To All the Mothers Who Don’t Deserve to Be Honored.

So another Mother’s Day is here. I’m a mom. My son loves me to the moon and back. He’s a good kid but he’s also really good at forgetting Mother’s Day. He doesn’t do it on purpose. “Mom, why do you need one special day to honor you? I love you every day.” Well, I get that and it makes sense. But……

We don’t all have great mothers. We don’t all have mothers who we want to honor on any given day, especially not on Mother’s Day.

…and then there’s my mom.

My mom?

Well, she certainly wasn’t the Spawn of Satan but there were many many times during my life I was sure her and the Devil did exchange notes and shake hands.

There was that one time she let my dad beat me in front of company ( a Church minister and his wife) and she did nothing to stop him (nobody did). Actually any time my dad beat me she never stopped him. She usually just left the room or stood by and watched.

And then there’s that time she beat me so bad I think she may have even hurt her own fists which is why she stopped. I was 11 yrs old that time.

Oh and then there was that time she banned me from going onto their property because I finally decided to move the fuck out and move in with my boyfriend at 18 and she called me a whore (a name she called me quite often actually) and told me to leave.

But the one time I will NEVER forget for as long as I live was when she beat my older sister and tied her to the bed so she wouldn’t *escape* and told me not to untie her. I was 13 yrs old and absolutely fucking horrified.

The beatings I’ve forgiven her for. She didn’t know any better. Or did she? Doesn’t really matter now.

She was always very angry and always treating my dad so poorly. Mind you at that time, even though I felt he deserved every foul insult she spewed at him, I still kinda felt bad for him. Oh she was mean and angry and almost borderline hateful.

But wait…

Was she all bad? Well, I didn’t see a nicer side of her until we all grew up, got married (and then divorced) and had kids of our own. Suddenly she became Mary fucking Poppins. Was that her redemption? I don’t know. Did she one day just wake up after we were all grown and gone and shout *a-ha* I can be a nice lady!!

I’m not really sure what happened to her but she became nice. She became the mother that anyone really would have wanted. Loving, caring, supportive. Was it too late? Not for me it wasn’t. I’ll take it. Besides, she owed it to me.

Fast forward

I think my mom did her best to be a good person. I also think my mom had two lives. The evil one behind closed doors and then the Church going one. Yup, she actually was heavily involved in the Church. Lay Minister, Church Choir, etc. Oh how she loved the Church and God.

I dunno I still don’t get it….

But anyway, the last 10 years my mom has been rotting away in a nursing home waiting to die. She’s in the final stages of Alzheimers and we all just pray for her death. Like, enough already. Just take her for fuck sakes.

Karma? Honestly, I think so.

So what’s this day all about for the rest of us?

For those of us who don’t really honor our moms, what’s it all for? For me, it’s about being a good mom to my son and it’s about thanking my mom for the life she’s given me.

I actually have a pretty sweet life. I’ve forgiven her and my dad and all the other mean people in my life who claimed to love me and hurt me anyway. I’ve forgiven you all.

Mother’s Day for me is being grateful to the person who brought me here, on earth, to live out the most amazing life ever. Thank you, I love you.

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Peace and Love


6 of the Most Common Dreams and What They Mean.

Ah, the dream. Who doesn’t love dreaming? Are you one of those people who remembers every single dream, and detail about it, or are you like me and forget most of them all the time? That makes me crazy ’cause I’m sure I have some pretty colourful and fun dreams, I just wish I could remember them. Many of us have common dreams and are unsure of their meanings.

Do you ever wonder what some of the symbols mean? I’m sure most of us want to know what the most common dream symbols are and what they mean. I know I do.

There was a time, actually, quite awhile ago, where I did have lots of dreams and I remembered most of them. Why I don’t any more still baffles me but whatever. This ain’t about me it’s about you and your dreams. Let’s have a look at some of the most common dreams and what they mean.

6 Common Dreams


The symbol of freedom. Weeeee!! This can be that you are finally feeling free and loving every minute of it OR that you are feeling trapped and suffocated and long to be free. It could mean that something has been tying you down for a very long time and you are eager to break free from it, or wish you could. Pay attention to this one.

Running or being chased.

This should almost be self explanatory really. There is something in real life that you desperately wish you could leave or run from and this could be a person, a place or a thing, like maybe your job or your boss, your mother in law or maybe even your spouse.

Teeth or teeth falling out

(spitting them out with or without blood).This could pertain to a loss of some sort in your life or a major life change. Their is a feeling of insecurity in some area of your life and it shows up in your dream of your teeth falling out. It could also mean out with the old and in with the new. So perhaps you are losing something but there is something better for you to replace the loss.


Whether it be off a high building or a high mountain, you are falling head first and feel like you are going to crash land, head first. Ouch. This dream means you feel like you have no support either through family or friends or loved ones. You feel insecure and almost helpless. This could be in a relationship or at work or in a family situation. You just feel lost and alone (btw, you won’t land on your head).

Dying or death.

Of course this one is very scary and often will wake us up immediately either crying or panicking. If you have this dream it could mean that you are afraid of losing someone close to you OR on the other hand, there is someone in your life who you wish would go away (this person could be causing you serious physical or emotional pain) Depending on what’s going on in your waking life, this dream could have very deep real meaning.

Trying to scream but you can’t.

I used to have this dream all the time. You’ve lost your voice. You have lots to say but you are too afraid to say it and this could be to a significant other, a family member, your boss or a friend. Something has been bothering you and something serious is on your mind but you don’t have the courage to come out with it. This dream could also mean that you don’t feel people listen to you or take you seriously when you do talk.

I recently had a dream about being late to a blab I had scheduled with Steven Aitchison. These kind of dreams, real life almost, are dreams of your sub conscious playing tricks with you and they aren’t fun. I remember waking up to this and immediately checking my clock. Phew, all good.

Are you a big dreamer? Do you have any of these common dreams? What kind of recurring dreams do you have? Share them in the comments section below.

Shhhhhhh I’m still sleeping….zzzzzz

Peace and Love


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8 Things I Really Don’t Give a F**k About (and neither should you)

I’m a pretty caring and loving kinda girl. Really I am. I care about people, a lot. I care about the environment and poverty and my hair. Yes, I care a lot about my hair. I care about a lot of things.

And my health. I try to stay pretty healthy. So you see there is lots I actually do care about. And then, there is the list of things that I really do not give a fuck about.

Why am I sharing this with you? Because maybe after you see my list, and if any of these things weren’t on your list before, maybe they might go on there in the future. Maybe when you see some of the things I don’t give a fuck about you will see that they are, in fact, senseless things that you shouldn’t give a fuck about either.

Or maybe I’m sharing this with you because to me, it’s important, and I like sharing things with you. The important things. Ok I’ll stop babbling now, without further ado…….

Things I don’t give a fuck about.

What you think about me.

Nope, don’t give a rat’s ass about that. I used to. It used to drive me nuts if I thought for one second someone didn’t like me. How could that be? How could you not like me? I get it now. I’m not everyone’s cup of tea.  I’m a bit of an in your face gushing sweetness and F bombs kinda girl and then I don’t know when to shut up sometimes so ya, I get how not everyone will like me. That’s cool. I don’t really care anymore. Like not at all.

The latest episode of Criminal Minds…

or whatever the fuck series you are watching on TV. As a matter of fact, I don’t really give a fuck about TV, ever. I haven’t owned a TV in a very long time. If there is anything I really want to watch (like UFC and Vikings) I find ways to watch them. Don’t talk to me about TV shows. I don’t give a fuck about any of them.

The price of things.

Gas prices are up or down, hydro is expensive, cigarettes cost more, taxes are increasing…oh good Lord, alright I get it.  Prices are going up. Enough about it already. Can you do anything about it? Probably not. I’m so tired of hearing about it. Do you have money to pay for gas? Yes wait you have a car, right? And you can pay for hydro, and everything else, right? I’m currently in a third world country where they don’t even have money for food. Shut up about your fucking gas prices. I don’t care.

About all your aches and pains.

Ok so that may sound really insensitive and I’m really sorry, but if you are one of those people who are always complaining about your latest pain, ya I don’t give a fuck about it any more and stop talking about it. It’s annoying and boring. Shut up about your knee and your elbow and your big toe. Good grief. Honestly, no one wants to hear about it any more. (I’ll speak for the masses here, you’re welcome) People honestly and truly don’t want to hear other people’s complaints. They don’t. There, I said it.

If I die tomorrow.

I don’t care when I die, really, because every day I live my life to the absolute fullest. I don’t give a fuck if I die tomorrow and anyway, apparently the afterlife is soooooo super cool. Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t really wanna die tomorrow because I’m kinda really lovin’ life in Guatemala but if by some chance, well….it’s ok. I’m cool with it. (not like I have much choice any way)

Don’t talk to me about the presidential election.

Because I REALLY don’t give a fuck about that, ever, at all. Or any election for that matter. If Donald Trump can run for US president then there is a bigger problem and I don’t give a fuck about that either. I’m not American, I’m kinda Canadian, I’m mostly Earthian (ha I just made that up but it’s kinda cool) The world will go about the way it wants to with whatever the leaders have up their sleeves and there isn’t a single solitary thing any of us can do about it, ever. (I may get slammed for this one)

How hard done by you’ve been. 

Oh trust me, I so get this one. I listened to myself cry the blues about my shit life for fucking years. Everybody did me wrong. My boyfriends, my parents, my family, you name it, everybody did me wrong. It was a nightmare. And I went on and on about it for years. My poor friends!!!! Why the fuck didn’t they tell me to shut the fuck up already?? Man, how dreadful it must have been for them to listen to me. To all my friends now, I’m sorry. If you’re one of those people who goes on and on and on….just stop. Please.

What’s everybody else doing?

I don’t give a fuck what they are doing. Is Jane having an affair behind Tom’s back? Did you know that Sally drinks too much and she’s on antidepressants? You know what? I don’t give a fuck. It’s none of my business and I could not care less about anyone else’s private life. You wanna know what I care about? Spreading love, smiles and helping people as much as I can.

As you can see, some of the things on my list are negative. There’s a bit of a pattern there. I don’t care about negative things. I was surrounded by negative things all my life. I don’t give a fuck about negative things any more. I try to fill my life with only positive things now.

Love, laughter, kindness and sunshine.

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Peace and Love


Chocolate! Here Are 5 Fun Reasons You Should Eat it Daily

I could probably think of a million reasons to eat chocolate but they are all mostly going to say this : “just because”! I am a confirmed chocolaholic. There, I said it. I have to eat it every day. Have to. It’s mandatory. If there is one day I actually don’t get any for whatever stupid fucked up reason, stay the hell away from me.

Really. I have compiled a teeny list, however, of my reasons why you should eat more of it. Like everyday if it’s possible (it’s always possible)

All kidding aside and before I go on, I get that chocolate isn’t everyone’s thing. People look at me like I have 3 heads when I tell them I don’t eat shrimp or drink wine. We’re even.  So why should we eat it anyway?

5 fun reasons to eat more chocolate

Comfort food.

Try and heal a broken heart with broccoli. I dare ya. Face it, when you’re sad, you want junk food, plain and simple. You want chocolate” and cake and chips and pop, and maybe even a margarita? You don’t want fucking broccoli. Who reaches for leafy greens when they are crying a river of heartbroken tears? Right?

It goes with everything.

Absolutely everything. You can’t dip everything into, let’s say, mustard. Gross. Chocolate goes with sweet stuff and salty stuff. Any girl who is pms’ing knows that shit is real!!! It goes with everything. Yum. I remember the first time I saw chocolate covered red licorice. Are you kidding me? Hello!!! And chocolate covered Rice Krispie squares?? Oh sweet geezus. I want to sleep in a bed of those.

It really is good for you.

Like emotionally. When you are sad, chocolate really does make you happy (unless you’re Satan).  Ironically enough, studies have been done (why wasn’t I in the chocolate study dammit?) and they concluded that it really can cheer you up and make you happy. For those who aren’t into meditating to calm frazzled nerves, and for those who don’t drink alcohol, this should be your go to happy source. It works.

Better than roses.

You heard me. Not all girls want flowers and diamonds. Ok flowers are cool but you can’t really eat them, they die in like a day and they cost way more than goodness. Bring us some chocolate and you’ll have us eating out of the palm of your hand (pardon the pun) for a long long time. Just bring it to us and if we’re mad, just throw it at us. We don’t care how we get it. Really.

Apparently it’s healthy for you too.

Some studies said that the flavonoids are good to help with heart health, lower your cholesterol level, helps liver function (wtf?) and some other stuff that I’m not so sure I believe. You tell me it’s good for me, I’m eating more of it. Plain and simple.

Have you had your chocolate yet today?

I get that not everyone can eat it either. I’m sorry for you. I hope you can find a suitable alternative. All I know is that I need it daily. Another reason that I discovered awhile back was that many people who suffer headaches can alleviate the pain by eating some. Not everyone drinks coffee or tea and chocolate has a good healthy amount of caffeine to help make your headache go away.

Another win win if you ask me.

Oh and one more reason. Saving the best for last, if you are into pouring yummy things on your lover’s body, well, nothing beats the warm, sweet and gooey goodness. Did you just gasp? Lighten up. Try it. It’s amazing.

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