How to Build Confidence After Divorce

how to build confidence after divorce

How to build your confidence after divorce. Divorce really has a way of wrecking our lives. Not only are we learning to be single again, we are also forced to adapt to new realities of a change in lifestyle, schedules, and retirement plans. As if these challenges are not overwhelming enough, there’s another struggle we must […]

The Ugly Truth About Spousal Abandonment and How to Deal With It

the ugly truth about spousal abandonment, how to deal with abandonment, when your spouse leaves you

As the weather gets colder and the orange and yellow leaves start to fall from the trees, I’ve been thinking a lot about a growing trend in divorce. The ugly truth is that it is happening more and more often these days. The case of spouse abandonment, aka when you thought the marriage was fine […]

How to Deal With Loneliness After a Divorce (or Breakup)

how to beat loneliness after divorce, dealing with loneliness after divorce

When you are recovering from divorce, dealing with loneliness is definitely an obstacle that keeps you from moving on. We get stuck in this mindset because it makes us feel like we have nobody in the world. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Take a look at the mindful strategies that can help […]

One Simple Technique to Get You Through Divorce Bitterness

one simple technique to get through divorce anger, how to deal with divorce bitterness, dealing with anger from divorce

Getting your life back after divorce can be hard. There are financial issues, co-parenting, and emotional roller-coasters to ride that can leave us feeling exhausted, wondering if we’ll ever move on and feel happy. Among these stressors, one of the most challenging obstacles to overcome when recovering from divorce is one that can grab hold […]

How to Pick Your Divorce Battles Without Going Crazy.

divorce, how to be happy, moving on, how to move on, letting go, how to let go, crazy, forgiveness, grief, starting a new life, how to move on, life after divorce

It came down to three things, all of which seem so silly right now: a nice car, new furniture, and when to drop off the dogs on the weekend. These things were my lines in the sand—what I had chosen to fight over during my divorce. I wasn’t as good at choosing my battles then […]

What to Do When Your Spouse Wants a Divorce (but you don’t)

divorce, marital troubles, relationship breakdown, forgiveness, life coach, separation, spouse wants a divorce, how to be happy, letting go, moving on, just let it go

“I’ve had enough. There’s nothing left that can bind us together. I’m leaving you.” Can’t believe your ears? Hard for you to accept the fact that your wife is out of the relationship? These are not mere “words”. She is claiming she wants a divorce and she means it too. For you, everything was just […]

Dealing With Divorce-The Secret to Healing Much Faster

dealing with divorce, anger, healing, forgiveness, self love, self awareness, self confidence, relationship advice, divorce, attitude,self confidence

Dealing with divorce is tough for many reasons. Not only are we dealing with the emotions and logistics and finances, but after the dust has settled, we may feel like our life’s plans have changed direction. The life you planned and your vision of the future may disappear, leaving you with a feeling of not […]

4 Easy Ways to Boost Your Self Confidence After Divorce.

divorce, freedom, joy, happiness, sadness, forgiveness, self love, self esteem,

For many of us, after a divorce or a separation, the first thing to go is our self confidence. How did we fail, why is this happening to us, what went wrong? Yup! Our self confidence takes a big hit. This is a great piece from guest writer Martha Bodyfelt on life after divorce. So, […]