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Meditation For Beginners in 5 Simple Steps

Does the very thought of having to meditate make you go all squirrelly? Do you silently freak out and wish to hell you didn’t have to sit in “peace” and, God forbid, “relax”?  Do you even know how to meditate? In this “meditation for beginners” article, I’m going to share with you 5 easy peasy

10 Best Self Love Quotes To Read When You’re Sad

You know it’s hard to love yourself some days. Even those who claim to be full of self confidence and self love have their down days too. Whether they admit it or not. They do. I know when I was digging my way out of hell, it was inspirational and self love quotes that got

How to change your life in a few simple steps

How To Change Your Life in Just a Few Simple Steps

I appear to be a bit of a brave bad*** to a lot of people and for the most part, I guess I kinda am. After years of abusive relationships, financial struggles and the constant battling within myself to find out who Iva is, and what she wants, I am finally living life on my

5 minute game-man walking in desert

This 5 Minute Game Will Blow Your Mind and Amaze You!

I checked out this 5 minute game quite a few years ago and was blown away by the way it’s laid out and how accurate it was. It takes you on an extraordinary visual journey that will reveal who you are and your deepest innermost thoughts. You will be blown away by this test. Take

15 Rumi quotes to change your life

15 Rumi Quotes on Life That Will Give You Hope

Who doesn’t love Rumi and his great quotes and poems? I make many poster quotes over on my Facebook page Amazing Me Movement and so many of them are created with love from Rumi quotes on life. I love his words. There is such deep meaning and power to them. Near the end of this

full moon water

The Powerful Effect of Full Moon Water and Why You Need to Make

It’s the full moon tonight! Yippee. Oh how I adore this time of the month. Anyone else? If this isn’t the perfect time to get your act together then I don’t know what is. Not only is it a great time to write out your wishes for the month and recharge your crystals (you are

pensive lady feeling stuck in life

9 Things to Remember When You Are Feeling Stuck in Life

Does this sound like you? One minute life seems ok and all is going well and the next thing you know you’re frozen and feeling stuck in life and not sure what the hell just happened? You have no clear focus, no clarity, no solutions, and no ambition. You got the deer in headlights look

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How to Stop Bullying and Why It Happens to So Many Of Us

My whole life I’ve been surrounded by control freaks and bullies. My mom, ex-boyfriends, bosses, sisters. I imagine I even have control tendencies and bullying issues. Yup, my whole life. I’m sure I’m not the only one and at the time, I had no idea how to stop bullying. We’ve all had to deal with

common dreams people have

6 of the Most Common Dreams People Have and What They Mean

Ah, the dream. Who doesn’t love dreaming? Are you one of those people who remember every single dream, and detail about it, or are you like me and forget most of them all the time? That makes me crazy. Anyway, I decided to write a blog (this one here!) and common dreams people have and


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