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How to Let Go of Anger and Stress-3 Reasons to Do So Now

I think it’s no secret that these days more and more of us are running out of patience and we’re starting to get on each other’s nerves. Not only that but we seem to be hanging on to all this anger and resentment and it’s building up. Today I want to talk about how to

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25 Great Quotes to Live By (Updated 2021)

I’m still relatively new to the whole personal development field I think. I started my self discovery and self improvement journey about 4 years ago when I left my last abusive relationship. It all started, really, reading some great quotes to live by that gave me hope for a brighter future There was so much

15 sweet mom quotes to warm your heart

25 Sweet Quotes For Mom That Will Warm Her Heart

Let’s face it. Being a mom is a super tough job. Fun, but hard. We have little minds to teach, little hearts to love and little bodies to nurture. We barely have time to take care of ourselves. It’s exhausting and exhilarating all at the same time. I wrote up this fun post filled with


15 Happy Life Quotes and Sayings to Make You Smile

Oh who loves quotes as much as I do? Lemme hear ya say ‘hell ya’!! If you follow my site at all, you know that I love sharing all kinds of quotes with you guys. This time it’s gonna be happy life quotes and sayings. I’m especially fond of letting go quotes and moving on

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10 Badass Jen Sincero Quotes

If you’ve never heard of Jen Sincero, don’t feel bad. I just discovered her about a year ago, to be honest. As you know, over on my Facebook page I try to find the best quotes to share with you. Though I haven’t actually shared any of hers on my page, Jen Sincero quotes led

When Life is Bad-How to Change That Right Now

There’s a famous inspirational quote that has probably been on the top of my list of favourites since I first saw it. It truly sums up your life. If you think your life is bad, then this quote is for you! Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, either way you’re right ~

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50 Best Badass Quotes To Motivate the Sh*t Outta You (Updated 2021)

I love, love, wait one more, LOVE badass quotes!! Every time I read one you can almost hear me shouting “Hell YES!!!”. You too? I came up with 20 quotes about being a badass last year but I’ve updated this post to add 30 more of the best badass quotes I could find. Enjoy!!! (this

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20 Encouraging Love Quotes To Feed Your Soul

I’m a sucker for good encouraging love quotes. If you read any of my stories (you really should) you will know that it was all these quotes that helped me get through some of the worst times of my life. I had hit rock bottom hard and I scoured the net for uplifting and inspirational


Full Moon Water-How to Make It (why you need to!)

Hello full moon lovers!! This super awesome blog is for you! Today we’re talking about how to make full moon water and why you really need to do it every month on the full moon. I honestly just recently learned about this and HAD to share it with you guys!! I did some research, watched

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5 Struggles in Life A Strong Woman Has to Face Alone

I love being the strong woman that I am today. I hold my head up high, I’m pretty proud of how far I’ve come, my level of self confidence has reached a ridiculous all-time high. Yup, life is pretty sweet being a strong woman. But….there are definitely some struggles in life as a strong woman.


Iva Ursano is a retired hairstylist turned badass freelancer, who left behind 52 years of her life in Northern Ontario, Canada for a life of freedom, love and beauty in sunny Guatemala. She has two main purposes in life: feed hungry bellies and help inspire people to live a life of joy and love.