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sad girl feeling like a loser

7 Things to Remember When You’re Feeling Like a Loser

I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve heard someone say “I’ve totally been feeling like a loser lately”. Oddly enough, I’m right there with them. That feeling has hit me way too many times in the past few months. And to be honest, I think even the most confident people have those days

woman thinking of career change

How to Make a Career Change (at any age!)

It was a normal day like any other. Go to work, cut hair all day, laugh with my coworkers, go home, fire up my comp and poof. There it was. The email that changed my entire existence. I was in shock. I was excited. I was on cloud 9. I couldn’t believe this was finally

scared woman-how to overcome fear

How to Overcome Fear and Live the Life You Deserve

I’m pretty sure that fear is the #1 killer of dreams and hopes. Amirite? It knows when you are just about to do something brave and ballsy and swiftly jumps in and stops you! We’re gonna talk about how to overcome fear so you can live the life you truly desire and deserve. I’m no

How to change your life in a few simple steps

How To Change Your Life in Just a Few Simple Steps

I appear to be a bit of a brave bad*** to a lot of people and for the most part, I guess I kinda am. After years of abusive relationships, financial struggles and the constant battling within myself to find out who Iva is, and what she wants, I am finally living life on my

heart with a note love your life

9 Toxic Things to Ditch Right Now if You Want to be Happy in Life

You want a better life. You want to be happy in life. I know you do. Who doesn’t? The one you’re living is causing you anxiety, grief, frustration, and more turmoil than you desire. I’m not insinuating that your life sucks right now, or am I? When we start saying no to things, our life

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Why You Should Never Give Up On Your Dreams (no matter what)

It’s easy to throw in the towel on our dreams sometimes, amirite? They’re taking too long, it’s frustrating, nothing’s working. I get it. But I’m gonna tell you why you should never give up on your dreams, no matter what. I’ve recently been feeling like this. I work hard, up to 12 hours a day

woman sitting on dock-ways to combat stress

5 Ways to Combat Stress and Depression (and why it matters)

Do you constantly find yourself feeling stressed or overwhelmed with your responsibilities? Experts say that people under high stress can experience unhealthy heart rate increases, quickening of breath, and stress-related blood pressure rises as your body prepares to fight or flee from the source of the stress. If this sounds like you, you’re not alone. 

break bad habits

10 Common Bad Habits That Are Surprisingly Harmful

Sometimes we reach a breaking point in our lives. We wake up and realize instead of being happy, we’re miserable. Instead of calm and healthy, we’re living stressed-out, lethargic, zombie-like lives. What gives?! Surprisingly, this is often the result of tiny common bad habits instead of in-your-face events. Let’s look at an example… Meet Sarah.


Iva Ursano is a retired hairstylist turned badass freelancer, who left behind 52 years of her life in Northern Ontario, Canada for a life of freedom, love and beauty in sunny Guatemala. She has two main purposes in life: feed hungry bellies and help inspire people to live a life of joy and love.