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common dreams people have

6 of the Most Common Dreams People Have and What They Mean

Ah, the dream. Who doesn’t love dreaming? Are you one of those people who remember every single dream, and detail about it, or are you like me and forget most of them all the time? That makes me crazy. Anyway, I decided to write a blog (this one here!) and common dreams people have and

5 Mindfulness Techniques to Reduce Anxiety and Feel Calmer

Even the happiest of people have down days. Yup they sure do. Do you know there are some simple and quick fixes to pick yourself back up again? We don’t like to stay down too long so you figure out how the heck to get out of a poopy mood. Applying mindfulness techniques will snap

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45 Disney Movie Quotes That Will Warm Your Heart

Who doesn’t love Disney movies?? Though I am a fan, I also love Pixar movies too!! To be honest, I love anything animated and full of life and fun, with the odd life lesson thrown in. I thought I’d compile a nice list of Disney movie quotes to cheer you up today and remind you

How to get a fresh start in life and leave the past behind

How To Get a Fresh Start On Life and Leave the Past Behind

Are You Ready For a Fresh Start in Life? Who’s up for a fresh start in life, raise your hands and shout “mememememe”!!! I remember about 5 years ago I was sad, miserable, frustrated and tired of my life in Canada. I knew I needed something more. I knew I wanted to start a new

it's ok to say no notepad

How to Deal With Guilt When You Have to Say NO to Someone

Learning how to deal with guilt when you have to say NO to someone I’m a yes girl. A people pleaser. I hate saying no to people. I will say yes first and then figure out a way to do the thing I just said yes to. But it’s not just that. I honestly don’t

lao tzu quotes

35 Profound Lao Tzu Quotes (that can change your life)

Before we get into the 35 Lao Tzu quotes that will def change your life, you should probably know who he is, just in case you really don’t have a clue. So many of us are familiar with great philosophers like Dalai Lama, Osho, Rumi, Buddha but who’s Lao Tzu? You might also like these

tattooed girl-sassy quotes blog

20 Sassy Quotes To Boost Your Self Confidence and Self Esteem

20 Sassy Quotes to Boost Your Self Esteem Oh how I love quotes. All kinds. I especially love the funny and sassy quotes, the not so serious ones that force us to lighten up a wee bit. Though I have to say my favourites always will be positive and inspirational ones. These quotes always manage

make today beautiful text on heart-how to have a happier life blog

10 Things to Do to Live a Happy Life

We get up, get everyone ready for work/school, rush off to our own jobs, come home, get dinner ready, watch TV, get everyone back to bed. Sleep, rinse and repeat. Isn’t there more to life than that??? Yup there sure is. A lot more. So how do get to that happy place?? You’re in luck!

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7 Amazing Benefits of Helping Others (and why you always should!)

I want to share a personal story with you. Warning though, it’s hard and sad, so sad. And then following the story I want to give you 7 amazing benefits of helping others and why you always should if you get the chance. I had the chance and turned a blind eye. I will never

15 healing quotes for your broken heart

15 Deep Healing Quotes For Your Broken Heart and Soul

How many of you just had your heart broken or you are still hurting from your last heartbreak months or years ago? Let’s face it, heartbreak sucks. I want to share some beautiful healing quotes for your broken heart. I know whenever I am going through a really hard time I automatically go look for


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