7 Amazing Benefits of Helping Others (and why you always should!)

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I want to share a personal story with you. Warning though, it’s hard and sad, so sad. And then following the story I want to give you 7 amazing benefits of helping others and why you always should if you get the chance. I had the chance and turned a blind eye. I will never […]

5 Lessons to Learn From the Alcoholics in Your Life.

life lessons, alcoholics, self love, self esteem, mental health, wellness, self confidence, self esteem

I’m no stranger to substance abuse. I’ve had addictions to prescription pills (don’t judge) as well as probably smoking too much weed in my 20’s and doing enough blow to know that it’s not my thing anymore. I’m currently still addicted to nicotine and hope to one day kick that to the curb. Nope, no […]

The Love Affair That I Will Always Remember. My Love Story.

love affair, love story, relationships, sadness, love, hurt, sorrow, alcoholics, self love, self esteem, self care, self respect, mental health,wellness

I thought long and hard before deciding to write this blog. It’s kind of personal, but it also tells a story of the power of love and what it can do to a person. I’m not much into one night stands. I quit that gig many moons ago, and really prefer to have long lasting […]