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What 3 Words Best Describe You?

I wonder if I was to ask my friends what 3 words best describe me what they would say. We all have our own words to describe ourselves and sadly enough, not many of them are nice. I know my faults, I ain’t stupid but I would like to think that my positive traits make

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96% of Millennials Failed This Spelling Quiz-Find Out Why

Weeee fun quiz time!! This one was great!! Though I do have a small confession to make, I’m not a millennial but I had to try out this spelling quiz and see what the words were and if I could spell them. They do also gear this test to Americans as some of the questions

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This Beautiful Color Quiz Will Reveal What You Love Most About Yourself

Yup, it’s fun quiz time again. I like the ones with the challenging questions that really make you scratch your head and think but I really love the ones with the pretty pictures. This one didn’t fail to deliver that. It’s a beautiful color quiz and it certainly will reveal what you love most about

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Is Your Zodiac Sign Your True Sign?

Ok so not only am I a quiz junkie I also happen to be a bit of an astrology freak as well. I used to check my horoscope daily, sometimes twice a day but I’ve got that addiction curbed and am now down to once a week. Every Sunday evening and at the start of

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What is it About You That Turns People On?

Fun quiz time! Yippee! This was an interesting attraction quiz and though my results kinda surprised me, some of the questions had me even more perplexed! I took this quiz to find out what they thought it is about me that turns people on. I often think that maybe it’s my smile or my energy.

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Birthday Quiz Reveals A Lot About Your Personality

Oh fun quiz time. I found this birthday quiz and I’m all over anything that has to do with numbers, numerology, astrology and such. This one had me really excited and I was even more excited when I realized there weren’t a million questions to answer. I was also a little skeptical when it didn’t

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Are You a Psychic Soul?

Are you in tune with your senses? Do you think you have some sort of psychic abilities? Do you think sometimes you just maybe have a psychic soul? I certainly think I do. My intuitions are always on autopilot and I sense things almost immediately. Sometimes it’s like a heebie jeebie feeling, other times, it’s

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Blocked Chakra Test-Which One is Blocked?

I recently just started learning about Chakras, what they are, how they work and how to tell which Chakra is blocked. I also discovered how to clear them. I never fully understood the importance until I started practicing clearing them. I often feel my solar plexus is blocked but this quiz revealed something different. I

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What’s My Future According to the Pics I Pick?

This quiz piqued my curiosity. What kind of pics and please, do tell, what’s my future anyway? I always test drive the quizzes first to see if I think you might like them. This “predict my future quiz” was pretty good, the questions were decent enough though one of them made me go “well that’s

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Which Crystal Gemstone is Your Healing Stone?

Before we begin this beautiful gemstone quiz did you know there is healing energy in crystals? Are you already using crystals for the healing power that comes with them? I have a few of my favourite stones that are always so close by. Amethyst being one of them, Carnelian is another favourite and Citrine. These


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