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how to trust again after divorce, learning how to trust again, how do we trust after divorce

How To Trust Again After a Divorce

The reason we struggle with trust is because we feel like we’ve been betrayed. It’s a crappy weight to have on our shoulders. Similar to its

dont' hate your birthday, here's why you should love your birthday

Don’t Be a Birthday Hater.

September is my birthday month. Yippee!! Ok, so my birthday is not until the end of the month but nonetheless, I am excited all month,

happy, how to be happy, honor your feelings, embrace your emotions, life lessons for you, it's ok to be sad, be yourself, be authentic, feel all your emotions

It’s Ok to Not Be Happy All the Time

Permanent happiness doesn’t exist. Do you ever just run into someone somewhere and they just always seem to be happy? And then you think “wow Sally

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