New Moon Rituals-Do These Every Month and Watch What Happens

I am so deeply in love with the full moon and the new moon. Honestly, I’m like a kid at Christmas time waiting for Santa’s arrival.These moons are a time of so much growth, hope, possibilities and surprise opportunities. They are also a time for reflection, my favourite part, to see what’s working and what’s not. What your next move should be and where you need to focus more. Also, the biggest one, what to let go of. This is where new moon rituals come in to play.

Do you feel the energy?

I’m really sensitive to energies, all energies, and while not many are, some of you may discover that during the new moon and full moon time, you feel slightly different. You may be super emotional or super pissed off. You may feel pensive or you may feel fully charged and ready to dominate the world.

Whatever the case may be, there are energies during this time and if you don’t pay attention to them, you may not handle them correctly. If your energy is angry and resilient, it is definitely a time for you to practice more patience, not lash out. (honestly, you can only blame so much on pms!)

It’s always helpful to do a little reading up on things like this so that you learn how to work with the energies, instead of against them. I try to spend at least a couple of hours a week chilling with Kindle, reading, learning and growing.

New moon rituals

So it should come as no surprise that I’m a new moon rituals kinda gal. I don’t even set my clock or an alarm. I know exactly what day the new moon falls on weeks before it gets here and wait in anticipation for it. This goes for the full moon too! (I’ll be blogging about my full moon rituals as well)

Now before we get into this ritual thing there is one thing you absolutely positively need to know. I can’t tell you how many times someone has referred to it as woo woo or witchcraft. Don’t be ridiculous. Do you think your vision board or mind map is woo woo or witchcraft? Of course you don’t. But it’s still a manifestation technique. A ritual you perform to bring about goodness in your life, yes?

There are a few definitions of ritual and while many do make reference to religion, this definition says it best:

Nowhere in there does it say witchcraft, woo woo or religion. See? We’re good to go! Let’s get started on our new moon rituals.

Let’s begin.

The night of the new moon, find a relaxing quiet place, away from distractions. Turn off your phone, noisy notifications on other devices, etc. You only need about half an hour to an hour (or really however long you are comfortable to meditate, write and zen out)

  1. Turn on some soft light meditative music (I find lots of great tracks on YouTube) get your favourite journalling book or a nice clean notepad and your favourite pen. You could always do this on your iPad/Phone or computer but I find it’s better without electronics and to do it the old fashioned way.
  2. Light some candles, scented or not, and/or some of your essential oils in a warmer.
  3. Sit quietly and meditate for about 10-15 minutes, calming yourself and getting into manifestation mode.
  4. When you’re done, write out 5-10 wishes you would like to manifest in the next month. Make it realistic and believable. Manifesting $1,000,000 in a month, though could happen, is highly unlikely. If you’re looking for a new job or perhaps a promotion is quite possible. Wishes like that.
  5. Feel each wish you write out. Feel the feelings you would feel when the wish comes true.
  6. Carefully tear the page out and fold it up nicely. Hold it in your hands for awhile while really feeling each wish you wrote out. Sit in this for awhile. I usually sit here for about 10 minutes with this. I go through each wish and visualize them. The feeling is really quite beautiful.
  7. Now take this page and place it under your mattress by your pillow. Leave it here until the next new moon.

(on a side note-I like to have my favourite crystals close by too-amethyst, rose quartz, moonstone)

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In a month

The day of the next new moon, take this page out and have a look at it. What manifested, what didn’t, what did you come really close to? Analyze it and see if maybe something just isn’t for you and you should manifest something better or different with the new moon for the following month.

I hope you enjoyed this new moon blog. If you did, please share it out! Have you checked out my new self help guide yet? It’s jam packed full of all the tips, tools and tricks you will need to get control of your life and your happiness!!

Peace and Love


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6 of the Most Common Dreams and What They Mean.

Ah, the dream. Who doesn’t love dreaming? Are you one of those people who remembers every single dream, and detail about it, or are you like me and forget most of them all the time? That makes me crazy ’cause I’m sure I have some pretty colourful and fun dreams, I just wish I could remember them. Many of us have common dreams and are unsure of their meanings.

Do you ever wonder what some of the symbols mean? I’m sure most of us want to know what the most common dream symbols are and what they mean. I know I do.

There was a time, actually, quite awhile ago, where I did have lots of dreams and I remembered most of them. Why I don’t any more still baffles me but whatever. This ain’t about me it’s about you and your dreams. Let’s have a look at some of the most common dreams and what they mean.

6 Common Dreams


The symbol of freedom. Weeeee!! This can be that you are finally feeling free and loving every minute of it OR that you are feeling trapped and suffocated and long to be free. It could mean that something has been tying you down for a very long time and you are eager to break free from it, or wish you could. Pay attention to this one.

Running or being chased.

This should almost be self explanatory really. There is something in real life that you desperately wish you could leave or run from and this could be a person, a place or a thing, like maybe your job or your boss, your mother in law or maybe even your spouse.

Teeth or teeth falling out

(spitting them out with or without blood).This could pertain to a loss of some sort in your life or a major life change. Their is a feeling of insecurity in some area of your life and it shows up in your dream of your teeth falling out. It could also mean out with the old and in with the new. So perhaps you are losing something but there is something better for you to replace the loss.


Whether it be off a high building or a high mountain, you are falling head first and feel like you are going to crash land, head first. Ouch. This dream means you feel like you have no support either through family or friends or loved ones. You feel insecure and almost helpless. This could be in a relationship or at work or in a family situation. You just feel lost and alone (btw, you won’t land on your head).

Dying or death.

Of course this one is very scary and often will wake us up immediately either crying or panicking. If you have this dream it could mean that you are afraid of losing someone close to you OR on the other hand, there is someone in your life who you wish would go away (this person could be causing you serious physical or emotional pain) Depending on what’s going on in your waking life, this dream could have very deep real meaning.

Trying to scream but you can’t.

I used to have this dream all the time. You’ve lost your voice. You have lots to say but you are too afraid to say it and this could be to a significant other, a family member, your boss or a friend. Something has been bothering you and something serious is on your mind but you don’t have the courage to come out with it. This dream could also mean that you don’t feel people listen to you or take you seriously when you do talk.

I recently had a dream about being late to a blab I had scheduled with Steven Aitchison. These kind of dreams, real life almost, are dreams of your sub conscious playing tricks with you and they aren’t fun. I remember waking up to this and immediately checking my clock. Phew, all good.

Are you a big dreamer? Do you have any of these common dreams? What kind of recurring dreams do you have? Share them in the comments section below.

Shhhhhhh I’m still sleeping….zzzzzz

Peace and Love


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Which of the 6 Types of Dreamers Are You?

Ready for another awesome quiz? Oh this one was fantastic. You know, I try to seek out the best quizzes for you guys and honestly, sometimes that in itself takes up so much of my time. I’m by no means complaining, just letting you know I carefully hand pick the quizzes I think you will love. Like this one. This one talks about the way we dream and what kind of dreamer you are.

This one digs deep to determine what kind of dreamers we are. They aren’t talking about dreamers as in day dreamer, but dreamer as in the kind you have when you are sleeping. I remember when I was living back in Canada I used to have some of the most terrifying dreams. The ones about falling and trying to scream and suffocating and drowning. You know, the horror ones!

Seems however that since I’ve relocated to Guatemala, I rarely have any scary dreams at all and most of my dreams are actually quite pleasant. Anyway after taking this quiz, these are my results:

You’re the healing dreamer! Healing dreams serve as messages for the dreamer in regards to their mental and physical health. The Ancient Greeks called these dreams “prodromic”. Many dream experts believe that dreams can help in avoiding potential problems and healing when you’re ill or when you’re grieving. This is especially true for you. Your body is able to communicate to your mind through dreams. These dreams can “tell” you that something is not quite right with your body even before any physical symptoms show up. If you can understand the language of your dreams, they will serve as an invaluable early warning system! They can inform, advise and heal you!

What type of dreamer are you?

Go ahead and take this test to find out what type of dreamer you are. Drop your results below so we can know what the other types were!

5 Things to Remember When Your Dreams Don’t Come True.

I have a dream.

Don’t we all? We should all have many dreams actually. Dreams keep us young and give us something to look forward to or, at the very least, give us something fun to work towards which, in turn, keeps us busy, productive and determined…or

Something like that…

When we have a dream, there are a few questions we ask ourselves almost immediately:

  • how long will it take to achieve it
  • is it possible (and really, just about anything is possible)
  • can I do it
  • how bad do I want it
  • what will others think (ya, most of us still have those thoughts I think)
  • when should I get started

I mean, there’s probably a million more questions but these are the ones that pop up into my mind first.

Let’s kick this dream into high gear.

Ok, so we’ve decided it’s time. Let’s do this shit. Pull out everything you’ve learned about the Law of Attraction and manifesting miracles. Grab your headphones and listen to every imaginable podcast and video there was ever produced to help you manifest the life of your dreams. Krazy glue your vision board to your office wall. Make a pretty journal dedicated JUST to this dream. You got this.

Here we go…..

and then…

Nothing happened. It didn’t happen. You did everything you were told to do and you fell flat.

So, Universe, what the actual fuck? Like, really? Is this a joke?

Nope. It sure isn’t. That dream? Not for you. Nope. But wait, before you start beating yourself up and wondering where you went wrong, take these 5 things into serious consideration because after all, it’s not all your fault. Please keep in mind, some of these may be hard to swallow at the moment and you’ll probably wanna cuss me out and shit but….anyway.

It wasn’t meant for you.

Really. It wasn’t. Sometimes what we think we really want is clouded by our one directional mind. Kinda like that whole not seeing the forest for the trees or not seeing the trees through the forest or however the fuck that saying goes (you know that one goes, you get it).

There is something better for you.

How many times have you heard that one? Does it make the hair on the back of your next stand up when someone says that to you? Well, it’s true though. You didn’t get what you wanted because it’s not good enough for you. The Universe stepped in and saved you (you can thank her later).

You’re free now.

Admit it, once your dream fell apart (or fell through) you breathed a small sigh of relief. You know you did. We practically heard it all the way here. Working towards realizing your dream was taking a toll on you. It was. It’s fucking exhausting. You can rest and recharge now. Decompress if you will. It’s time for you to take time for you.

How smart are you now?

I bet you are absolutely brilliant now! I mean, look at all those things you learned while you were trying to work on your dream. You would have never learned any of that stuff if it wasn’t for this dream. You may not need this new skills soon but one day I bet they will come in handy, if not for you, maybe for you to help someone else (and helping others really is so much fun!!!).

Stand tall and proud.

Self confidence anyone? Your’s probably took a big dump but remember something here, what you did and all steps you took to try to make this shit work, well most people probably wouldn’t have even had the balls to start and try. You did!! Look at you! You will soon become everyone’s hero. Trust me on this one. Everyone loves someone with balls (ok that came out wrong).

You know, dreaming big isn’t for the faint of heart. Actually, taking your dreams and working your ass off to bring them to reality is friggin hard and not everyone is up for that kinda hard work. You were, you did and you are stronger, smarter and wiser for it all. Yay you!

I think I’d like to be a unicorn.

Peace and Love