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Which 1 of the 6 Types of Dreamers Are You?

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Ready for another awesome quiz? Oh this one was fantastic. You know, I try to seek out the best quizzes for you guys and honestly, sometimes that in itself takes up so much of my time. I’m by no means complaining, just letting you know I carefully hand pick the quizzes I think you will love.

Like this one.

Apparently there are 6 types of dreamers. Who knew?

This one digs deep to determine what kind of dreamers we are. They aren’t talking about dreamers as in day dreamer, but dreamer as in the kind you have when you are sleeping. I remember when I was living back in Canada I used to have some of the most terrifying dreams.

The ones about falling and trying to scream and suffocating and drowning. You know, the horror ones!

Seems however that since I’ve relocated to Guatemala, I rarely have any scary dreams at all and most of my dreams are actually quite pleasant. Anyway after taking this quiz, these are my results:

My results

You’re the healing dreamer!

Healing dreams serve as messages for the dreamer in regards to their mental and physical health. The Ancient Greeks called these dreams “prodromic”. Many dream experts believe that dreams can help in avoiding potential problems and healing when you’re ill or when you’re grieving.

This is especially true for you. Your body is able to communicate to your mind through dreams. These dreams can “tell” you that something is not quite right with your body even before any physical symptoms show up. If you can understand the language of your dreams, they will serve as an invaluable early warning system!

They can inform, advise and heal you!

What one of the dreamers are you?

Go ahead and take this test to find out what type of dreamer you are. Drop your results below so we can know what the other types were! If you liked this quiz, you might also like this one!

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  1. I 100% agree with this one. My dreams are of what happens in the future. Growing up I always had this same dream and when the event took place it unfolded as my dream did and all the pieces came to life. I dreamt since a child of the night my mom was murdered. It was almost me but my instinct told me to go to to work.

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