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How to Stop Bullying and Why It Happens to So Many Of Us

My whole life I’ve been surrounded by control freaks and bullies. My mom, ex-boyfriends, bosses, sisters. I imagine I even have control tendencies and bullying issues. Yup, my whole life. I’m sure I’m not the only one and at the time, I had no idea how to stop bullying. We’ve all had to deal with

common dreams people have

6 of the Most Common Dreams People Have and What They Mean

Ah, the dream. Who doesn’t love dreaming? Are you one of those people who remember every single dream, and detail about it, or are you like me and forget most of them all the time? That makes me crazy. Anyway, I decided to write a blog (this one here!) and common dreams people have and

5 Mindfulness Techniques to Reduce Anxiety and Feel Calmer

Even the happiest of people have down days. Yup they sure do. Do you know there are some simple and quick fixes to pick yourself back up again? We don’t like to stay down too long so you figure out how the heck to get out of a poopy mood. Applying mindfulness techniques will snap

20 badass quotes about life

20 Badass Quotes That Will Motivate the Sh*t Out of You!

Life is serving you nothing but lemons right now and half of them are rotten. You can’t even make lemonade out of them, let alone take a shot of tequila with them. One crappy thing after another but I’ve come up with a list of 20 in your face, inspirational, deep, and badass quotes about

seven dwarfs-disney movie quotes

45 Disney Movie Quotes That Will Warm Your Heart

Who doesn’t love Disney movies?? Though I am a fan, I also love Pixar movies too!! To be honest, I love anything animated and full of life and fun, with the odd life lesson thrown in. I thought I’d compile a nice list of Disney movie quotes to cheer you up today and remind you

5 signs of low self esteem and how to overcome them

5 Signs of Low Self Esteem and 5 Ways to Fix It

5 Signs of Low Self Esteem and 5 Ways to Fix It! I’ve battled low self esteem most of my life. It’s only been in the last few years or so I took control of my life and learned how to improve my self esteem. There were many moments in my life that I clearly

How to get a fresh start in life and leave the past behind

How To Get a Fresh Start On Life and Leave the Past Behind

Are You Ready For a Fresh Start in Life? Who’s up for a fresh start in life, raise your hands and shout “mememememe”!!! I remember about 5 years ago I was sad, miserable, frustrated and tired of my life in Canada. I knew I needed something more. I knew I wanted to start a new

woman on couch-struggles in life for a strong woman

5 Struggles in Life A Strong Woman Has to Face Alone

Struggles in life that a strong woman may have to deal with I love being the strong woman that I am today. I hold my head up high, I’m pretty proud of how far I’ve come, my level of self confidence has reached a ridiculous all-time high. Yup, life is pretty sweet being a strong

it's ok to say no notepad

How to Deal With Guilt When You Have to Say NO to Someone

Learning how to deal with guilt when you have to say NO to someone I’m a yes girl. A people pleaser. I hate saying no to people. I will say yes first and then figure out a way to do the thing I just said yes to. But it’s not just that. I honestly don’t

lao tzu quotes

35 Profound Lao Tzu Quotes (that can change your life)

35 Profound Lao Tzu Quotes That Will Change Your Life Before we get into the 35 Lao Tzu quotes that will def change your life, you should probably know who he is, just in case you really don’t have a clue. So many of us are familiar with great philosophers like Dalai Lami, Osho, Rumi,


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