This Beautiful Colour Test Will Reveal Your Secret Gift.

Fun quiz time. You know I’m a sucker for a good quiz that’s gonna tell me something about myself I don’t already know. I mean, don’t we all need these tests to tell us who and what and where we are? Ha! Of course not, but I just love these because I always want to know if the results are accurate or bullshit. This beautiful colour quiz was fun to do and the results were actually shocking.

It revealed to me that my secret gift is being a Public Speaker and ironically enough, I’m always the first one up to get in front of people to talk. I have no problem doing that. I mean, I do get a little jittery sometimes but I think that’s just the adrenaline rush. Also, ironically enough, I have longed to be a speaker at a motivational/personal development for event years and still hope that one day I can be that.

I know you all already have a gift. We are all gifted and talented in some way shape or form. I know you already know what your gift is, or, do you? Maybe you have it but you’ve never considered it a gift? Why not take this fun and beautiful colour quiz to find out what your secret gift is. Drop your results down below if you’re up for it.

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How to Listen to Your Intuition and Why it’s So Important!

That. You know what “that” is. You feel it more and more these days. In the beginning you just felt it a little. Then as the days came and went, you felt it more and more. Now it’s so strong, well, you simply can’t ignore it. You know what “that” is. Your intuition. You know it. But…..

…you ignored it.

There It Is Again!

Another day arrives and there’s that feeling again. You keep pushing it away though. That feeling. You try to explain it, try to make sense of it, but no one understands it. No one but you. It comes back more often these days. When you first had that feeling, that intuition,  it was almost fleeting, a little spark, a flicker of excitement. Now when it arrives, it’s fierce, strong and not to be ignored. But…..

….you did and you do.

There it is again and again and again. Do you know why it keeps coming back, and now, more often than ever before? Do you know why it keeps visiting you and seemingly taunting you? Do you understand what that feeling really truly is?

Your intuition is your soul’s longing.

Yet we keep ignoring our intuition. We ignore that feeling that is our signal, our wake up call, to who we are and why we are here. Short of it being able to scream at you or smack you upside the head, this feeling, your intuition, is your alert.

But we keep ignoring it. Why?

We are all here for a reason. It’s not just to be born, grow up, get a job, pay bills, and die. We are here for FAR FAR more than that. FAR more. Someone invented electricity, someone invented cars, someone invited airplanes, someone invented computers, someone started global charitable organizations. Do you see? These people had a passion and a purpose and they dove right in, embraced it and brought it to life. Some, larger than life.

Why not you?

Oh wait. You keep thinking you can’t. You’re not good enough, smart enough, rich enough, enough enough. You just keep putting out your fire, your spark, because you keep thinking you can’t. You keep thinking you aren’t big enough or special enough to do what your heart is calling you to do.

We think that these dreams, passions, purposes, well they’re for the bigger guys, the smarter guys, certainly not us.

Why not you? Who said you can’t?  Why can’t you be the one? No really, why not? Give me one good reason why you can’t. Know one thing and never forget it. When you want something bad enough, when that fire is burning inside of you SO bad, when you feel that passion and desire with every single ounce of who you are and what you are made up of, nothing and I mean absolutely fucking nothing will stand in your way.

Do you get that? Do you understand that? NOTHING!

Get out of your way.

YOU are the only person standing in your way. YOU are the one denying yourself of the life you deserve to live. YOU are the one who is responsible for your life and responsible for all the decisions you make. Yes you. If you aren’t, then something in your life needs to change and that something is you. Why are you letting someone else control your life?

YOU are the captain of your ship, and the way your ship is going, whatever direction it is sailing, is because of you. But you keep steering it in the wrong direction. You are bringing it safely to calm water, closer to shore. It’s safer there.

You won’t get another chance.

This is it. This is your life, live, right now. Why are you stopping yourself from living the life you really truly passionately and desperately want to live? Why? You don’t get a second chance. You know that right? Do you want to be 75 or 80 or 90 with a sad face and be disappointed because you knew with all your heart when you were younger you could have made a difference and you didn’t and now it’s too late?

Do you get that? Make a difference today. Live your purpose and your passion. Change the world. Do it.

Peace and Love



5 Simple Tips to Help You When You Are Feeling Stuck

You’re cruising through life with the wind blowing in your hair at high speeds with no fucking clue what the bend up ahead has in store for you. You’ve been sailing on like this now for awhile. You have no clear focus, no clarity, no solutions and no ambition. You have been lost and feeling stuck for far too long and you’ve just about had it. Fear not. I have some simple tips that just might help you.

Sound like anyone you know? I used to get like this alot. All the time as a matter of a fact. I was stuck (and I truly hate to use that word) in a shitty relationship and I fucking hated my life but I also felt numb. I was almost frozen in my space because I had no visions. Nothing mattered and I didn’t want to do anything. I was comfortably numb.

Sort of.

Feeling stuck sucks!!

Hit me like a swift smack upside the head. Picture Cher in that movie (hell if I can remember what it’s called now) “Snap out of it!!” I was so sick of my own ridiculous pity party that I knew something had to give. It donned on me then it was time to change my mindset and my the way I was thinking, feeling and talking to myself. It all sounded and felt horrible.

And I was tired of it all.

It was at that moment, and I wish I could pin it to an exact day or event but I just remember something clicked. It was time to change, everything. My whole life. So I did would anyone would do (er, or maybe just me?). I left my relationship and ventured off into a new world, alone and broke with nothing to my name.

After that whole ordeal, I came out of that unscathed, happier than I’ve ever been in my whole fucking life and a completely new woman. I picked up some life lessons along the way. Like about a million or so. Lemme share some of them with you, especially the ones about how to get unstuck and gain some focus and clarity so you don’t feel lost anymore.

Nothing changes if nothing changes

Capiche? I get that your feeling stuck and lost but you can’t fucking stay there forever. You eventually have to snap out of it and make a move. Any move. Just do something that is different from what you’ve been doing for the last 1, 2 or 10 years. You have got to take at least one tiny little step towards something, anything. Change something soon or you will stay stuck there in your misery for longer than you need to or should.

What drives you?

Think about something or a few things that light a fire under your ass. What makes you sing and do happy dances. There’s got to be one or two things that whenever you do them or think about them, a little spark flickers in your belly and you get all warm and fuzzy. Go chase that!!! This is where your purpose and passion lies. Maybe you like writing or painting or swimming. Maybe you’re a pet lover or you love seniors. Go spend more time doing the things you love to do.

Your emotional health is at stake

….but you already knew that right? The longer you stay in this mode, the more your emotional health will suffer and when that goes, well your physical health will start to follow shortly thereafter. Don’t do that to yourself. You are here to live a life of ridiculous joy. Not to be a physical and emotional wreck. It’s up to you to keep that from happening. Don’t you want to be happy and healthy and full of life and all that good stuff? Of course you do! Pick yourself up now and start doing something to get you out of that rut. Even a simple walk to the park is better than nothing.

Dude, you’re missing out.

Life is waiting for you. People and places and things are waiting for you. Could it be that you have a special gift or talent that someone needs? Or maybe it’s just time for you to grow and you’re afraid. Many times we are feeling stuck or lost simply because we’re afraid of what lies ahead. But you’re missing out if you stay in stuck mode. Face your fears and kick them to the curb.

Your life is on the other side of fear. Go get it.

“Moonstruck” that’s what the movie was….yes?

Still need more help or tips in order to be happy and find true inner peace? Check out my new self help guide to see how I can help!

Peace and Love


The Secret Law of Attraction. What You Really Need to Know.

We have this vision in our head. We use all the tools of manifestation that we’ve been taught and know so well. We see something in our minds, we feel it, we believe it, we want it so bad it hurts. We are absolutely positively without a doubt sure that we will get what we want. Period. We believe in the law of attraction. We practice it and swear by it. But….does the law of attraction really work? Can it really bring the joy, success and wealth we deserve? The secret law of attraction sure can.

You know we pay attention to all the law of attraction gurus and do what they tell us to do but…..what the hell?

My attempt at the law of attraction

I had 2 boxes of books I was determined to sell. I wrote this book as an eBook back in April 2014 but printed up 500 copies for those that prefer a physical copy. You could say I’m a bit of an optimist.

So I had a book signing event. Got rid of about 50. Had a sprinkling of people here and there buying a book. Dropped some off at some local stores. Sold one or two that way.

Months later, I’m starting to freak out. I have a little over 300 books sitting in a closet now that I desperately want and need to get rid of. These books cost me a ton of money and I ain’t seeing a return on my investment.

Fast forward a couple of months. Big event  in Sudbury. Women’s show. I book a table. I’m gonna get all these darned books sold once and for all. And besides, the extra cash is going to come in handy this close to Christmas. Right? Surely these women will love to buy this book and they will all be sold. Boom!!

I prayed on it. visualized it. meditated on it. affirmed it. believed it. felt it. saw it. It was going to happen. No doubt in my mind. Not one single solitary doubt.

And then the unthinkable. Yup. After 3 days, I came home with a box of books, minus about 10.

How could that be? I did everything the Law of Attraction gurus teach us. I had it down to a fine art. What went wrong?

But I did all that!

The first night I sold one book. I went home shaking my head. I don’t get it. Did I miss something? An important step maybe? Is my book dumb or uninteresting? Every single form of self-doubt suddenly floods my brain. Maybe the LOA has flaws. They forgot to give us one secret, but mega important, step. I’m sure of it.

I tried again. But this time I pulled out my iPad and found something different. Something interesting. Something that was going to help me get over my disappointment. It was time to do some EFT. (this blog isn’t about EFT so if you want to know more about it, I encourage you to Google it)

15 minutes later I was free. Free from the pain and sadness, disappointment and frustration left over from the day. I was now full of hope and love, peace and happiness. And I learned something very valuable. Actually I learned two valuable lessons from that. One was that when you come from a place of desperation, the universe responds accordingly.  Think about that for one minute. The other lesson I learned?


The secret law of attraction

And the best part, the friends we make. That’s where the true value lies. That’s where the secret law of attraction is. For weeks leading up to this event all I could think about was the money I was going to make, maybe focused too much of my attention on that without realizing that there is truly something more important than money, and that’s relationships.

I mean, I already knew that, right? We all know that. But this is a clear case of already knowing something but actually getting the point. Like having an *in your face* a-ha moment.

I gained a couple of things this weekend that had nothing to do with money. New friendships and new bonds. Priceless. By day 3, I could care less if I sold a book or not. I was too busy having tons of fun with my new friends and spreading light and love to all the women that attended the event. Again, priceless.

The secret law of attraction works in mysterious ways.

By the way, wanna buy a book?

Peace and Love