Everything You Need to Know About Water Fountains and Your Money

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A water fountain is one of the most powerful cures in Feng Shui, provided it is in the proper location. Water is the symbol of wealth in Feng Shui. The absolute best spot for a fountain is at the front door. This will ensure that wealth continues to flow into your house. There is nothing […]

Manifesting the Life of Your Dreams is Easier Than You Think.

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Ah we’ve heard it all before a million times. If you want to manifest the life of your dreams, it starts with you. And a million other things you need to be doing. We set intentions, we pray with all our might, we feel it, believe it and want it yet it still doesn’t come. […]

How to Be Happy Using the Power of Magic (and it’s not what you think).

Well this is a lot different than what we normally talk about isn’t it? You can usually count on me to talk about flicking fear to the curb, dumping jerk boyfriends, embracing change and all that other life changing stuff. But today? Nope, not today. This time we are talking about something totally different. Magic. […]

The Day I Stopped Whining About My Poverty.

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(Note:This blog was written in May of 2015.) Well, I’m now wrapping up 3 weeks of volunteering in what could quite possibly be the most beautiful place on earth. The emotions I am feeling are indescribable but I will do my best. When I got down here I was scared, anxious, nervous, somewhat annoyed by […]

This Prosperity Quiz Will Reveal What’s Ahead For You in 2018.

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Here it comes. New year new me new whatever, right? We have goals, we write them out we think about them but so often we just don’t achieve them. I mean we all want to succeed and have prosperity in our lives, right? A new year is upon us and you will have a chance […]