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Word Test. What 3 Words Best Describe You?

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I wonder if I was to ask my friends what 3 words best describe me what they would say. We all have our own words to describe ourselves and sadly enough, not many of them are nice.

I know my faults, I ain’t stupid but I would like to think that my positive traits make up for my weak ones. This was a fun word test that didn’t fail to deliver accurate results.

If you had to ask your friends, what 3 words do you think they would use to describe you? Though my 3 words are accurate, I wonder if my friends would have chosen the same ones.

I find that when we ask others to describe us, the results are rather interesting and they tell you things, good things, about you that you normally wouldn’t have thought of yourself.

That’s just my opinion though.

I remember once years ago someone told me I was intimidating to me because I am so self confident and assertive. That really shocked me to think I intimidate people, especially men. It really made me stop to wonder how many more people think that of me. Interesting, to say the least.


Word Test


I loved taking this word test!! The images were fun and the questions were too!! According to the quiz I am


Humble, Kind and Loyal.

You are Humble and Loyal.
You are sweet and very honest. You are dependable and very supportive. People look to you when they need help. You are sweet and smart, and mildly introverted.

Honestly, I think that sums me up quite nicely. I’m definitely all those though I would have thought this fun word test (though it’s not really a word test but more of an image test) would have picked up on other words. Either way, it’s spot on.


Your Turn.


What 3 words best describes you? Take this fun word test and drop your answers below. We want to know! I’m curious to see what the other results were! If you liked this quiz, you might also like this one!



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