New Moon Manifestation Ritual-When, Why and How

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I am so deeply in love with the full moon and the new moon. Honestly, I’m like a kid at Christmas time waiting for Santa’s arrival.These moons are a time of so much growth, hope, possibilities and surprise opportunities. Today we’re going to talk about the new moon manifestation ritual- the why when how and […]

Full Moon Water-How to Make It (why you need to!)


Hello full moon lovers!! This super awesome blog is for you! Today we’re talking about how to make full moon water and why you really need to do it every month on the full moon. I honestly just recently learned about this and HAD to share it with you guys!! I did some research, watched […]

5 Things to Learn While Dealing With Heartbreak

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I’m no stranger to heartache. I love full on, no holds barred. When I love, I love hard core. Now with that said, this mushy heart of mine gets broken often. I could probably write a book about dealing with heartbreak ( I should do that). I find that after each heartbreak I always manage […]

10 Reasons to Make a Life Transition

woman making a life transition

For many years, thinking about making a life transition crossed my mind. Should I, could I, and what the hell am I waiting for anyway? But most importantly, why did it take me this long? I used to remember hearing people say life begins at 50 and wondered what that meant. I totally get it […]

How To Know When To End a Relationship With Someone You Love

How to know when it's time to end a relationship

You know, I’m no expert on relationships. I’ve had my fair share of doozies. I often struggle with knowing when to end a relationship. I hang on for far too long. But.. I probably also shouldn’t be giving out relationship advice but I have to pride myself on one thing (that may give me a […]

How to Forgive and Move On (6 things that happen when you do)

sad woman-how to forgive and let go

How to forgive and let go so you can be happy!! We’ve all been hurt.* Hard done by* by someone. Joe blow cheated on us. Mary borrowed a dress and ruined it. My ex beat and raped me. My mother abused me. Yes, the list is quite endless and no one wants to let go […]

5 Red Flags in a Relationship You Should Never Ignore.

man holding roses-red flags in a relationship

Let’s talk about love. I love love and everything about love. Just the thought of it makes me all warm and fuzzy inside. But, love isn’t always roses. Sometimes love comes with a bunch of red flags but we choose to ignore them. Or is that just me…? Red flags in a relationship are often […]

Letting Go of Limitations and Living Your Dream Life

let go of limitations to live a dream life, if you want a dream life release limitations, stop limiting beliefs and live your dream life

Can you hear the great “tick-tock” of the cosmic clock? Time is running out. Do you have a plan for the time you have left? Are you positioned to receive the best time of your life in this season of your life? Deep down inside of you, your dream life is awaiting liberation. Can you feel it? Sometimes we […]