6 Powerful Lessons You Will Learn From Your Last Bad Relationship.

Ah relationships. I’m a Libra so I’m all about love and relationships and peace and harmony and bla bla bla. You know, all that mushy love stuff. Not that it ever gets me anywhere. I continuously end up in relationships that are bad for me. When will I ever learn? I gotta tell ya though, I don’t regret one single relationship. I have learned many powerful lessons from each bad relationship. Lessons and things about them and about myself.

You know, when we enter a relationship our first thought isn’t “I wonder how long this one will last” or, wait, er, is it? Not mine usually but the thought does cross my mind. We’re always on guard aren’t we? Damn, maybe that is just me. Either way, I am grateful for all the relationships I have had as they have all taught me so powerful lessons.

Here is my list of the top 6….Can you add to this list?

You ain’t changing a damn thing.

Ever. And I mean, I kinda know that one already but I always have this teeny glimmer of hope that I maybe I am some sort of magical princess who has the power to subtly change people. I don’t. I’m not. It’s not gonna happen.

People don’t change for other people. Love doesn’t necessarily change people. I mean it does but it doesn’t (if that makes any sense). People who do find love will change if and only if and when they feel they are ready and they need to. Otherwise, fuggedaboudit.

You deserve more.

The self worth trip. Yup. We already know we deserve better. We know that with every ounce of our being. But we ignore that signal. Ya I don’t get it either. Still baffles me to this day.

You deserve the love you keep giving out. I love that quote. I think I even made a poster of it for my FB page. For the love of God and all things holy, start believing this! You are SO deserving of the love you desire.

Enjoy the good.

Really. You had a lot of good in your last relationship. It wasn’t all bad. Remember all the good times, the laughs, the precious loving moments. Hold them all dear to your heart. Why?

Because we can go on for the rest of our lives talking shit about our ex and all that crap he/she put us through but why bother? Sometimes I still catch myself doing this though not as much as I used to. There were good times, remember them. That love, at one time, was special to you. Forget about the bad and stop digging it up. Hold on to the good. It made you the person you are today.

Dammit, I love myself.

Do you? Do you really? Tell me then, how much?. If you keep falling for the same toxic relationships, then you clearly don’t love yourself enough yet. When we love ourselves as much as we should, we don’t allow toxic relationships into our lives. Capiche?

Learn how to love yourself dammit. Learn how to love every ounce of you, the good, the bad and the ugly. When you do, you will eventually attract someone who loves you just as much as you do. Trust me on this (says the girl who doesn’t practice what she preaches….but hey, I’m honest). So ya, I’m still learning this one too.

Forgiveness really is good for the soul.

Ya I know, he/she was an ass and they don’t deserve to be forgiven. I get it. I only have one thing to say about that.

You forgive them for YOU, not for them. They don’t even have to know you have forgiven them. Just fucking do it.

’nuff said.

Just be patient for goodness sake.

What’s the hurry? What are we so impatient about anyway? When did we forget to take time to stop and smell the roses along the road of life and just enjoy life and let good things happen to us?

We can rush through life with blinders on and keep bumping into boulders or we can go through life with our eyes open and enjoy each and every moment life has to offer. Let the Universe surprise us. Let the Universe supply us with what we need and deserve instead of trying to rush and control things.


I ain’t no relationship expert but man I’ve learned so much about myself in the last 25+ years and I just keep learning. And loving. And living. Maybe one I’ll actually apply the lessons?

Peace and Love



Super Blue Blood-Moon! WOW! Catch it on January 31st.

Wow wow and wow. Be still my heart. SO much moon-ness I can’t even stand it. Where are the moon lovers in the room? Are you just as excited as I am? January started out with the Wolf full moon and on January 31st you can catch all of this action: super blue blood moon and a lunar eclipse. Geezus! The energy will be on fire!

But wait! The only downside of all of this, and don’t shoot the messenger please, you gotta live in North America to catch the eclipse BUT….fear not…

You will definitely still be able to catch the super blue moon even if you don’t live in North America (did I even have to say that?), which is the second full moon of January. So what does this moon and event have in store for all of us? You’re dying to know, I get it. First things first. What does all this moon talk mean?

Super blue blood moon.

Ha, I kinda like the way that sounds. So what’s the big deal about the moon being super and blue and bloody? As much as it kills me to have to do this, let’s get the scientific part of it out of the way then we can move on to the good stuff.

Oh, you don’t want to read the scientific mumbo jumbo part? Yay me!! In all fairness though, for those who do, here it is in a nutshell…

Super-it will be at the closest point of the earth making it huge

Blood-it is the second full moon in January with a total lunar eclipse (sweet!)

Blue-because there will be 4 full moons in this season instead of 3, the 4th moon is called a blue moon. (it’s also the only blue moon for 2018)

Ok so science out of the way..

Now the good stuff!

Did you set your intentions out on the Wolf moon (the first full moon of January)? Did you yell out to the Universe exactly what you want and share all your dreams and desires? You should have. You planted the seeds, yes? I hope so.

You got rid of all that no longer served you as well. You did do that, didn’t you?

We all get a bonus this month. Another chance to lay down the foundation in case you missed your chance the first moon in January. Don’t miss out on your chance now.

Is fear holding you back from doing the things you want to do and being the amazing person you know you can and should be?

Take a deep breath

Stop dicking around! What are you waiting for to live the life you deserve? Every full moon gives you another opportunity to put out your intentions and then take massive action. Have you not done that yet?

Do it now. I get that it’s super scary to change things and try new things. Trust me, I get all that. Remember this is coming from the girl who is afraid of her own shadow yet still, 2 years ago, sold all her stuff, packed two suitcases and bought a one way ticket to a third world country, blindly. You don’t think I was scared? Of course I was. But I knew i had to.

I had to face fear, be brave, ballsy and badass and go do something way outside of my comfort zone to live a life of true happiness, peace, freedom and ridiculous joy.

You now have another chance to pull up your big girl/boy panties and go make epic shit happen.

Let’s do this!

I have faith in you. I believe in you. The moon believes in you too! Take in the power of it’s energy this month, the second time around and get shit done. I’m right here with you doing it too. I got crazy things I need to get done and lock down over the next month as well so know that you’re not alone.

The moon wants you to move. It has your back. Trust me, it does. Get your intentions out there now, take a deep breath, pull up those panties and MOVE!!!!

“World domination, here I come”

Peace and Love



New Moon in January: Love, Money, the Unexpected and Uncertainty.

Get out your journals now! If there ever was a time to write down your manifestations and intentions for the year, this is the new moon to do it in. Is Love or Money on your list? Rejoice! But take heed, there is uncertainty and some unexpected changes coming your way too.

As much as I love the full moon in any month and any sign, I am just as much in love with the new moon each month. For me, the full moon is a detoxing period for me, whereas the new moon is a time to recharge and get my shit together.

Love and Money. Yay!

Which one are you looking for? Either or? Both? Take ’em both I say, why not? This new moon is combined with, you guessed it, the planet of Love, Venus. Woot! Embrace love, find love in yourself, give love to others and if you’re in a relationship already, light up the bedroom! (ok whoa, I don’t mean literally set it on fire, but you knew that right?). Phew! If you are looking for love, put yourself out there. Stop hiding in your house or apartment. Go mingle. Now’s the time!

Is it money you want more of? Lucky Jupiter makes an appearance here as well, urging you to take a leap (I literally just talked about that on my Live today…watch it here ) of faith and go get what you are after with regards to your career or life change. Stay positive and believe in yourself and watch things, good things, flow into your life.

Unexpected and Uncertainty?

Well as negative and fearful as that sounds, it’s not really. Everything really is uncertain. We don’t have answers to all the questions. We take a chance, shit our pants and hope for the best, or wait, er…is that just me? I have a newsflash for you. You don’t always have to have all the answers. Have faith. Be brave. Take risks and for God sakes, get the hell outta your comfort zone.

Be open to receive the unexpected, even if it is bad, it’s for your own good. Trust me on this one. Are you taking a risk or chance at work? If you feel it deep down in your soul and it feels good, then do it. Yes there is uncertainty there and perhaps some unexpected events will unfold. Who cares? Roll with it. Everything is temporary my friend. The good the bad and even life. Take chances!

Start laying down the foundation for your future. Now is the best time. You’ll see.

What now?

The influences of the new moon last for 4 weeks but the first two weeks into the new moon is when you’re gonna really feel it. Feel the urge to take leaps. Feel the urge to love more, have love and maybe ignite some fires. Get out your pen and paper and write out your intentions with intention. Put some feeling into that! What do you really want?

Love, money, stable career, travel more? Whatever it is, jot it down, feel it in your bones, and let it go……..with faith and trust! Release it. The #1 reason we don’t get what we want is because we are standing in our own way. Move.

Believe in yourself more

Far too many of us don’t believe we can achieve greatness or have the love we deserve in our lives. Of course you can and of course you are great. You are fucking fantastic. Remember that. There is no one else in the world like you with your unique gifts and talents. Embrace them, believe in them and show the world who you are.

So, about setting your bedroom on fire…you know I was joking, right?

Peace and Love