3 Types of People Affected by the Word NO!

You know, no is a funny word, right? We hear it and we stop. You ask a question, the answer is no, you accept it and walk away. The end. You may not like the answer no, but it’s too late, really, you’ve already acknowledged the  fact that that’s what the answer is. It’s too late and you move on. This girl has a hard time taking NO for an answer. In my opinion, the word no affects people in a few different ways.

NO does a few things to us, or to our egos I should say.  Let’s break this down into 3 categories for simplicity sake. Here are the 3 types of people and how the word no affects them.

The Failures

For some, it makes us feel like failures. We did a job or asked for a job or completed a task or whathaveyou and the person on the receiving/questioning end wasn’t satisfied. The first word out of their mouth was NO, that’s not good enough, or NO that’s not what we are looking for or NO that’s not acceptable. You get the idea here. They have shut us down faster than you can blink an eye.

We suck. We failed. We’re no good at this thing. We put our tail between our legs and move along. We’ll never try/do/ask that thing again. Why would we? So many people have already said NO to it, we must be terrible at it.

The Scaredy-Cats

(I honestly couldn’t think of another term and scaredy-cats came to mind. Take no offence please)

These guys hear NO and they cower back to the safe confines of home. They use NO as a safe word. It’s the word that, when they hear it, makes them go running for cover in the safe plastic bubble they comfortably wrap themselves in, never to venture out again. Why would they? It’s scary out in the world with so many people saying NO all the time. Right?

The Badasses

Then there are the badasses who take the word NO, glare at it head on and say “Oh ya? Fuck you!” The word NO is nothing more than a mere suggestion to them. It suggests that possibilities are just around the corner. The word NO fires them up and gets them excited and ready for war. The word NO is super powerful to them.

Why? Because it gets them ready for the next challenge of their life. The next phase of their life. The next adventure.

If The Door Closes

Kick that fucker down. You know, that whole “when one door closes another one opens” bullshit is only half true in my opinion. Why do we just walk away from a closed door? I don’t get that. Why don’t we want to know what’s behind it? How determined should we be?

I’m never sure if I’m just plain stubborn, stupid or silly but when doors close (except for relationship doors but that’s a whole other blog) I want to bust those fuckers open and find out what’s behind them. Maybe there is something really awesome back there for me. Maybe there is nothing more than a life lesson for me. All I know is that something is behind that door and I need to find out what it is.

Where Would I Be Now?

So let me brief you on my story so you can see where I pull this logic from. I wanted to be a freelance writer/Angel Card Reader and give up my full time job as a hairstylist, working in a mall in Northern Ontario, Canada. I wanted to live in Central America and help feed the hungry while being a freelancer. I wanted a life of freedom. (by the way, I do and I did)

I had to prove myself to many big names on the web. They pretty much all said NO. Hundreds and months of NO’s. Until one day someone finally said YES! Can you imagine if I had stopped after 10, 30 or even 50 NO’s? Can you imagine if I just sat and stared at the closed door for just a moment and then walked away?

Just Say NO to NO!

I said NO to NO because I believed in myself and my desire to have a better life. To try new things. To experience all that life has to offer me. I said NO to NO because I have more power in my determination and desire than the word NO has in it’s two letters. I pulled up my big girl panties and said NO to NO because life is meant to be lived.

Next time someone says NO, go ask someone else. Next time a door closes knock harder. Next time you hear NO, shout YES back!


Peace and Love


6 of the Most Common Dreams and What They Mean.

Ah, the dream. Who doesn’t love dreaming? Are you one of those people who remembers every single dream, and detail about it, or are you like me and forget most of them all the time? That makes me crazy ’cause I’m sure I have some pretty colourful and fun dreams, I just wish I could remember them. Many of us have common dreams and are unsure of their meanings.

Do you ever wonder what some of the symbols mean? I’m sure most of us want to know what the most common dream symbols are and what they mean. I know I do.

There was a time, actually, quite awhile ago, where I did have lots of dreams and I remembered most of them. Why I don’t any more still baffles me but whatever. This ain’t about me it’s about you and your dreams. Let’s have a look at some of the most common dreams and what they mean.

6 Common Dreams


The symbol of freedom. Weeeee!! This can be that you are finally feeling free and loving every minute of it OR that you are feeling trapped and suffocated and long to be free. It could mean that something has been tying you down for a very long time and you are eager to break free from it, or wish you could. Pay attention to this one.

Running or being chased.

This should almost be self explanatory really. There is something in real life that you desperately wish you could leave or run from and this could be a person, a place or a thing, like maybe your job or your boss, your mother in law or maybe even your spouse.

Teeth or teeth falling out

(spitting them out with or without blood).This could pertain to a loss of some sort in your life or a major life change. Their is a feeling of insecurity in some area of your life and it shows up in your dream of your teeth falling out. It could also mean out with the old and in with the new. So perhaps you are losing something but there is something better for you to replace the loss.


Whether it be off a high building or a high mountain, you are falling head first and feel like you are going to crash land, head first. Ouch. This dream means you feel like you have no support either through family or friends or loved ones. You feel insecure and almost helpless. This could be in a relationship or at work or in a family situation. You just feel lost and alone (btw, you won’t land on your head).

Dying or death.

Of course this one is very scary and often will wake us up immediately either crying or panicking. If you have this dream it could mean that you are afraid of losing someone close to you OR on the other hand, there is someone in your life who you wish would go away (this person could be causing you serious physical or emotional pain) Depending on what’s going on in your waking life, this dream could have very deep real meaning.

Trying to scream but you can’t.

I used to have this dream all the time. You’ve lost your voice. You have lots to say but you are too afraid to say it and this could be to a significant other, a family member, your boss or a friend. Something has been bothering you and something serious is on your mind but you don’t have the courage to come out with it. This dream could also mean that you don’t feel people listen to you or take you seriously when you do talk.

I recently had a dream about being late to a blab I had scheduled with Steven Aitchison. These kind of dreams, real life almost, are dreams of your sub conscious playing tricks with you and they aren’t fun. I remember waking up to this and immediately checking my clock. Phew, all good.

Are you a big dreamer? Do you have any of these common dreams? What kind of recurring dreams do you have? Share them in the comments section below.

Shhhhhhh I’m still sleeping….zzzzzz

Peace and Love


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5 Life Questions You Need to Ask Yourself Today to Be Happier!

Seems we whiz through life with blinders on. Get up, go to work, come home, TV, back to bed, rinse and repeat. Sound like you? This was definitely me a few years ago. Mind you, I was in a relationship that I felt, at the time, I was stuck in (you are never stuck anywhere, but that’s another blog post). There were many life questions I knew I had to ask myself to get some clarity .

I had a life but it was boring as hell and I yearned for more. I desperately longed for more and I knew in my heart of hearts there WAS more. Somewhere out there, there was more. It was up to me to find it. So I started to ask myself some much needed questions.

I get that many of us are in jobs we really don’t like but we have to pay the bills, right?. I also get that many of us are in relationships that no longer offer any sort of fulfilment. So many of us just feel stuck (there’s that word again).

How many of you are sitting in your comfy recliner looking out the window with  a nice cup of tea, ok or a glass filled with wine, and wondering to yourself “is there more?”. Well there certainly is.  To find it is certainly not for the faint of heart.

If you are thinking to yourself that life has more to offer, here are some life questions that maybe you should take some time to ask yourself to see if you are, indeed, ready for a new and exciting life. One filled with happiness, adventure, love and joy.

Here are 5 life questions to ask yourself today.

Am I happy enough right now?

By right now and by happy enough I mean,  with your work, your relationships, yourself, your surroundings. When you stop and take stock of everything in your life right now, are you happy? Is there room for improvement? Can something go to make room for more goodness in your life? Don’t be afraid to take inventory to see what’s ok and what’s gotta go. This is my favourite life question. We’re too busy making others happy. What about you?

Am I doing enough? 

Enough for yourself. Can you dream bigger, can you take more chances, are you giving back to the world and the community and people? Can you do more for the people around you or maybe even your local homeless shelter? Is travel on your mind? Maybe some ziplining adventures? Are you doing enough in your life for you and the people around you?

Am I ever going to realize this dream? 

You have a dream inside of you that is slowly dying. Every now and then you bring it to the surface, look at it, pet it and put it back in the depths of your soul and your heart. You long to live it but………….but what? Why haven’t you? What are you afraid of? Life? Living? Failure? Success? Just do it, whatever it is that you want to do, go do it.

What am I missing? 

What ARE you missing? Thrills, adventures, love, freedom, peace, joy, happiness any or all of the above? Did you know that all that wants you too? Is there a place you want to go see, a car you really want to drive, a picture you want to paint? Is there an anxiety, a tugging in your heart that is saying “Hey come on, let’s do this!!”?

Could I do this? 

Do you desperately want to leave a job, spouse, friendship, whatever, but are really unsure? You’re not sure if you can make it on your own. You’re not sure if you have the balls to leave. You’re just scared of leaving and scared of life after you leave. So many unknowns. So much fear. So much overwhelm. So many thought provoking life questions!!

You can:

  • do
  • be
  • have

whatever you want. Really. The only thing standing in your way of a dream life is you. Sorry, yes I said it. YOU are in your own way. Your fears will stop you every time!

You know, this is the only life you have here. One chance. That’s it that’s all. How do you want to live it? In fear, sadness, in a comfort zone and full of “I wish”es or one of ridiculous joy, because when it comes right down to it, that’s what we’re all here for anyway. A life of ridiculous joy. Go live it.

Who’s up for ziplining this weekend?

Peace and Love



How to Listen to Your Intuition and Why it’s So Important!

That. You know what “that” is. You feel it more and more these days. In the beginning you just felt it a little. Then as the days came and went, you felt it more and more. Now it’s so strong, well, you simply can’t ignore it. You know what “that” is. Your intuition. You know it. But…..

…you ignored it.

There It Is Again!

Another day arrives and there’s that feeling again. You keep pushing it away though. That feeling. You try to explain it, try to make sense of it, but no one understands it. No one but you. It comes back more often these days. When you first had that feeling it was almost fleeting, a little spark, a flicker of excitement. Now when it arrives, it’s fierce, strong and not to be ignored. But…..

….you did and you do.

There it is again and again and again. Do you know why it keeps coming back, and now, more often than ever before? Do you know why it keeps visiting you and seemingly taunting you? Do you understand what that feeling really truly is?

Your intuition is your soul’s longing.

Yet we keep ignoring it. We ignore that feeling that is our signal, our wake up call, to who we are and why we are here. Short of it being able to scream at you or smack you upside the head, this feeling, your intuition, is your alert.

But we keep ignoring it. Why?

We are all here for a reason. It’s not just to be born, grow up, get a job, pay bills, and die. We are here for FAR FAR more than that. FAR more. Someone invented electricity, someone invented cars, someone invited airplanes, someone invented computers, someone started global charitable organizations. Do you see? These people had a passion and a purpose and they dove right in, embraced it and brought it to life. Some, larger than life.

Why not you?

Oh wait. You keep thinking you can’t. You’re not good enough, smart enough, rich enough, enough enough. You just keep putting out your fire, your spark, because you keep thinking you can’t. You keep thinking you aren’t big enough or special enough to do what your heart is calling you to do.

We think that these dreams, passions, purposes, well they’re for the bigger guys, the smarter guys, certainly not us.

Why not you? Who said you can’t?  Why can’t you be the one? No really, why not? Give me one good reason why you can’t. Know one thing and never forget it. When you want something bad enough, when that fire is burning inside of you SO bad, when you feel that passion and desire with every single ounce of who you are and what you are made up of, nothing and I mean absolutely fucking nothing will stand in your way.

Do you get that? Do you understand that? NOTHING!

Get out of your way.

YOU are the only person standing in your way. YOU are the one denying yourself of the life you deserve to live. YOU are the one who is responsible for your life and responsible for all the decisions you make. Yes you. If you aren’t, then something in your life needs to change and that something is you. Why are you letting someone else control your life?

YOU are the captain of your ship, and the way your ship is going, whatever direction it is sailing, is because of you. But you keep steering it in the wrong direction. You are bringing it safely to calm water, closer to shore. It’s safer there.

You won’t get another chance.

This is it. This is your life, live, right now. Why are you stopping yourself from living the life you really truly passionately and desperately want to live? Why? You don’t get a second chance. You know that right? Do you want to be 75 or 80 or 90 with a sad face and be disappointed because you knew with all your heart when you were younger you could have made a difference and you didn’t and now it’s too late?

Do you get that? Make a difference today. Live your purpose and your passion. Change the world. Do it.

Peace and Love