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5 Interesting Benefits of Making Life Changes (and why you should start now)

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Oh the “c” word! Change. People hear it and suddenly they can’t breathe anymore. They’re terrified of that word BUT I’m here to show you 5 reasons why making life changes is super fun and why you need to embrace it.

I get that some of us are creatures of habit. I can be to a certain degree I suppose. I mean I have a solid morning routine that I probably won’t change. There is a certain way I do my hair, that probably won’t change either.

Yup there are some things in my life that probably won’t change.

But with that said, you would be amazed at the things I did change in order to live a happier life because, after all, the only reason why we would need to change our life is to make it happier, amirite?

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My shocking life transitions

In case you missed any blog where I shared my crazy life transitions, I’m gonna give you the Reader’s Digest version:

  • left my abusive relationship in 2012 with nothing to my name
  • traded in my 25+ year hairstyling career to become a freelance writer
  • decided I wanted to leave Northern Ontario, Canada and live somewhere warm
  • sold, donated and trashed 95% of my life and belongings
  • bought a one way ticket to Guatemala (in 2015), and
  • now I run two websites and have written almost 10 mini self help books (and still live in Guatemala)

And I did all this in my 50’s. Alone. And scared out of my tree. You can learn a little bit more about my story in this video from my YouTube channel Women Blazing Trails

When is a good time to change your life?

Now. Period. Like what the heck are you waiting for? So many of us sit quietly and think about it, like a little cloud bubble over their head and thoughts like this run through this bubble:

“I really hate my life, I should do something about it”

“I’m really not happy with my job, I should do something about it”

“I’m really unhappy in my relationship, I should do something about it”

“I really hate where I live, I should do something about it”

But guess what? Yup. You’re right. No one does anything about it because they’re too afraid to change. Oooph there’s that “c” word again.

Change is hard. I get it. Change is scary. I get that too. But remember one crucial thing:

Nothing changes if nothing changes

Sounds so simple but still no one gets it. We want things to be different, we truly want to be happier but we really want to wave a magic wand and poof, we’re happy and our life is perfect!


I have a newsflash for you. It doesn’t work that way. YOU have to decide you want to change your life and then YOU have to make the changes yourself. I know, hard truth and it sucks but listen up…

It’s actually not that bad and it’s a poop ton of fun!

Now we’re gonna discuss 5 benefits of making life changes and why you should start today, like right now, this instant!!

5 interesting benefits of making life changes

In no particular order of importance, here you go! Thank me later.

Change is fun

Ha! I bet some of you just shuddered. Fun, she says? Yup. It is.

If you’ve been thinking of changing hairstyles, for example (coming from the girl who rarely does), think of how amazing you will feel after a fresh new fun cut. And let’s not forget the compliments you will receive afterwards.

I mean, come on, who doesn’t like to be complimented anyway?

My little example? I decided I hated winter and it was time to leave Canada so guess what I did? Yup. I moved to Central America (that took a lot of hard work but I pulled it off!)

That was at the top of my list of Iva’s life changes but I felt called to do it. Now I’m not suggesting you pack up your life and move countries, but…

Grow, expand, evolve

Did someone say grow?? Oh hell ya. I mean, growth is amazing.

You don’t want to really stay at the same level of knowingness (I think I just made that word up) that you are at now do you?

The world and life are full of glory and wonders and new adventures and things to discover. Don’t you want to be part of that? Learning new things? Experiencing new things?

That’s part of change. Busting out of your comfort zone and tackling new life challenges and adventures. And then screaming “oh hell yaaaaaaa” after you did it!!

You might like this post on how to get out of your comfort zone

5 Ways to Get Out of Your Comfort Zone (and be happy!!)

Meet new peeps!

Why not try going to a new cafe alone, or a meetup in your area? How about checking out Toastmasters even? Think of all the things you will discover but also, the new people you will meet!

You know when we keep the same friends and go to the same places nothing ever, well, changes.

Now I get that maybe your circle is tight and cool and you don’t really want for more than them but…you may actually meet your soulmate if you change places that you frequent. Oh!!

Meeting new people is my favourite thing in the whole wide world (next to Nutella, of course) because I love to hear people’s stories. Who are you, what do you do, what do you like to do, all kinds of things like that. It constantly blows my mind!

Push the limits!

And push them HARD!!

Test yourself, get out of your comfort zone, push yourself to try new and daring things. Talk yourself into doing something you’ve never done before but really want to.

Fear is gonna try and stop you one thousand ways to next Tuesday. This is when you gotta face fear straight in the eye and “not today Satan, not today!”.

This is probably one of the scariest life changes, stepping out of your comfort zone. You might like this mini self help eBook I wrote on How to Face Your Fears.

Click here to grab your copy now or the image below.

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I love pushing myself for a few reasons but the main one is pride in myself. I love to challenge myself and then when I’ve accomplished it I can scream out “YES!!” way to go Iva.

Oh and then I’ll have super awesome stories to tell my grandchildren (that I’ll probably never have).

Inspire others

Think of all the people around you who you will be an inspiration to! I swear.

You know I’ve done a lot of crazy stuff (to this day I still can’t believe half the stuff I’ve done) and I have helped to inspire many to either follow suit or pull up their big girl/boy panties, face fear and go change some things in their life.

People will be in awe of your bravery and courage and it will get them thinking, well if Sally can do that then why can’t I?.

Isn’t that awesome?

You have the power to help and inspire others to change by your boldness. Oh how I love the way this works.

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Making life changes is fun!!

Are you ready to change? Were these 5 super awesome reasons enough for you to change your mind about change (do you love the way I did that)?

Embrace life, take time to learn, grow and experience all the wonders that life has to offer. Go live your life fearlessly and joyfully. Be bold. Start making life changes and watch how life rewards you.

Who’s up for skydiving this weekend?? :)

Peace and Love


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