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Why Forgiving Others is So Important to Your Mental Health

Oh the dreaded forgiveness blog, right? Always so much resistance comes up when we talk about forgiveness. AND, I love to talk about forgiveness. I do. I believe with 100% of everything I am that you cannot move forward in life with peace, freedom and happiness unless you forgive all the people who hurt you.

coffee mug-truths about life

23 Deep Truths About Life That Will Change the Way You Think

Life is a funny thing isn’t it. I mean not funny ha ha but funny hmmmm. We’re stuck in a belly for approximately 9 months, we’re born, we go through this labyrinth for an undetermined time and then poof, we’re gone. So what is life and what is it that we are forgetting about life?

healing gemstones

10 Powerful Healing Gemstones Everyone Should Own

I want to be buried in a bed of healing gemstones. I love love love all my stones and I literally could hang out at a gem and crystal show all day long. Now down here in Guatemala they don’t have shows like that but what they do have is a street lined with gem

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Stuck at Home? 13 Ultimate Ways to Keep Your Sanity

So unless you’ve been living under a rock these last few weeks some serious stuff is going down. The whole world is in chaos and rightfully so. There is a serious virus going around. But I don’t want to make this article about that. We’re gonna talk about what you can do while you are

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Being An Empath During Mercury Retrograde Can Be Tough

I mean, being an empath in general can be tough all on its own but add Mercury Retrograde into the mix and oy. The energies are off the charts and people are slightly irritated and agitated right now. Ok maybe more than slightly. They are downright frantic. You know, poor Merc sure has a bad

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5 Fun Steps To Overcome Sadness So You Can Be Happy Again!

Let’s face it. Life can sometimes suck and not everything goes according to plan. That’s why I think planning can be slightly overrated. Anyway. When we are dealing with tough circumstances or feel like we have failed at something and nothing is going right, there is no one to depend on but yourself to see

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How To Love Yourself More and 5 Reasons Why It’s So Hard

If you need to learn how to love yourself more you’re on the right page…read on my friend and get ready for a healing journey of a lifetime. You know, I’ve come a long way from where I was, say, 5 years ago. I mean back then I really hated myself. Almost everything about me

Full moon February 2020-Be courageous and strong

Full Moon February 2020-Be Courageous, Be Strong, Be Passionate

Ah the lovely full moon is once again upon us. Do you love it as much as I do? SO much energy flying around for this one. The main energies for the full moon in February are asking you to be courageous, be strong, be passionate but be cautious. The full moon this month, also

30 motivational quotes for women

30 Motivational Quotes For Women To Empower and Uplift You!

Let’s face it, being a woman is tough. Does it not feel like we are expected to do so much more than a man? Maybe that’s just me. Anyway I find that when I’m going through really tough times reading motivational quotes for women really lifts me up and reminds me just how strong and

why i am grateful for all the abusive people in my life

5 Reasons Why I Am Grateful To All the Abusive People In My Life

Right now I know you want to know what I’m smoking. You think I’ve lost my senses. Why should I be grateful to all the abusive people in my life? Well here are 5 things you need to thank your abusers for. You’ll thank me at the end too! Moving on….. Let’s talk about the


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