5 Truths That Will Change the Way You Think About Life

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Life is a funny thing isn’t it. I mean not funny ha ha but funny hmmmm. We’re stuck in a belly for approximately 9 months, we’re born, we go through this labyrinth for an undetermined time and then poof, we’re gone.

So what is life and what is it that we are forgetting about life? In my time here on planet earth I have learned 5 truths about life that I think you need to know.

You know what else is interesting about this life thing? The rules and regulations that everyone thinks they need to follow. Well, I mean besides the obvious ones:

We drift through life almost with blinders on and we forgot some certain key parts about life. Somewhere between teenage years and now, we forgot some seriously important stuff.

We know what it is. These truths aren’t a secret. We’ve always known them but the problem is we’ve forgotten them. Didn’t give them as much thought as they deserved.

what is life-5 truths about life

What is life?….5 truths about it

Everything is temporary

Yup. Even life. Now that’s really important for two reasons.

  1. You shouldn’t take things too seriously because tomorrow it won’t matter anymore, and
  2. Stop messing around and start living. You don’t know when your number is gonna be called.

We spend too much time, or wait, waste too much time worrying about stuff that doesn’t matter and never will and we don’t spend enough time doing the really important things: laughing, loving, living and enjoying life.

Everything is temporary…chill out.

You should be kind more often

I mean it. We aren’t as kind as we should be, we could be, and need to be. The world is in desperate need of healers, helpers and lovers. The world has much hate and anger and the only way to cure that is with love. What is life or should I say, how horrible will life be if we are all mean.

Be kind to your neighbour (yes even the jerk), be kind to the homeless person, teach your children kindness, hell teach your grandma kindness if you have to. Spread more love, less hate.

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You’re not stuck

Ever, anywhere. You’re not a tree. If you are in a relationship or job that you absolutely dislike and is not serving your higher good, do whatever you have to do to get out of it.

Start looking into leaving, moving, getting a better job, improving necessary skills to change careers….whatever. Do it. What is life if you’re just gonna sit and stagnate? That’s not living.

Stop rhyming off excuses as to why you can’t leave, move, change or whatever. Hundreds of thousands and even quite possibly millions of people have probably been exactly where you are and changed their life for the better.

You CAN do it. You’re not stuck.

Things change in a split second

Yup, that fast. You could go into work today and your boss will tell you the business is closing. You could get a call from your kids school saying he got into an accident or, worse yet, the school was attacked by a shooter (just typing that out rips my heart as I can’t believe this happens in the world :( ) You can fall and break your leg.

I mean, my God, you get what I mean. At a moment’s notice, your whole life can turn upside down. BE GRATEFUL every damn day and don’t take life for granted.

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People are people and we’re all in this together

Treat people nicely. We all have stories, some good, some bad, some horrible. Don’t judge. We all breathe the same air and look at the same moon and stars.

The guy you snubbed on the street yesterday could be the guy who will help you change your flat tire tomorrow.

We all have struggles, we all have sorrows, we all have a little imperfection in us but we all have good in us. We do. Look for the good and treat people like you want to be treated.

We’re all in this labyrinth together and we’re all just trying to find our way out the best way we can.

Chill out.

Yes at times we have to take life kinda seriously but not so seriously that we actually forget that we are here to LIVE, not just exist.

What is life all about? Having fun and living to the fullest.

Go do fun stuff, talk to more people,  take more risks, be more adventurous, smile more, laugh more and love more.

Who wants to go ziplining?

Peace and Love


5 truths about life that will change the way you live


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