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break bad habits

10 Common Bad Habits That Are Surprisingly Harmful

What are the top 10 habits?   Sometimes we reach a breaking point in our lives. We wake up and realize instead of being happy, we’re miserable. Instead of calm and healthy, we’re living stressed-out, lethargic, zombie-like lives. What gives?! Surprisingly, this is often the result of tiny common bad habits instead of in-your-face events.

an anchor with birds flying out of it-how to let go of things

3 Powerful Steps to Let Go of Things That Are Weighing You Down

How to Let Go of Things That Are Weighing You Down   Have you ever looked around and felt a sense of unease at all the stuff in your living space? Or left a get-together with a “friend” only to feel worse off than before you’d seen them? Are you troubled by regrets, replaying your

6 types of negative people to avoid

6 Types of Negative People You Should Avoid at All Costs.

You know, we’re not stupid people. Really we’re not. We can spot a phony person a mile away. We can also sense negative people. We can. I know we can. Our spidey senses kick in and we get an icky feeling in our belly. (this post contains affiliate links so if you make a purchase

3 ways to stop self-defeating thoughts

3 Powerful Ways to Stop Self-Defeating Thoughts (so you can be happier!)

  All About Self-Defeating Thoughts    Do you want to make changes to your life but self-defeating thoughts keep you from doing that? Many of us, as we enter the 2020’s, want to get a better job, start a business, finally ask that person out, and make a name for ourselves. Yet, many things hold

9 thoughts to help you get through hard times

9 Profound Thoughts to Help You Get Through Hard Times

Wouldn’t it be nice if life was just smooth sailing all the time? No cares, no struggles, no trauma, no stress. A dream life, yes? Unfortunately, it doesn’t really go down like that. Being able to get through hard times can often be a challenge. Really crappy things happen that send us flying backwards. Most

your last year in review

3 Things You Must Do When Reviewing 2019

The year is winding down and we’re looking at that fresh, shiny new slate that a new year represents. At this point in the year you may be feeling overwhelmed as you’re ready to move on. But before you dive into those new goals, you need to take the time to look back over the

11 habits of mentally strong people

11 Rare Habits Mentally Strong People Have (that you should adopt today!)

Do you ever come across someone and after spending some time with them your first thought is “wow, what a confident person!”?. Like they ooze self confidence. This is one of the character traits of mentally strong people. It’s not just that they are confident, they have this incredible mental strength that sets them apart

how you lost focus in 2019

How You Lost Focus in 2019 (and how to get it back for 2020!)

Oh 2019. How it kicked us all so hard in the butt. I keep reading stories about people who lost so much, struggled hard and fell flat. It was a hella tough year for many of us, amirite? We lost many things: jobs, loved ones, hope and some of us lost focus. Lemme explain. We


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