This Abstract Image Test Will Reveal Your True Personality

Fun quiz time again. Apparently this abstract image test will reveal your true personality and after answering all the questions as honestly as I can, turns out I am passionate and full of zest. Go figure.

Now I get that we don’t need to take image tests on the internet to determine our true personality. We know who we are. Don’t we? I really only take them and share them with you for entertainment purposes. That, and I’m a bit of a curious creature. These things intrigue me, and they’re fun.

Image tests are just fun, amirite?

I’m easily amused as you know, and these image tests always catch my eye. I could spend a whole day just doing quizzes. Who am I, what will I be when I grow up, who is my perfect match? Well you know I need an image test to answer all those questions for me! Haha. Anyway you have a go and let me know in the comments below.

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This Image Test Will Reveal What People Notice About You First.

Fantastic Image Test

Oh the Queen of all quizzes! This one is my favourite so far. HOW beautiful. I often wonder what first impression I give to people and sometimes (confession time) I wonder what they think of me. When I found this image test, I was in Heaven! I’ve discovered that about 99% of the quizzes I take to share with you guys are accurate. This one didn’t fail to deliver excellent results.

The images on this test were amazing and made me think a little bit. The questions were great, the options were fantastic. After taking this image test, my results made me happy. According to this image test, my smile is the first thing people notice about me and that just made me smile really big. The reason for this is because one day a friend of mine said to me “you are always so smiley and happy. I love to see your smile”. Yay.

Go ahead and take this great image test to find out people notice about you first. Remember, it’s not about what people think about you, we don’t really care about that. Now with that said, I think it’s safe to say that many of us always do want to make a good first impression, amirite?

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Are You a Psychic Soul?

Are you in tune with your senses? Do you think you have some sort of psychic abilities? Do you think sometimes you just maybe have a psychic soul? I certainly think I do. My intuitions are always on autopilot and I sense things almost immediately. Sometimes it’s like a heebie jeebie feeling, other times, it’s a warmth and love I just can’t ignore.

I think we all have intuitive abilities but sadly, so many people ignore these abilities and let things pass by, good and bad. When they say to trust your gut instincts, do it. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve ignored my gut instincts and ended up somewhere I shouldn’t have been or with someone who was bad for me.

Has that ever happened to you? Your psychic soul warned you of upcoming danger and you ignored it. Or maybe your soul called to another person and you ignored that too. Why we do this to ourselves still baffles me. We never learn. Our intuition, or our psychic soul has a message for you, listen up.

Go ahead and take this quiz to find out if you truly are a psychic soul. Drop the results in the comments below if you’re up for sharing. Turns out I am a Psychic Being.

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Which Spiritual Ability Do You Secretly Possess?

Oh this was such a fun quiz. I’ve always considered myself a Spiritual person but only because of my loving and caring nature. This great spiritual ability quiz really clarified it for me and helped me to determine what spiritual ability I secretly possess. Turns out I’m an Energy Healer but I sort of knew that!

Though Reiki is one form of Energy Healing, I’ve never actually studied on how to become a Reiki Energy Healer. Maybe I should do that one day. You know, the gifts we have, whether they be spiritual gifts or creative gifts, should not be hidden or buried but shared with others so we can teach, empower and inspire others.

There were only 6 or 7 questions to answer (short, sweet and to the point) and the images didn’t have me scratching my head like some quizzes do. I was instantly drawn to certain images automatically. I think we all have a little spirituality in us whether we are aware of it or not.

Do you know what your spiritual ability is or perhaps it’s not really what you think it is. Why not take this lovely spiritual gift quiz to find out. If you feel comfortable enough to do so, drop your results in the comments below and share with others. I’d actually wouldn’t mind finding out what the other spiritual abilities are too!

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