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Making Friends as An Adult Is Harder Than You Think.

You know, making friends was a lot easier when you were in elementary school. We all just played together and had fun and the worst crime was not sharing your chocolate bar. As an adult, making friends isn’t so easy anymore. It’s almost a game of Russian Roulette. Ok, maybe not that bad but you

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To All the Mothers Who Don’t Deserve to Be Honored.

So another Mother’s Day is here. I’m a mom. My son loves me to the moon and back. He’s a good kid but he’s also really good at forgetting Mother’s Day. He doesn’t do it on purpose. “Mom, why do you need one special day to honor you? I love you every day.” Well, I

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How to Recover From a Breakup in 5 Simple Steps

Ah breaking up sucks, doesn’t it? Especially if they dumped you. How could they? You did everything you thought you were supposed to do to keep this relationship alive and loving. You did everything you thought you should do to make your partner happy. Even after all that hard work, they still dumped you. What

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What to Do When Your Spouse Wants a Divorce (but you don’t)

“I’ve had enough. There’s nothing left that can bind us together. I’m leaving you.” Can’t believe your ears? Hard for you to accept the fact that your wife is out of the relationship? These are not mere “words”. She is claiming she wants a divorce and she means it too. For you, everything was just

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The Love Affair That I Will Always Remember. My Love Story.

I thought long and hard before deciding to write this blog. It’s kind of personal, but it also tells a story of the power of love and what it can do to a person. I’m not much into one night stands. I quit that gig many moons ago, and really prefer to have long lasting

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Dealing With Divorce-The Secret to Healing Much Faster

Dealing with divorce is tough for many reasons. Not only are we dealing with the emotions and logistics and finances, but after the dust has settled, we may feel like our life’s plans have changed direction. The life you planned and your vision of the future may disappear, leaving you with a feeling of not

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Do These 5 Things First Before You Start Looking For Love

I’m a writer. I love what I do. I lose myself in writing and telling stories. Some of my stories are funny (I’d like to think so anyway), some are gentle rants while others discuss overcoming challenges. Whatever the topic is, you get a big piece of me in every blog post. Yup, I love

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The Truth About Friendship: 12 Things You Really Need to Know

The friendships we forge across our lifetimes are hugely important to our wellbeing. They are sources of comfort, joy, and love in a world that can often seem harsh and unwelcoming. They shape us as individuals and form a large part of our memories. They provide stability against the backdrop of an ever changing reality.


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