There Are 4 Levels of Intuition. Which One Do You Have?

Oooh this was a total mind scramble. I loved this quiz. I consider myself to be highly intuitive but so often I just keep it to myself and not share things I feel, see or think are going to happen. Intuition is that gut instinct, that little poke in our belly that tells us something. So many of us ignore it and others don’t quiet their mind enough to actually listen to it to see what it’s telling us.

My intuition is…

According to this great test, I am Level 4: Connection to Universal Wisdom. You have the connection to the universal wisdom! This type of of intuition is rare, profound and in high demand in this crazy age! It’s often activated during deep meditation or advanced awareness practices but for you it comes naturally. It’s the highest level of intuition that humans can reach while in physical form and allows us to access the realm of all things and to become consciously aware of our connection to and ability to create. This means that when you truly want or need something, you easily attract it to yourself. You know better than the rest of us on a deep intuitive level that we all have the power within us to change and heal our lives if we so choose!

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What level of intuition are you?

To be honest, I was slightly disappointed that the quiz didn’t tell me what the other levels were. The only way I’m going to find out now is if you drop your results in the comments section below. Share your results so we all know what the 4 levels are!

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4 Things You Are Doing That Are Intimidating to People.

Do you ever wonder why some people gravitate towards you and others seem to repel? You’re left scratching your head wondering what the heck you did wrong. Could I possibly be intimidating people? Yup. You sure can be. But what did you do? What did you miss?

But all you said was.……

What the heck did I say wrong?

Well, in all honesty, and in my opinion, I think what you said is only about 50% of the problem. The remaining issues lie in these 4 things. If you are doing any of them, well, cut it out, er or wait…Keep it up!

4 Reasons you are intimidating to others

#1. Standing Tall

You walk around with your head held high but not like some ‘stuck up chick held high more’ like a super self confidence high. Your shoulders are back, your walk is one of complete pride and self confidence. People will judge you and snub their nose at you but they do this in fear. Some people are really afraid and intimidated by super self confident people. You also have no problem standing up for what you believe in. You won’t back down and agree with everyone just to be part of the crowd. Nope, you’re no follower.

#2. Talk with assuredness

Aka, confidence (I know, there’s that word again). You look directly in their eyes while speak to them and you know exactly what you’re talking about. You have a unique assertiveness in your tone and your demeanor. You can hold up your end of a good conversation. An outsider looking in will be afraid of you. They may even think you are too smart for them. Yup.

#3. You are yourself

You dress the way you want, wear your hair the way you want, do things how you want and pretty much are just a free spirited free bird. Funny thing is, that actually scares people. I know I don’t get it either. When we live outside of the box or the “norm” people will stare and point fingers and maybe even gasp. Let ’em. Many of us are afraid of what we don’t understand and we are also slightly afraid, or should I say borderline jealous, of people who don’t conform. Oh how we’d all like to be like them.

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Are you scaring people away?

#4. You are successful

Not everyone is going to admire you for that. Not everyone is going to think you’re awesome because of that. There are going to be the few select that will snub you because they feel inferior or jealous (ha! there’s that word again) and quite honestly, will be afraid of you. Successful people, still to this day, kinda freak me out. Even I feel a little intimidated by the super successful person. I still think they must be smarter than me and *how can I carry on a conversation with them and what on earth would I talk about with this person and oh dear I better just stay away*. Yup. I still think like that at times.

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Are you scaring people away?

Now of course, if you know me, you will know that I am going to tell you to NOT stop doing any of these things just because you are scaring people away. By all means, keep being the confident, assertive amazing person that you are. Keep being you. You did whatever it took to get you to where you are now. Kudos!

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An ultimate self improvement guide

And then of course, you will find your tribe. You will. The right people, your tribe people, will love you and appreciate you for you. They won’t be scared of you at all. You’ll just be one of them. A tribe peep. Stay close to them.

Those are the ones who count.

“Wait, don’t run away, I’m a fun person, honest I am.”

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Peace and Love



Don’t Miss Out on the Energy From the March 2018 New Moon.

The new moon of March 2018 happened on the 17th of this month. I felt the energy like none I’ve ever felt before. I had an emotional dump a couple of days before it happened. I knew something was in the air. I felt it hard! Now if you know me at all, and follow my blogs, you already know I love the moons, full and new and the powerful energy that comes with them.

I set my calendars to these monumental events. Why? Because they impact me in such a way that I would be a fool to miss them. But you’re probably thinking, ok Iva, the new moon was last night, I missed it and all the wonderful energy it brought with it..

Wrong! I used to think like this too. Then I started digging a little deeper and researching and learning as much as I could about the moons and the energy they give us. I got good news for you!! Did you know you can still take in all the new moon’s energy for up to two weeks after it happens?


So what does this energy mean?

So what’s the big deal and why should you care? Lemme tell ya.

This month’s new moon is in Pisces which may not mean anything to you but listen up. Without getting too astrological on you, this means old wounds will surface so you can view them again. They come up for that exact reason. You aren’t done dealing with them and you need to!

It means it’s time to dig deep, real deep, into past conflicts, old hurts, things that are still weighing down on you and give them a fresh perspective. One of love, forgiveness and release. You already know holding on to all that old crap is no good for you anyway. Get rid of all this toxic energy, asap. Do what you gotta do but for the love of God and all things holy, dump it.

What now?

Forge ahead!! Now that you’ve dumped all this toxic energy (you did do that, right?) it’s time to look ahead into the future. I’m not big on planning because things change in a blink of an eye but I do “surface” plan which means, I have an idea and I should probably look at ways of implementing it because I think it’s a good idea!

You’ve got rid of the old and now it’s time to make room for the new. What do you want? What kinds of things do you want in your life? Do you already have an idea or dream that you let sit on the back-burner but didn’t bring to the light because you were too bogged down with yesterday’s crap?

Release it now!! Your dream, goal, plan and/or idea. You have two weeks under this new moon energy to start making progress on this. Get at it!

But wait, there’s more to this energy!!

Mercury Retrograde is gonna be rearing it’s head during this time. Did you just groan? I feel ya. I remember a time when I used to be terrified of Mercury Retrograde. Not anymore. Bring it! Mercury is a blessing for me. It teaches me things like patience and strengthens my sense of humour.

During this time, while you’re dumping and planning, things might not go the way you want it to. Don’t fret. That’s good ole’ Merc throwing curve balls at you. Take a deep breath and laugh it off. I’ve learned to do this now with this energy.

Remember, everything is temporary, even your troubles.

Get cracking!

You got two weeks to take in this energy and get stuff done. Stop wasting your time wallowing over yesterday’s hurts and frustrations. Acknowledge them, bless them, deal with them and move on. You are here for so much greatness! Embrace the awesomeness in you and move ahead.

Have something big you want to manifest? Write it out! On the night of the new moon, I like to write out my wishes, usually 5 or so, and meditate on them. You still have time to do this. Write them out, feel them, release them and allow them to show up for you!

Ah isn’t all this energy stuff fantastic?

“I wonder what time Johnny Depp will arrive?”

Peace and Love



How to Listen to Your Intuition and Why it’s So Important!

That. You know what “that” is. You feel it more and more these days. In the beginning you just felt it a little. Then as the days came and went, you felt it more and more. Now it’s so strong, well, you simply can’t ignore it. You know what “that” is. Your intuition. You know it. But…..

…you ignored it.

There It Is Again!

Another day arrives and there’s that feeling again. You keep pushing it away though. That feeling. You try to explain it, try to make sense of it, but no one understands it. No one but you. It comes back more often these days. When you first had that feeling, that intuition, it was almost fleeting, a little spark, a flicker of excitement. Now when it arrives, it’s fierce, strong and not to be ignored. But…..

….you did and you do.

There it is again and again and again. Do you know why it keeps coming back, and now, more often than ever before? Do you know why it keeps visiting you and seemingly taunting you? Do you understand what that feeling really truly is?

Your intuition is your soul’s longing.

Yet we keep ignoring our intuition. We ignore that feeling that is our signal, our wake up call, to who we are and why we are here. Short of it being able to scream at you or smack you upside the head, this feeling, your intuition, is your alert.

But we keep ignoring it. Why?

We are all here for a reason. It’s not just to be born, grow up, get a job, pay bills, and die. We are here for FAR FAR more than that. FAR more. Someone invented electricity, someone invented cars, someone invited airplanes, someone invented computers, someone started global charitable organizations. Do you see? These people had a passion and a purpose and they dove right in, embraced it and brought it to life. Some, larger than life.

Why not you?

Oh wait. You keep thinking you can’t. You’re not good enough, smart enough, rich enough, enough enough. You just keep putting out your fire, your spark, because you keep thinking you can’t. You keep thinking you aren’t big enough or special enough to do what your heart is calling you to do.

We think that these dreams, passions, purposes, well they’re for the bigger guys, the smarter guys, certainly not us.

Why not you? Who said you can’t?  Why can’t you be the one? No really, why not? Give me one good reason why you can’t. Know one thing and never forget it. When you want something bad enough, when that fire is burning inside of you SO bad, when you feel that passion and desire with every single ounce of who you are and what you are made up of, nothing and I mean absolutely  nothing will stand in your way.

Do you get that? Do you understand that? NOTHING!

Get out of your way.

YOU are the only person standing in your way. YOU are the one denying yourself of the life you deserve to live. YOU are the one who is responsible for your life and responsible for all the decisions you make. Yes you. If you aren’t, then something in your life needs to change and that something is you. Why are you letting someone else control your life?

YOU are the captain of your ship, and the way your ship is going, whatever direction it is sailing, is because of you. But you keep steering it in the wrong direction. You are bringing it safely to calm water, closer to shore. It’s safer there.

You won’t get another chance.

This is it. This is your life, live, right now. Why are you stopping yourself from living the life you really truly passionately and desperately want to live? Why? You don’t get a second chance. You know that right? Do you want to be 75 or 80 or 90 with a sad face and be disappointed because you knew with all your heart when you were younger you could have made a difference and you didn’t and now it’s too late?

Do you get that? Make a difference today. Live your purpose and your passion. Change the world. Do it.

Let’s celebrate the new you with a glass of red!

Peace and Love


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