Vision Board Vs. Mind Map-The Difference Will Blow Your Mind.

Who remembers the day the Vision Board came on the scene? I don’t. Honestly, I had to google some info on it. I mean besides our beautiful Rhonda who uses it and swears by it, did you know the vision board actually started way back in the cave man days? Peculiar but it’s true. They used it to visualize their hunt. See the correlation here? I kinda do. Sort of.

I also get that some people use the vision board faithfully to bring their dreams to life. People are all over that. Me? Not so much. Oh don’t get me wrong, I tried it. Me and my girlfriend actually had a vision board party (several years ago) where we sat around and smoked weed and cut out pictures from magazines of how we wanted our lives to look.

At the end of the day, it did nothing for me. All I saw were pictures of stacks of money, nice cars, a handsome man, happy smiling people, etc. I felt nothing. I looked at my board, shrugged and walked away. I felt like I just created a collage for some project in kindergarten.

It’s not all bad!

Now I’m not gonna shit on people who actually love, and swear by, their vision boards. Kudos to you! Whatever it takes for you to bring your dreams to life, you go girl/man!! All the power to you. I think it’s fantastic that you guys have a powerful vision and you are working towards creating it. Not many people do that. Too many dream things but never take action to actually materialize them.

So give yourself a big pat on the back for being one of the minority who want to work towards a better life. The vision board has worked miracles for hundreds of thousands, maybe even millions, of people around the world. I’m certain it works.

Just not for me.

Pass me the black marker!

I like to think I’m a visual creature. That’s how I learn and stay focused. Not this time though. The cut out, glued up pictures did diddly squat for this girl.

I need to write my shit out and read it daily, a million times a day if I have to. My space had become post it note central. They were everywhere. Coffee maker, kitchen cupboards, utensil drawer, bathroom mirror (ya those ones looked a little rough after awhile), dashboard of the car, closet, you name it, I had a post it note, or 10 or 20, around it.

It was chaos. And then……

In walks the Mind Map. Hell-o!! Where have you been all my life? I was introduced to this beautiful beast shortly after I tore up my last vision board (and swore I would never do that again!). Oh how I loved everything about this. One bristle board, colour of your choice, and magic markers! Woot!

Let’s write and write and write!!! I was in my glory. Finally someone got me. What took them so long (or should I say, what took me so long)?

My bristle board choice of colour? Stark white!! I wanted to see every single little thing i wrote out in black and white. Big bold letters. Big check marks. Big stars beside them.


Slow but sure and steady, things starting happening. I wrote out that I wanted this___ at this time____ and this is what I had to do to get it___ , and I did. Things were finally working out for me.

I wrote it out, I read it every day, I figured out ways on how I was going to achieve it and it happened. Just like magic. My life started taking a turn for the better. Finally.

I would cross off goals as I achieved them. Sometimes I would have to extend deadline dates but that’s ok too. I never lost sight of what I wanted. It was there in front of me in black and white. Kinda hard to ignore that.

Choose your weapon.

Now I’m no expert on manifestation or visualizations or anything like that but I can say that, hands down, the mind map did for me what the vision board couldn’t. But that’s just me.

If you have been frustrated with your vision board lately or looking for something else that slightly resembles it but produces different results, then maybe it’s time to give the mind map a whirl. Trust me on this one. Got questions? I got the answers!

Sorry, post it notes, but you do make a great grocery list!

Peace and Love


The New Moon In Scorpio – Brace Yourself For Powerful Changes!

Oh how I love the new moon. Not quite as much as I love the full moon but pretty darn close. I look forward to the new moon of each month as it’s my time to do a “check and chuck” as I like to call it. What’s working, what isn’t, what’s holding me back, what do I want/need more of?

It’s also a good time for me to look back on the previous month to see how much progress I’ve made, or not. At every new and full moon, I try to take at least an hour to just be with myself, and my thoughts. It’s almost like a checkpoint period for me.

Some tough questions.

Now if you remember this month’s blog about the full moon (if you missed it here it is) we talked about how the energies of the moon affect us in a big way. The new moon is no different. I use the energy of the new moon to dig deep inside of my very core, my very being, to ask myself some powerful questions. You should take this time to ask yourself these questions (or many of your own) also:

  • am I happy with what I’m doing?
  • am I happy with where I am in my life?
  • am I happy with the people around me?
  • what more can I be doing?
  • where do I want to be in a month/3 months/6 months?
  • do I love myself as much as I should?

Now that last question can be a toughy for some. I often fall off the self-love wagon and do ridiculously stupid things that sacrifice my self worth and love but thankfully I’m one of those people that can say “Hey girl smarten up and let’s get back on track”.

Trust and surrender.

Ironically enough, most of us already know the answers to all those questions but we don’t trust ourselves enough to accept the answer. We don’t have enough faith in ourselves or our ability to make proper choices and decisions.

This new moon needs you to trust yourself. If you know the answer and feel the answer (that would be your intuition talking, by the way) then go with it. Surrender your self doubts and limiting beliefs and act upon what you know you are called to do.

I get it’s not easy to trust and surrender, I so get it, but when I finally do, the results are amazing. This new moon is asking you, no wait, urging you to please trust your intuition. You’re on the right path. Keep moving forward.

New moon wishes!

I love new moon wishes. When you write out your wishes during the new moon, the desire and intent becomes magnified. The new moon is on Saturday the 18th, so that day, get a nice clean piece of paper, light a candle, put on some nice music and write out your top 10 wishes. They can be financial, health, love, spiritual, whatever you so desire.

Write them out and feel them, really feel them. Read them over after you’re done and put the paper somewhere safe. Send all that positive manifestation energy out in to the Universe. A word of caution though, make sure what you are asking for is actually good for you. You know what I’m talking about. (Asking for your ex back is just silly. Don’t do that. They are ex’s for a reason).

But wait….

This new moon also wants you to take stock of your life, right now. Is there a change you’ve been wanting to make for some time now but you keep putting it off for whatever reason (insert self doubt here)? Maybe you want to change careers, cities, cars, partners, whatever!! Make the change! Trust yourself. Take the leap.

Take time to do some soul searching. Answer those powerful questions about your life. Honestly. Surrender and go!

You know, so many of us stay inside the “box” aka comfort zone because it’s, well, comfortable. We’ve got desires, passions, ideas, dreams, etc all whirling around inside our head, heart and soul but we never act on them for fear of…what? What are we afraid of? Success? Triumph? Failure? Getting laughed at?

So, we sit in our “box” and watch the world go by. Stop doing that. Use the energy of this month’s new moon to dig deep down inside your heart and soul, discover what truly will make your heart and soul sing and act on it. If you don’t do it now, when will you do it? How long will you keep saying “I’ll do it tomorrow”? One day, that tomorrow won’t show up.

It’s time to make those changes that will impact your life in ways that will blow your mind. Stop worrying about things that haven’t happened (and might not even) and start doing things to live the life you deserve.

Happy New Moon’ing! (oh!!)

Peace and Love

Iva xo




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