There Are 8 Types of People in The World. Which Type Are You?

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Fun personality quiz time. Actually it’s not really a personality quiz it’s more like what type of person are you. I am always drawn to these quizzes simply because I am anxious to see what the results would be. I mean, let’s face it, we all know what type of people we are and what […]

What Color is Your True Personality?

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Well this quiz caught my eye today and lately it seems I’ve been having a hard time finding fun suitable and interesting quizzes for you but I liked this color test one. I’ve always been intrigued by auras and personality colours and energies so there was no doubt I was taking this test. According to […]

This Inkblot Personality Test is Ridiculously Accurate!

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Oh quiz time again. I am always drawn to the image picking ones. I don’t get it, it just is. This one asks you to choose images and it will reveal your true personality. The Inkblot personality test has always been a favourite and probably still the most popular quiz to date. You know sometimes […]

This Unique Visual Test Reveals Where You Fall on the Psychopath Scale.

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Take this unique visual test now! Wow! Well when they said unique they meant it. This was an extremely interesting visual test. Not what I expected that’s for sure. I had to stop and take an extra few seconds to look at some of the images. They tell you not to put too much thought […]