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New Moon in July-This Will Be Life Altering! Get Ready.

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Here we are a little more than halfway through the year. Big changes and crazy emotions have affected us all, amirite? I know for myself I have already had many life altering moments this year. Some good, some not so good. That’s just life, baby, and you roll with it. The new moon of July speaks of many big changes coming up. Are you ready?

I love my reflection time as it allows me to see what worked and what didn’t, what I’ve been sitting on too long and what do I need to act on. This time of the month is true soul seeking for me. I dig deep into my spirituality, my self worth and all other inner conflicts and demons to find out why I still hold on to them and why I haven’t let them go yet.

So what does this new moon mean for you?

July 13th brings about the new moon in Cancer but before we begin talking about that, something worth noting is that there is a solar eclipse on the 12th. What does all this mean?

Change, transformation, surprises and action!

With any new moon and full moon, it is a time for reflection and also a time to get stuff done. Those things you’ve been sitting on all year, ya, those, get em done now! Today is the tomorrow you talked about yesterday. Capiche?

Always remember, the new moon indicates the ending or releasing of something to allow a new beginning or something greater to enter our lives. The key word here is releasing. Let it go, whatever shit you’re hanging on to that hasn’t served you any purpose up to now. Dump it.

How’s your attitude?

Don’t forget that your mind controls you. So if you are constantly thinking negatively, negative stuff will always show up for you. Let me tell you now, if you’re a negative Nancy, it’s time to dump that persona. It will completely blow up for you with this new moon cycle (and with all the eclipses happening) if you don’t let it go. Try thinking positive more often. Get out of your own head and start smiling more.

A change of attitude will serve you very well during this intense energetic month. Trust me on that.

When you spend too much time in fear and self doubt, nothing happens but more fear is created and you slip deeper into self doubt. The Universe is watching you and the sky is full of energy this month. Do whatever you have to do this month to turn your fears around, flick them to the curb and start having more faith in yourself.

If you’ve been battling these negative emotions for some time, don’t you think it might be time to start working on them? Work on your limiting beliefs and in turn, watch how your life will magically transpire. I know when I was going through a really hard time 4 yrs ago, it was the sinking into rock bottom that shook me up and made me take full responsibility of my life and my actions.

Don’t wait until you hit rock bottom to change things. It’s not a nice place to be. Just take my word for it.

Moon ritual

I think it’s time I just write a separate blog on moon rituals, both full moon and new moon, but in a nutshell, here’s what I do. Take what you want, add your own spice, leave the rest.

  • find a quiet alone space
  • turn on soft music
  • light candles or burn essential oils
  • get a pad and pen
  • write out a list of wishes you want to manifest
  • feel it with every ounce of blood that flows through your veins
  • fold it up and set it under your mattress, by your head.

I do this ever month. At the next new moon I take out the old one, have a look at it, see where I’m at today and move forth with greater determination. It’s always good to write out your wishes and get really clear on them so you can see them on paper! It’s validating.

The new moon energies will be strong for the first two weeks after it starts but continue on throughout the whole month until the next month’s new moon. Embrace and enjoy!

Peace and Love


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