How the Homeless Just Want Kindness.

You see them on the street corners, at intersections, in parking lots, in front of grocery stores and banks. They look scary, rough and dirty. You’re afraid of getting too close to them because you are pretty sure they are riddled with some sort of contagious disease that you are absolutely not in the least bit interested in catching. They are the homeless.

They have signs that, for the most part, are written out illegibly. Some just have old Styrofoam coffee cups placed in front of them. Others have their guitar cases laid out on the sidewalk while they desperately try to catch your attention with an old Neil Young tune.

The homeless.

The street people. The drug addicts and the drunks.

You walk by pretending not to see them. You secretly wish they would just go away. They disgust you and, quite frankly, you are totally appalled by their appearance and their constant begging.

“Good grief. Why can’t they just go find a job like the rest of us? Those filthy beggars. They’re so gross!!”

Sound familiar? Ok, maybe not all of it, but perhaps some of it? That’s what I thought. It’s easy to think like that actually. In today’s day and age, most of us are struggling to keep up with the rising cost of living, paying off credit cards and filling our tank with gas that costs way too much money while working jobs we dread going to.

We work our asses off to survive day to day and here are these “people” on the streets begging for money. How can we NOT be annoyed or pissed by that, right?

And we walk by them, disgusted.

The Elgin Street Mission

This is their safe place. The place where they can put their signs away, exchange the dirty coffee cup (that has little money in it) for a clean one filled with coffee, tuck the guitar case away in the corner and settle in for a nice hot meal served by people that don’t judge them. They sit and laugh amongst themselves and joke heartily with the mission volunteers, myself being one of them.

They have good manners. We all say grace before meals and they ALL remove their hats before grace. They all say “thank you very much for the great dinner” and they are all pretty harmless. Really. They are people just like you and I.

I take a minute to tell the young native girl that she looks absolutely beautiful in her pretty summer dress and she looks at me surprised, maybe even a little shocked that someone has paid her a compliment, and slowly smiles. Gradually her whole face lights up as she says thank you. She has the sweetest smile.

I joke with Paul and tell him that he is pure trouble and if he steps out of line I’ll be eating his dessert. He laughs and quickly shoots back that if I do there will be Hell to pay!!

I sneak an extra glass of milk to the young man who looks agitated and he touches my hand, gives me the most sincere look I’ve seen in a long time and whispers ” God bless you, thank you so so much.”

And then there’s Steve, an older native man, who doesn’t come in drunk but always smells of alcohol, who is convinced I am the girl he is going to marry. I keep telling him he can’t handle me. He flashes a toothless grin and shakes his finger at me.

These are the people that melt my heart. They are the reason I volunteer at the mission once a week.

These are the people on the street that you have snubbed.

People are people. Period. Treat everyone with kindness and respect.

That’s all anyone wants.

Peace and Love!

​Iva ♥


A Full Moon and Mercury Retrograde? Brace Yourself For Chaos!

Do you remember the last full moon? How about the last time Merc went retrograde? You know, every time I hear about Mercury’s shenanigans I get a little anxious. Now what? Didn’t you mess me up good last time? And then after Merc is done I breathe a sigh of relief and think to myself, ok that one wasn’t so bad.

I honestly think that sometimes Merc gets a bad rap…but it’s happening at the start of a full moon next month. December 3rd to be exact. So is this good or bad or what..?

So what about that moon?

Oh how I love full moons. I know I told you guys this before and I’ll probably say it every month. (You’ve been warned).

I use the full moon to reflect on the crap that I dealt with the month leading up to it, and purge. Oh how I purge. The full moon is the best time ever to release, release, release and set intentions to grow, learn and welcome more positive things into our lives.

So the full moon in December is in Gemini. What does that mean for you? Shiny object syndrome will run rapid. Squirrel! Look over here, oh wait, what’s that over there? Oooooh this is nicer, better, exciting, funner but wait, what’s that?

Distractions! Get it? Expect to be scatterbrained, distracted, full of child like energy, perhaps even chasing your tail. How on earth are we going to focus on anything this month?

Throw Merc Retro in the mix and……

We’re doomed. Ok so that may be a bit dramatic but Merc is well known for causing chaos. Picture it, you’re a squirrel, chasing your tail, running on who knows what, thinking you’re about to have the time of your life and “whammo”, Merc sends you flying.

Damn, where did that come from?

So here’s the deal. Merc goes retrograde from December 3-23. This is a time when you need to be more aware, more patient and really really flexible. Things will change quickly, break, crash, mess up. You get the idea.

Tips on handling this chaotic mix!

So now that I just made it sound like the world is going to end let me put your mind to rest. All will be ok. I promise. I always tell people when Merc retro shows up, keep an open mind and a sense of humor. Watch your temper. Honestly. Just take deep breaths when shit goes wrong. It’s all temporary. Remember that!!

As far as that beautiful full moon goes, focus! Don’t be a squirrel! Try to also take some time to figure out what isn’t really working too well and find alternative solutions. Do some research. Ask questions and take notes. Now would be a fantastic time to take up meditating if you haven’t yet. Do it often. Trust me, you’ll need to this month.

Oh…and breathe….deep breaths…’ll need to do that too.

Is that mine? What’s that? Where do you want to go now? Can we try this today? Hey what about that?? Weeeeeeeeeee!!!

Peace and Love



Don’t Be a Birthday Hater.

Don’t Be a Birthday Hater.

September is my birthday month. Yippee!! Ok, so my birthday is not until the end of the month but nonetheless, I am excited all month, and I totally love my birthday. I know, I’m a rare breed. Most people cringe when their birthday arrives, hide in their bedroom all day, shut themselves out from the rest of the world, ignore the phone, perhaps even cry.

Not this chickie. I’m like a 6 yr old getting ready for the party of the year.

Party like a rockstar

Now before you all go thinking I’m some sort of crazy party animal that can drink you all under a table, hold up. Not quite so. 30 years ago maybe. The day after my 50th birthday bash I was not so gently reminded of my age. I was 50. Not 25.

The garbage can on the side of the bed that acted as my *puke bucket* for the day reminded me of that. Oh, but fun was had by all that night. Wait. Fun was definitely had by me, I don’t remember if anyone else had fun but that night, it just didn’t matter. It was MY birthday and I was the star of the show.

Period. That was the last time I drank that much and that was almost 5 years ago.

Aging gracefully

I could never quite figure out why people hate their birthdays so much. It’s the most beautiful day of the year, besides Christmas. This is the day you were put on this God given earth to grow, learn, love, laugh and live. How can that NOT be awesome?

You hear people say “Omg I’m turning 40 this year, geez I’m getting old. It’s all downhill from here”. You’re kidding me, right?? They even say that at 50! Seriously? It’s all downhill from here if that’s how you want it to be.

If you expect it to be horrible from here on in then for sure it will be. Just for you. Not this girl. Turning 50 was the most exciting awesomest fabulous bestest day of my life. I made it this far and, man oh man, I got at least another 30 years in me. Woot!

I don’t look my age ( to me anyway, and of course, that’s all that matters J ) and I absolutely don’t act my age. Ask any of my friends and family. They will positively agree to that one. But wait, I am young! I’m only 55 for goodness sakes. I have so many fun exciting years ahead of me. Places to go, people to see, things to do.

I still have great health, a sharp mind and an adventurous loving spirit. That’s all I need (Ok so maybe money might help too). There is still so much life to be lived.

Just a number

55 does not mean I’m old or getting old or I’ll be a senior soon or anything like that. To me, it’s a number that indicates how long I’ve been on this beautiful planet for. I’ve been around for 55 years. Holy wow, I say!

That’s awesome, yes? In 55 years I’ve grown, loved, lost, laughed, cried, and most importantly learned a whole bunch of mindblowing lessons. I look forward to another 30 or 40 years of more of that stuff.

If you’re thinking that life is starting to suck and go downhill each year on your birthday then it’s definitely time for an attitude adjustment. Get out there and live and have fun and make a difference! Stop looking at the numbers. I usually just tell people I’m 50 ish. 😉

Who cares how old I am? I’m here, life is fantastic and that’s all that matters. I honestly think people want to know your age so they can compare themselves to you. Why do we do that? Most women my age are married, have a house, white picket fence, ready to retire from their government job, maybe a grandchild or two, golf on weekends with hubby, shop at Sears (haha I know some of you just say “hey I shop at Sears what’s wrong with that?”

Life is comfy, relaxed and normal. Compare that to my life?? Don’t even bother. But people still want to do that.

If you think that you still haven’t done some of the things you wanted to do, then go do them! Stop making excuses and get out there and enjoy this fantastic thing called life and, for love of God, STOP complaining about your birthday and age. Really.

Pass the chocolate cake please.

Peace and Love

Do Our Kids Really Need To Go To College?


Before you start throwing rotten tomatoes at me, know one thing, I have a great shield.

So this is kind of a sensitive topic and we were just discussing this the other day. A few of us got into a great debate about post secondary education. Is it necessary? I mean, is it really necessary? These are only my opinions and I’m not here to talk anybody out of anything. It really is just a POV blog. Enjoy.

You’re doing what?

No one ever talked about college or university in my house growing up. Ever. I remember as I was nearing the end of high school and my friends were talking about going to college to be a secretary or going to university to be a nurse and my first thought was always “what the fuck”?.

Seriously? You guys have to think about more school after we just finished 12 years of it? I didn’t get it. Who in their right mind would continue this hell?

Apparently, most of my friends. But it made no sense to me. Just go get a job. What do you need more school for? Nope, I just didn’t get it.

How old are you?

We graduate high school at 17 or 18. Aren’t teenagers supposed to live life and have fun,  drink beer and smoke weed behind the school in the back parking lot? What’s all this stuff about going to college immediately after graduating high school and choosing a “course/program” that would set the tone for the rest of their life.

Aren’t they just supposed to go skinny dipping with their new boyfriend/girlfriend and then get up the next day and go pump gas or stock shelves at Walmart?

Can’t they just enjoy life for a little while longer before they have to make a major life decision about school? I don’t get this.

Get serious!

Ok. I get that the world needs doctors and lawyers and accountants and architects. I’m not completely stupid. I get that much. I get that the world needs more educated and employed people. I get that too.

I also get that our children need structure and direction and guidance. They also need role models, support and encouragement.

Yup. I’m no dummy. But….

Do they have to be so serious right out of high school? Does it have to be continuous torture for them (maybe it’s not torture for all of them)? I mean, can’t we cut them a little break?

Go play!

Why can’t we let our kids go play for awhile? Go experience life for a little bit before you decide you want to be an architect. Get a job as a waitress or cashier or maybe even a delivery driver, something, anything and experience real world work. You know, having to deal with customers, people, get some social skills.

Go hang out in the world for a little while before you decide you want to be a doctor or an engineer.

They just might realize that in fact they hate people and don’t want to work with the public. They might also learn that they hate having to work for someone else and may want to be their own boss when they “grow up”.

They may actually even land in a super cool and fun job that pays well and they won’t need any further education right away. I mean, really, the possibilities are endless.

What’s the hurry Mom and Dad?

Why is there such a big rush for our kids to hurry up and get on to college or university right after high school? Where’s the fire? What’s the urgency? And, who’s big idea is this anyway?

I understand that some kids actually like school (eeep) and want to further their education. Kudos to them for having this mindset so early on in life. But what about the other kids? The ones who really aren’t sure what they want to be when they “grow up” but go to school because mom or dad insists they get a good education so they can get a good job.

Just typing that out made me cringe.

Why can’t they enjoy their teenage years and learn some life skills? Why do they need to hurry up and get a degree? What’s the rush?

Get an education, get a good job!

That made me cringe too.

I have a teeny newsflash for some of you. You don’t necessarily need an education to get a good job and a good job is in the eyes of the beholder. I was a waitress/bartender for almost 10 years and that, hands down, was about the best fucking job I ever had.

No education required.

Ok, I get it. The world doesn’t need a million waitresses and bartenders. What the world needs is happy people. People who love what they do.

I probably digressed a wee bit here and then because my whole point of this blog is this: Why do our kids have to go to college/university right out of high school? Can’t they just be kids for a little while longer?

They have their whole life to work and be responsible. Can’t they just chill out a bit?

Yo, bartender, how about another round of tequila for me and my friends, por favor.

Peace and Love