Full Moon Ritual. Why You Absolutely MUST Do it This Month.

Who doesn’t love staring at a beautiful giant full moon on a clear night, alone or with a loved one? I am all about the moon, new or full, crescent or barely there. The energy I get from it is soothing and invigorating. And what about all the other good stuff that comes with it like the full moon ritual. You are doing your’s, right?

The energy this month is off the charts. I talked a little bit about that here. You really should take a second to read it so you’ll have a better understanding of the chaos and shitshow that may be going on around you right now. Eclipses, retrogrades, full moons….eeep. It’s a crazy sky!

The energies are crazy!

This month the full moon is a blood moon and what that basically means is that there is a lunar eclipse happening. How awesome!! For those who don’t live in North America :/ That’s not the only thing happening this week. Hello Mercury Retrograde.

So with all this ridiculous activity going on, you better hold on to your hat or better yet, do your full moon ritual. Never heard of it? Think it’s voodoo witchy stuff? Let me explain, and it’s not black magic, I promise you that.

The energies in the sky will have you second guessing everything, feeling frantic, possibly lashing out and feeling like nothing is working. You will definitely need to do something to calm all this chaos down.

The full moon ritual

Rest assured we aren’t sacrificing goats or children. Not this time anyway 😉 The full and new moon are times to take a step back and go deep within yourself. This time, however, with this full blood moon/lunar eclipse/Merc retro you are going to have to summon up a shit ton of patience. Trust me on this one.

The night of the full moon (and new moon) is the time to take some quiet time just for you with absolutely no distractions. I am going to explain my full moon ritual to you, take what you want, leave the rest, add your own personal flair to it. Your ritual is yours and should be unique to you but it should also feel good to you. If you don’t get it right this time, try again next month. But keep at it. It’s so important to not only your mental well being but also to your goals, dreams and your inner self.

My ritual

  • The first thing I do is shut everything down and just keep really soft zen music playing. There are a ton of beautiful audios to listen to on YouTube.
  • I light candles. Mine are unscented but if you have lovely scented ones, you can certainly use those. Essential oils are also fantastic to simmer during this quiet time.
  • I like to have my favourite crystals close by and one in my hand. This month I’ll be holding my rose quartz.
  • I meditate for at least 10 minutes. The guided meditations I choose really depend on my mood and how I feel. Sometimes, I’ll do a Chakra Clearing Meditation, especially if I’ve been feeling anxious..
  • After my meditation I sit quietly for a few minutes and then I get my journal and write out things that have been troubling me the last few weeks and release them, and their negative energy to the moon. This meditation time is also perfect for calming yourself and your mind and practicing patience and inner peace (remember, you’re gonna need lots of it over the next few weeks).
  • I also write out the things that I’d like to work on or know that I need to work on and send them out to this energy with love and faith.
  • I release limiting beliefs and toxic people who no longer serve me. I send them out with love too!
  • After I’m done, I reread what I wrote, fold it up and put it somewhere safe for the month ahead.
  • When I’m done my full moon ritual, and this is something new I’ve just started, I will make full moon water. You can learn more about that here. I tried it last month for the first time and the results amazed me!

I really can’t stress enough how important it is to do this full moon ritual this month. You can thank me later!

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Peace and Love


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5 Lessons My Son Taught Me About Life – #4 is the Best.

You know, as we grow, we learn. In order to grow, you must be open to learning anything from anybody. You never know where or who your next life lesson is going to come from. One of my biggest and greatest life lessons came from my 30 year old son. The things he taught me stay with me forever. ( I still can’t believe he’s 30 this year…eep)

So unless you’ve been living under a rock you know I’m now officially in Guatemala living an expat life. (Hahaha I’m just messin’ with ya about living under a rock.) I really didn’t know what to expect upon arrival and it actually isn’t anything like how I envisioned it. This is why you should never have expectations or worry. That’s something I taught myself.

Just let things unfold the way they are supposed to. I still really can’t even believe I’m here. Like I actually truly really did this. That’s fucking crazy. I still look around here and think to myself “Holy shit as if you did it!?”

Anyway so I’m here all tucked away nicely. A few minor glitches along the way where my patience was tested and pushed to the limit but I made it, didn’t kill or hurt anyone and I’m still smilin’. The airport was a major fiasco. Thank you Mercury Retrograde, sometimes you suck. 8 hour delay there, tempers flaring, people so pissed. Oh man it was awful. Moving right along………

My son blows my mind all the time

So I’m talking to my son on FB (which 99% of the time is our normal means of communication) and we’re chatting about how great life is and how far we’ve come and the different paths our lives have taken (you have to know that I am absolutely ridiculously proud of my kid…he’s pure fucking awesomeness) and he says go look at your wall.

There on my wall is this long beautiful post from my son about how proud he is of me and I cried. And cried. And cried.

Let me explain. For all of Julian’s 27 year life I was always trying to do my best, make sure he had everything he wanted (within reason), trying to improve my life which in turn would improve his life and I failed countless times. Over and over again I hit walls and hit them hard. We struggled, we were poor, but we had each other and for him that was enough most of the time. For me, it was but it wasn’t. I wanted more for him. But mostly, I wanted him to just be proud of me and proud to have me as his mom.

Here’s what his post on FB said…

Just in case I HAVEN’T told you yet, i just want to make sure that every single person i know knows that my mother, Iva Ursano, has just successfully sold ALL her shit and moved to GUATEMALA and now lives the DREAM writing about shit on the internet – WTF. She is 53 years young, still gets tattoos and endeavors to inspire strength and happiness in every single person she meets. A few months ago she went BACKPACKING through costa rica for 3 weeks ALONE and has now completely left Canada to be AWESOME. I CAN’T BELIEVE IT. We grew up in a tiny, cold, lifeless (sorry) town, struggling with money and constantly moving in order to make ends meet. Now i have been travelling the world alone for 2 years and have inspired my 53 year old mother to live the dream with me. YOU CAN DO ANYTHING YOU WANT I AM SO PROUD OF YOU IVA URSANO !! GO FOLLOW HER PAGE!

Finally. After 27 years I’ve finally made my son proud of me. And it’s a beautiful thing. I’m not entirely sure he was never proud of me before but this declaration set it in stone for me. And really, that’s all I’ve ever wanted.

What my son taught me

You know, as moms, we beat ourselves up all the time. I’m not good enough, I suck at this, I’m doing a shitty job, my kid hates me, I hate me, this is too fucking hard, I’m a loser at parenting…any of that sound familiar?

Well, I dunno about you but a few of those statements crossed my mind many times over the course of 30 yrs of being a mom.

The lessons I learned from my kid?

  1. Moms don’t be so hard on yourselves!
  2. You ARE awesome and doing a great job even though you don’t hear it from your kids all the time.
  3. You ARE appreciated and loved to the moon and back.
  4. Your kids ARE proud of you and think you are the best thing in the world!!
  5. Stop making up stupid things in your head about what your kids think of you. Every silly story you tell yourself is a lie.

Being a parent is the world’s toughest job, but it comes with the greatest rewards and lesson ever. Have you been taught something by your child? Share it down below.

“…and the award for parent of the year goes to………….”

Peace and Love

Iva ♥


Lunar Eclipse 2018, Full Blood Moon and Retrogrades. Look Out!!

Oh….My…God. Hang on to your hats for the next few weeks. The energies are gonna be off the rails. Not only do we have the longest lunar eclipse 2018 and a full blood moon, but the day before the moon, Mercury goes retrograde. It will be joining 4 other planets during this retrograde season. If ever there was a time to practice how to chill the fuck out, now is it.

Lunar Eclipse 2018

So let’s talk about this fantastic lunar eclipse on the 27th first. This will be the longest lunar eclipse of the century lasting almost 2 hours however it won’t be seen everywhere in the world. Unfortunately, if you happen to live in North America you won’t see it at all unless you watch a live-stream from another country.

The one major concern with the lunar eclipse 2018 is the energy. Get ready for mass confusion, extreme energy shifts, possible hot tempers and complete breakdowns. Read statement above, learn how to chill out. Our first reaction often is to lash out when someone or something upsets us. Don’t do that this time. Take deep breaths and walk away. Quickly.

Full blood moon

The full moon of July happens on the 27th and gets its name blood moon from the lunar eclipse. If you are fortunate enough to watch the eclipse, you will see the reddish brownish blood colours. Now we all know that full moons are a time of releasing things that don’t serve us anymore, whether that be people, places, things or though patterns. Because there is so much ridiculous activity in the sky over the next few weeks, make sure you find lots of zen time just for you.

You will need lots of private quiet time to think things through, take stock of what or who is in your life that needs to go and it’s also a very good time to reflect on these things before making rash decisions.

Mercury Retrograde

Because there isn’t enough happening right now! The day before the lunar eclipse 2018 and the full moon, on the 26th good ole Merc goes retrograde and you know what that means. Miscommunications, delays, frustrations. upsets, things breaking down and if anything can go wrong, it probably will.

But all is not lost. There is good to be had with a retrograde as well. Remember, it’s a time to go within, take a step back, breathe deep and chill out. If you do these things, when shit goes wrong you’ll be more well equipped to handle it. Retrogrades aren’t all bad. Sometimes some things break down or break away to make room for something better to come into your life.

The biggest takeaway here is….

Understand that whatever is happening within or around you is happening for a reason. It is forcing you to take a look at some things in your life, what do you need to keep, what do you need to let go of, learn more about yourself and the people and things around you.

The energies are calling you to slow down and find time for some self love. It is when we do this that we are more able to see and recognize things and people for what/who they truly are. Some might be good, some not so good. Be prepared.

This is a crazy emotional time for us all. Patience, compassion and love will see us through.

Peace and Love



Follow Your Heart. It Really Does Know the Way

You’ve heard this expression a million times. Follow your heart, it knows the way. I think this is probably one of my favourite quotes of all time. I am a firm believer in this. My heart does know the way. It has never steered me wrong yet.

Follow your heart

The argument I get from this one, constantly, is this: Well I did follow my heart and it ended up in relationship breakdown, job loss, or letting myself down in something that I desperately wanted to try but it didn’t work out the way I wanted it to.

I get all that. None of us are strangers to heart break or disappointments. It all sucks big time. I mean, when we get into a relationship, we don’t foresee the ending, we don’t even want to think about it. We want to think “oh this is the one, I feel it in my heart”.

Well of course you feel it in your heart. That’s love. That’s a true and beautiful feeling. But let’s face it, shit happens, people change, people’s true colours come out after time, things just don’t always work out the way we “expect” them to.

See that word? Expect? We expect too much.

Expectation is the biggest cause of disappointment

We go into something with high hopes, which is totally natural and honestly there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s the expectations that are wrong. We need to learn to detach from expectations and just go in to something with love, joy, and remember to do our best and be our best and really just enjoy the moment, person, thing, relationship.

Of course, when we enter into a new relationship we have expectations that this is the one and don’t foresee any endings. Though, those aren’t really ridiculous expectations, they kinda are. You can’t expect anything, ever, to be perfect or perfect for you or even,permanent.

Nothing is permanent. Not even relationships. People change, people move on, people die. All unforeseen happenings.

When you release the expectation of perfection and permanence, you can then just enjoy the time, right now. Today.

Your heart knows.

I want you to think about your heart for a second here and go back to a time when you did follow your heart and how that felt. Was there joy? Elation? Excitement? Of course there was. That’s what your heart does. It gives you all those amazing feelings and then some. Isn’t the heart wonderful?

The heart wants to feel those things and it wants you to feel those things. If only for a moment, a day, a week, a year. It truly wants you to get as many as those feelings as you possibly can in a lifetime. It also wants you to let go of expectations and live in the present moment. In the now.

Your heart isn’t stupid. It knows that it has a fierce enemy. The brain. Oh this sly and manipulative dude goes up against the heart all the time. Your brain says things like this: “Don’t listen to heart, you’ll end up disappointment or heartbroken and we all know that sucks. Be smart. Get rid of this thought, idea or plan you have. Let me save you from sadness and failure”.

And you listen. And you don’t follow your heart. And you know what? You end up with regret and sadness anyway. Why? Because you didn’t listen to heart, you listened to brain. The joy and elation you could have felt was sacrificed for safety and protection.

But that’s not what we’re here for. I mean I get we have to be safe and cautious sometimes, only sometimes though. Don’t let this get in the way of your heart, happiness and life. Your heart knows what it feels. It also knows that no matter how big the hurt, disappointment or sadness is, the true emotions that are love, joy and crazy ridiculous happiness are the emotions that win all the time.

Those are the ones that put a smile on our face and keep a song in our heart, no matter what. Though we don’t forget all the emotions, even the shitty ones, the ones that are loved based are the ones that will always make you feel good.

And isn’t that what life is all about anyway? Feeling good, all the time, no matter what?

Follow your heart. It knows the way. And it really wants you to experience joy no matter what.

Peace and Love


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