How To Get Over Someone You Love (and move the f**k on)

how to get over someone you love

How to Get Over Someone You Love UGH! I remember some 7 years ago or so, maybe more, when I left my abusive relationship of 8 years I spent many days wondering how I was ever going to move on from this. I think we all have these moments, amirite? We wonder if getting over […]

How To Forgive Yourself and Move On in 5 Easy Steps

coffee mug and paper that says forgive yourself and others

If you read any of my posts ever at all (and I hope you do!) you know I’m a huge fan of forgiveness. But not only forgiving myself but also forgiving those who hurt me. Now what I get an awful lot of over on my Facebook page (when I do Livestreams) is how to […]

How to Free Yourself From Emotional Pain By Doing This One Thing

how to free yourself from emotional pain

If you follow my blogs you know I’m a huge advocate for writing and journaling. I believe, truly believe, that healing from emotional pain does not come without forgiveness. In order to move past the hurt, we must forgive. Now many of us don’t want to forgive others or don’t believe the person who hurt […]