while navigating or recovering from divorce, is an incredible gift that you can give to yourself. And it can be easier than ever when you ask yourself the following. Finding joy and amazing things are right under your nose We have this unfair expectation that only huge milestones in our lives are worth celebrating. But what about the day-in/day-out struggles that we endure, especially as we grow older? We don’t give ourselves enough credit for the things we have accomplished, especially as we learn to move on after divorce. Every day that you take control of your life, every day that you learn a little more about managing money and re-entering the workforce, every day that you get a little bit stronger and take care of yourself and put yourself first and realize that you are worthy of getting your confidence back and reclaiming your life is something you should celebrate. So, what things will you start to celebrate? I’ve listed a couple of my own! -I choose to celebrate that I am no longer in a relationship that was unhealthy for me. -I will celebrate that I am a survivor. I got through this, and now I […]