Yes you can:

Live the life of your dreams.

Yes you can:

Embrace change and be bold and badass.

Yes you can:

Finally love and respect yourself.

Yes you can:

Have all that and then some.

Finally, a simple to understand and easy to use program that will change your life!


My story!

I spent hours, weeks, months and way too much money on coaches and programs to help me as I was going through my nightmarish life. I was beaten and broken. I needed someone, anyone to fix my pieces and put me back together again. I desperately wanted to be loved and happy. After wasting money on therapists and “life coaches”, I took life, and all my problems into my own hands and helped myself!

Nobody understood me! They didn’t get MY problems. I was frustrated and fed up and I had had enough.

Enough of living my life in self pity and sorrow.

Enough of the shit life I was living.

Enough of going nowhere fast.

Enough of being perpetually broke and scared for my future.

I knew I had to get a grip and start working on myself or else I was going to end up in a vortex of misery and sorrow, and neither interested me enough to stay there forever.

I was flat broke, working at a job I despised, living in an apartment  I could barely afford,  and constantly wondering:

  • how was I going to pay my bills
  • when will I ever find love or be in love again
  • when will I ever be happy, truly happy
  • will I ever be able to live out my dream life

Something had to change,

and that something was my attitude and my life. And so began the self discovery journey and the healing process.

I had recently declared bankruptcy (for the second time) I had just left my relationship, I had no belongings, no job, no money. I literally had only the clothes on my back and my car. That’s it that’s all. I was scared shitless and worried, desperately worried about what the hell I was gonna do. I had no clue, no plans, no ideas, nudda, zippo, zilch.

All I had was fierce determination, a desire to change my life and faith. 

I soon realized that that was all I needed. Determination, faith and a desire to change my life.

If you have those three things, then you ARE READY for this program!!

September 25th

This is the launch date (and also happens to be my birthday!) and I’m deliriously excited about it. I have been working on this program for months now and I can’t wait to bring it to you.


I am giving away 10, yes 10 and only 10 for free! Click the subscribe now button, sign up to my monthlies, shoot me off an email and tell ME why you think YOU should be 1 of 10 to win a free one. That’s it, that’s all. Easy peasy!

More information will be flooding the airwaves soon as we get a wee bit closer to launch date.

(Oh this is gonna be good!!)


More than half of the proceeds of the sale from this program will go into the community here in Guatemala to put food in hungry bellies and give them hope, love and care! Yup, this program isn’t just about you and me, it’s about them too.

So, don’t wait. Go ahead and click the sign up button,  become part of the Amazing Me Tribe, get ready to change your life and help me change the world, one person at a time.

(Oh, yes, this is gonna be so good!!)

xo iva xo