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15 Signs of Disrespect in a Relationship You Better Not Ignore

So you’re in a relationship. It’s been a few weeks, months, maybe even years. Things seem to be going relatively ok for the most part but some things just don’t sit well with you. Recognizing signs of disrespect in a relationship can sometimes be kinda tricky. We’ll address a few of those signs here and

5 Things That Cause a Broken Heart and How to Stop It

Our hearts eat lies. They do. Too often we believe what people tell us just so we can feel love and that right there my friends is the major cause of a broken heart. Let’s discuss this more. So why do we torment ourselves like that? Why do we keep letting our hearts eat lies?

15 moving on quotes to help you heal

15 Moving On Quotes To Help You Heal Your Broken Heart

Ah the break up. Pooey. It hurts like hell and you never even saw it coming. Or maybe you did. Maybe you are the one who broke up with your partner. Either way, breaking up sucks. Yes? I remember when I finally dumped my toxic boyfriend I read a lot of moving on quotes. These

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8 Signs It Really is Time To Just Let Go and Move On.

When is it really time to get out of that relationship? Like how long do you let it go on and on for until you finally have had enough and finally move on and let go? I’ve held onto relationships for way longer than I should have just in hopes that surely it will get

woman alone on the tracks-finding yourself after a breakup blog post

Finding Yourself After a Breakup-11 Things I Learned After I Walked Out

I didn’t really just walk out. He got a Dear John letter. What happened after I left still blows my mind to this day. Finding yourself after a breakup is a journey like no other. I’m going to share 11 things I discovered about myself after I walked out. My relationship was pretty bad Leaving

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Why Do Women Stay in Abusive Relationships?

I’ll admit it, I certainly stayed way longer than I should have. I probably should have turned on my heels at the 3rd month, the first time he lied. But I didn’t. I stuck around for almost 8 more years (ya I know, what a dummy). Why do women stay in abusive relationships? The million

5 Reasons to Spread Love and Kindness Everyday

I love love. I love everything about it. Just saying the word fills my heart with lovey goodness. I love life, and things and people and just every living thing. And with all that gushy love stuff, today I want to talk about why we should be spreading love and kindness to more people

man holding roses-red flags in a relationship

Healing From Narcissistic Abuse in 2 Powerful Steps

For the longest time I had no idea what a narcissist was and hadn’t even realized that I was dealing with narcissists most of my life. Once I discovered this I set out to find a way to heal. Today I want to talk about healing from narcissistic abuse in two simple but powerful steps.

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Going Through a Breakup-5 Things To Do To Make it Easier

It’s break up time and today I’m going to share 5 breakup rules that will save you a ton of grief while you’re going through a breakup (but you gotta follow them) because let’s face it, breaking up sucks. A lot. You were sure this guy/gal was the one you were going to spend the


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